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CSR83 - One night in Bangkok [ENTRY IS OVER: Final Results has been published!]




Introducing Matteo Miglia’s debut, the Legatus

It’s 1981. Matteo Miglia is a rising star of engineering, having completed work on the popular Znopresk Zap! with its aluminium block 3v header system. He has a vision, for Znopresk to break from the mold of ultra value and into the exploding sports car market with a proper mid-engined car with a properly punchy engine. Bigger! Boosted! Rally! But Znopresk management tells him no, they’re going to keep focusing on FWD shopping trolleys.

Frustrated, Matteo looks at the world of cars and realises that if he’s to ride the crest of this wave properly, he’s going to break away himself. So he raises a mutiny, and takes a contingent of rev-head engineers with him, to wring out the full potential of what he knows.

The Legatus is all sports machine with proper ambition. Pushing over 220hp from a 2L turbocharged engine and weighing just 970kg, it’s made to accelerate and handle like nothing before. Launch it hard, and it will do 0-100km/h in 4.8 seconds, and blast through the quarter mile in 13. It corners sharp (think an eye-watering 1.14g in a small circle), and with a special aero package from the factory it’ll corner even sharper at speed.

At Matteo Miglia, driving is life. Try the Legatus today, and discover what a true driving machine should be.

unfortunately due to the new body settings I wasn’t able to fit the original intended engine, which was a 2.5L V6, or 2 1.25L i3s from the Zap! welded together. I’ll have this in the lineup until either the body is changed or a new more suitable one comes along, since the bottom of the fascia should really be slanting backwards, more like the Fiat X1/9.


dear all, entry is closed for submission, 1st round results is coming on at least 24th.

posted on 23rd Sept at 23:02 (gmt +7)
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And it comes with a practical handle to carry it, in case!


god damnit :joy: for the record I couldn’t find a wing that wrapped around like the Lancia Stratos has, so there you go


8850 can get you a reasonable family car, but where’s the fun in that?
For the same price…
you can get a car that responds to the driver and sprints to 100 km/h in less than 7 seconds.
Or a car that that doesn’t have a boring carbureted single cam 4 cylinder, but a high tech 2L inline 5 dual overhead cam EFI engine.
Or a car that has pop up headlights and top-modern wide tail lights that stretch the entire tailgate and then some, panels coated in two color metallic effect paint.

Or all of the above, in the Taore RAZ EZ-2000

And if you want a car that you still can drive economically all things considered, that’s no problem, either! With the 5 speed gearbox and the engine providing optimal torque in the mid range, you can achieve 11.5l/100km easily!

Some may recognise this one! It’s a rework of something I made back in the Kee engine, also for a CSR :smiley:


(prepares for the inevitable instabinning)

I’ve probably focused way too much on fuel economy, reliability, and safety (I’ve got advanced on my Ronolit) to even have a remote chance of passing through to Round 2, considering that the RXI is way down on power, style, and seating (I could only get two standard seats under the budget). But who knows? Maybe my choosing of regular over premium fuel will be enough for the finals.

Still, if it’s not a success, at least I’ve got a new car to add to my ever-growing company lore.


It’s fine. For some reason newcomers are always super nervous in their first challenge waiting for their cars to be presented to the community and get external feedback for the first time. But thankfully, you stop giving a shit after a few rounds because in the end, it’s just a game.


I’ve been here since CSR18…and I still care…

Even won it once…by misreading the rules… :rofl:


Going for performance in this round isn’t gonna lead to only benefits. Think about the fact that the buyer is a young dude who doesn’t make a whole lot of money to maintain the car. Generally, higher performance cars are also more expensive to maintain, so that’s something to consider. Reliability often suffers, too.


Straight up called it. My car was designed for a considerably higher budget. Therefore it has:

  • Awful fuel economy
  • Horrible service costs
  • Below average reliability because boost powaaaaa
  • The car is limited to 180km/h because the tyres would be too expensive

So while it technically fits the bill I expect it may be difficult to upkeep :joy: but damn will it go like absolute stink


Preecha keeps jiggling the car keys in his hand.
Just the thought of starting the engine, steering the narrow streets of his city, excited him.
The young man gets up from his desk to lower the volume of the radio across his rather small kitchen…
Don Johnson is looking for a heartbeat, yet again
It reminds him of last night, of Anyanamee… a name like a jewel, eyes intense as the shiny disco ball. They danced, they kissed. She was heaven and she liked him!
Preecha forgot everything around, until she reminded him, asking why he carried a photograph of a car with him. “It’s mine… I bought it! My first car!”
She returned the photograph to him and pointed to the exit. “Show me.”
And boy, did he show her.
As they drove through the night, after singing along to every song on the radio, Anyanamee turned down the volume and asked what car this was.
“A Romanov, it’s from the Soviet Union!”. “Huh, never heard of it.”, she said and ran her hand over the charming hard plastic dashboard.
Both would not any soon forget this special night. She fell asleep during the drive home, looking like an angel. As he dropped her off at her home, she asked for the picture again and kissed it.
Preecha can’t wait to see her again tonight. However, first he has to call and convince his good friend Phongbhan to choose a Romanov Drakon, as well.

