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CSR83 - One night in Bangkok [ENTRY IS OVER: Final Results has been published!]


I have to warn you about an urgent issue that may ruin about half the CSR entries:

This body has been very popular for this round. Note that it’s now vanilla with the new update. But the cargo and the cabin room are broken, which will break other calculations. More importantly the engine bay size has changed drastically, so when you open the car for judging you may find the car no longer has an engine.

This has destroyed my entry, thus I will be withdrawing my car from this round until either another suitable body comes up or this is fixed.

EDIT: which does make me more than a little salty, because I spent quite a bit of time on it, had a proper story for it, and was nearly done styling it.


EDIT 2: screw this, I can’t let a design like this go unused. I’ll submit but the engine’s gonna be… not lore.


Naughty Camshaft! :grimacing:


Wait, can i still send my car files to you or nah? I kinda confused with this sentence lmao


He means anyone who submitted before the competition started can submit again before the deadline.


Ah, thanks! :smiley:


Attention! (MR body issue)

If your entry is using MR body type (Corvett look) and not have not submitted to me yet, please notice that there are many issue that may ruin your labor of love.

  • Engine bay (size limitation)
  • Negative Cargo Area
  • Negative Lift

I’ve tested with my MR test car, anything that I’ve used prior to update seems fine, but once I’ve updated its trim, these issues popped up, only solution of this problem is switching to “porsche type” body.

(le me cried, and cried again of being forced to switch body)


1985 C240 Sport Coupe

Japanese engine and powertrain, European-inspired styling. '85 C240 Coupe is an affordable FWD sporty coupe that is perfect for those teenagers on a cheap budget or great track car starter. Powered 2.2L Inline-4, producing up to 133hp with 185Nm of torque and top speed is 183km/h.
Starting from $8744


I have already PMed you about my decision to withdraw my entry. Please comply with this request.


I’ve checked your car already, there is nothing wrong, and recorded already.
If you wish to withdraw, please confirm as I will not accept any further revision from now on. (I have my time as well)


Then can I resubmit a car file with a different body in its place?


Your car does not give any issue because we’ve tested it more than enough prior to the update that breaks it.


So I checked back with the car, I can report nothing has changed significantly.
Most notably the price, from 8935 $ to a staggering 8563 $.

This is certainly lucky, better yet an advantage


oh… but the recorded one (which you have submitted to me) is showing 8934, I’m afraid that I can’t make any adjustment on this, all entries is left untouched for the fairness.

Oh, and also no further revision after the submission.


Must been something I have touched…

Ah well, at least its 1 $ better!


Thank you so much! That’s the highest compliment I could hope to receive for this comp :rofl:


Ligica Ardent GTI

Ligica presents the Ardent GTI, a lightweight, affordable sports coupe equipped with a high tech 16 valves 2 liter inline 4 capable of 153hp and a 7000RPM redline. At only 895kg and capable of going 0-100km/h in 7 seconds flat, it’s time to Get Moving.

MSRP : 7937$




Guilty as charged


And I thought for a split second it was a 405… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well, still deserves bonus points for turning a JDM body into a French coupe. That is 4Kids-levels of turning sushi into foreign foods!


1986 Borsha 822 Karora 2.0

Sportlich. Nobel. Die erste Wahl.

Entry-level model of the venerable Borsha 822, featuring a modernised version of the original 2 litre flat-six engine.

Production cost: $8412