Bonus artwork: Introduction of the Romanov Drakon at the Geneva Motor Show 1985

Ads visualized on Twitch by Luxape


I love everything about this ad.


1st round, part 1 ['86 models]

Brace yourself, instabin from CSR no Ken is coming…
Here are all entries of 1986 model, part 2 is all '85 and older.

[1st round, part 1]

As Phoongbhan’s free time to spare during semester break, he picks many magazines in search of his dream car.
And the first issue was “Formulae Imports '86” for any 1986 models.

@TheAlmightyTwingo '86 Meijer - Stuttgart 1600 BS

As having much more contemporary looks from high end sports car, but somehow traded off from having standard vinyl seats with some cloth upholstery. Handling wise is on much more comfort, with good braking. However, our confidence is ruined vibration from the brake and pulsation of tire screech during hard braking, we’re really not sure what caused the vibration, and from very high roll angle.

Huh? Vibration during hard brake? Nuh… even auto journalist doesn’t like the vibration, so do I, sorry…

@Yangx2 Huangdou - SC153RE

Despite its name that feels like electric appliances and coming in white color, this is quite handsome car, very nice details complimented with its body styling. Driving wise is very fun, the handling is darty, this car’s suspension and brakes is very good choice for any competitions, even in the rally!

Wow… I’m agree that this is very nice to look, also I’ve heard that this car is a force to be reckoned with, especially in recent Macau Racing events.

@th3maldonado '86 Bramhall - Viva (III B) Si

This is truly handsome car, it’s appearance is meant to be looked again twice. Its handling is quite comparable with another RWD car, but with more on soft side for better comfort ride.

Now that’s truly handsome car, this attract not just men but also chick magnet as well, I’m interested

@thecarlover '86 Vermin - Musasabi CS

Styling wise is sharp and very spicy, despite of cheap unpainted plastic bumper.
Driving this Musasabi CS is not far from driving a race car with better seats, but as having complex AWD system, this Musasabi needs attention for maintenance with specialize mechanics.
Powering via AWD system, this Musasabi SC can push very rapidly over 180 like a jet fighter.

Wow… now that’s real fighter, hmm… very interesting.

@SeriousSimon '86 Romanov - Drakon

Romanov’s Drakon‘s styling is a little bit peculiar to our market, but those meant to be functional, the interior is a bit disappointed by having basic FM/AM 8 track radio, but luckily that Romanov granted some nice track labelled “Hardbass Katyusha” for killing time. Driving wise is very simple and easy, as engine power comes alive like no other (as rumored of having technological aid from German sports car manufacturer). But overall resulted as Drakon is recommend car to any new driver.

Hmmmmmmmm “Hardbass Katyusha” as a gift with the car that seems easy to drive? I’d better check this one.

@yurimacs '86 Yurimacs - GT-000

Technically, GT-000 is the test prototype, the styling is something of the philosophy question, once looking at the rear, it will be highly questionable of the styling. Perhaps of unrefined styling cues.
Sitting in this prototype is an oasis to our eyes. You’ll be surprise how smooth of the engine, as this will rocket from 0-100 within clocked 6.78 seconds.
Its goodness does stop only the engine, as we took this prototype for corner, the car spun so easily even with tamed racing driver couldn’t tame this prototype at all cost, also the brake didn’t have any stopping power whatsoever, even in first hard braking and ended with fire needed for fire extinguisher before any further damaging to this prototype. Later we have founded out that safety is described as “Notorious C.R.H. (crash!)”
We would like to apologize to the manufacturer for the expression, but we would suggest sending this GT-000 as a poisoned gift to “Ralph Daner” for such bashing from his book of abomination that killed many good cars!

Wut??? What on earth asking to test a prototype car with very very bad result, even recommended sending to “Ralph Daner”? SAVAGE, lmao

[Meme o meter archivement unlocked: UNSTOPPABLE!]

@saddiseased '86 HDC - Sprint Targa

Truly stunning appearance, the styling is real head turner and breathtaking. The interior is packed with soft premium cloth seats with side bolstered supports and premium 8 track from Hammond and Cardan, outstanding!
The performance is like the racing car, with superb engine response, brakes is very powerful, sharp and precise handling.

I’m still drooling on the looks, better check this thing then.

@goblin95 '86 Kasai - “Superlight”

Styling is quite adorable to look at, but do not fooled by the looks, as this car packs with punches, real heavyweight ones. Power comes from highly tuned Turbocharged 2.2 liters, resulted to breathtaking performance. Once the turbo spools up, it will immediately accelerate like no others and imprinted your impression on the headrest!

Woah!!! This cute little monster is accelerated hard like no others? Stunning!!!

@Lordred '86 Pastinuji - Roarer Delux

This Pastinuji Roarer Delux is a bit odd to us, as having 2.5 V12 for the power plant, but let down by strange design cues, mixed but not matched the sharp bodyline. However, the interior is very nice, feels like sitting on nice sofa, very simple to use, garnished with refined interior quality. The safety feature and construction is top notch, this will protect you like sitting inside a tank (later founded out that the inscription on the headrest is lucky charm as well). But having 2.5 V12 isn’t help anything in performance and drivability, lack of response, having soft and mushy brake feeling and doesn’t have enough braking power for stopping this.

V12 land yacht? No… if that Roarer was sold in 70s, that would be the legend but asking more price. I’ll pass….

@zschmeez '86 Albatross - 250C

Albatros 250C 's appearance is quite ok on the front, but when you’re looking at rear section it is very bland and not complemented with the front. But this car is very easy to drive and very economical and very quiet, and this resulted of effortless driving compared to Swedish Turbo car.

Seems like perfect dad mobile… boring looks, but its engine power is very interesting…

@NiuYorqCiti '86 Ponni - Perseus RS

Despite of some muscle car styling era from racing stripes, overall styling is on more contemporary. Sitting inside this car, you’ll be amazed how roomy it is, as having 5 seats is something to be rival against family car, and it can fight as reputation of superb reliability. Driving this car is showing its true manners, very sporty feel, as having Viscous Coupling Limited Slip Differential helps you pushing out of corner with ease, complemented with smooth, and very much Italian engine but not having notorious Italian build quality. Very nice!

Glorious V6 sound like Italian sports car?, Nice…

@Xepy '86 Ars - Gremony EX-T

Very stylish and handsome car! We love looking back and take another glance to this very handsome car. Driving this handsome car is quite easy and comfy, despite of the questionable interior quality.
We haven’t realized the turbo charging power plant until looking at the engine bay, as the power delivery is very smooth without any noticeable turbo lag. Handling is very impressive, crisp and precise.

Now, that’s the real head turner car, I’m goืna find where can I test drive,

@DriftinCovet1987 '86 Aviator - Ronolit Coupe RXI

We are not sure about this car’s styling, as very bland and not so sporty looks, more like electronic appliances to us. However, overlooking its styling then you’ll realized that this car is built tough like a tank, solid and very reliable, also very economical to run from its fuel efficient engine.

Meh… such a boring car to look, this boy is no good picking any chicks, bye…

@Knightophonix '86 FAAL - Mesaia GTS Coupe

The styling wise of Mesia GTS Coupe is simple but still quite a looker despite of not having quirks of using yellow tinted headlamps, very famous from French car.
Driving this Mesaia GTS Coupe is still easy to drive as usual Mesaia, but ride comfort is quite harsh due to sporty suspension and sporty exhaust which is quite loud for everyday usage.
Engine wise is quite usual old trusty unit appeared in regular Mesaia with nice powerband and torquey engine resulted as very nice performance, especially during geared acceleration.

Yeah, I know that Tetra is far too pricey to buy, and it is targeted by SBA’s Gracelet Integral 4, but I’m gonna look for more on this one.

@DeadlockRiff '86 Vien

Vien, quite strange name for a car, we’re not sure that is including to its marque or just the name of this model itself. Despite of using old styling Vien is very bold on its styling cue with its sharp and angular details resulted as quite a looker car.
Driving wise is still not hard, thanks to the powerful engine. However, using outdated body on frame type chassis is highly questionable of the safety protection, especially crashworthiness. Sitting inside this Vien is quite nice from using premium cloth seats. However, the interior is can be a bit better.
The performance itself comes from 2 liter straight 6, with very powerful, smooth and very linear powerband.

Hmm… fastback body style from 60s with styling that still can be reckoned with 80s car? RWD? hmmm… I’d considered as interesting

@De_rBayer ‘86 Der Bayer - Hammercat 2000

Der Bayer, Hammercat 2000. This is very serious looker, another head turner rival to MM Legatus, judging by the looks is more like premium exotic car.
Driving this Hammercat 2000 it is very sporty as its looks, the interior styling is nice, using premium cloth seats and nice interior quality.
Engine wise is very torquey on mid to high revs, this Hammercat will strike down the fear to other other car, as this little beast is quick, really quick! The handling is extremely sharp, just flick your steering wheel then the car can kick itself out of the corner as long as your driving skills can handle.

Wow!!! Now that’s serious looker to MM Legatus, I’m coming for this one!

@Kafouille '86 Ligica - Ardent GTI

This Ardent is very handsome and stylish to look, with very cheap price to buy, less than $8000, this is very attractive to buy.
Driving wise is very easy to drive without compromising much on the sportiness and safety rating. Engine is quite powerful, you can accelerate in 3rd gear quite nicely for overtaking.
The handling is superb for FWD car, you can throw this little Ardent in any speed without losing much of traction!

MY WORDS!!! Less then 8 grand??? I’m coming for this one real soon!!!

@Leedar '86 Borsha - 822 Karora 2.0

Despite using the sharp body design, stiling wise is more on conservative, but also one of easy to drive and quite reliable, despite of using odd Boxer 6 engine, having Geared LSD and being only RR platform.
Handling is nice and easy, you’ll surprise how tame is this RR machine, without requiring much driver skill.

Hmm… an RR like the German’s widowmaker but can be tamed? Nice…

@LS-Vehicles '86 LSV - Amber

This car is quite a looker, despite a bit strange details of the popup headlights. But this car only has the looks, a bit hard to drive, harsh ride comfort, not sporty at all, and more like a wheel spinner machine in any speed, also highly questionable safety rating. The engine is prone to breakdown and laggy, despite good torque from the turbocharger.

So, all show no go then? Pass…

@4LGE '86 Taore - RAZ EZ-2000

And the last of ‘86 in our quick review of light budget sport car are… Taore RAZ EZ-2000
This is another car that we’d like to scratch our head and asking ourselves “what is the definition of aesthetic”, perhaps a bit too avantgarde to our understanding. The interior quality is quite doubtful, as having squeaks and rattling quite often, and annoying. Only few things that can shine through are, the engine’s exhaust note from inline 5 with very torquey power band, and it’s handling.

I’m afraid that I’ll have to pass this one…

  • [Warning, epic bin is coming!]

Then, Phongbhan looked on one of previous issue and founded another review…

@Jaimz '86 Jaimz - SFINX

As this car has sharp styling also comes with sharp and responsive N/A engine with 142 horsepowers despite of a bit loud exhaust note.
Handling wise is quite tail happy, very demanding for driver’s skill. Once you can truly tame this machine, it will reward you.
Apart from our tested car which is will be release to the market within next couple weeks, but this car is already imported and selling by Auto-house Motorsport at Rama IX road., tel: xxx-xxxx for test drive.

Hmm… so it is already imported, and having test drive? I’ll coming for you SFINX!

Phongbhan dialed to “Auto-house Motorsport”, a grey importer of Jaimz - SFINX, he made appointment for test driving this blue machine then called for taxi, which is “Ananda - Loke”, another Thai automotive manufacturer, a rival to famous and stylish SBA.

Once he sit inside of Jaimz - SFINX, he was let down by hard vinyl seats and very basic FM/AM 8 track along with bad ergonomic and shoddy interior quality. But the sound and vibration showing its true potential of performance claimed by the manufacturer.

Hey sales lady… how come is this loud exhaust?
It is equipped with sporty exhaust as standard from Jaimz sir.
And what fuel type is being used by this car?
It’s 95 non leaded fuel sir, quite a bit pricey but that is the best for its performance.

As he drove down from the speed, the acceleration is impressive to him but let down by tricky tail end slides. Once he stomped hard on the brake pedal, the violent shaking from the brake made him to release the brake pedal as ruined his confidence to this car.

While our Phongbhan was driving in Jaimz SFINX, a police bike from traffic division opened his lights and sirens, and chased him violently, that made him to step more on the gas pedal, but its notorious handling of having tail happy was almost made him crash to the stranding tree in the curve at Rachadapisek road which was an opening opportunity for the police to stop him.

You sir!!! Get out from the car and show me the license!!
What have I done wrong sir? Just having fun isn’t illegal and I drove within speed limit.
Your car! This car seems too loud, I’m gonna check the noise level with sound level meter and you must follow my instruction!

As Phongbhan revved up the engine, the level showed in sound level meter as over acceptable scale, resulted him for a ticket from noise violation.
’Mam, are you sales lady? You’d better take his ticket and show to you dealer, as your car is too loud for acceptance defined by the law and install the quieter exhaust system.
Luckily, sales lady agreed to pay the violation fines for Phonbhan, but his interest of Jaimz SFINX is over, no more for him.

[Meme o meter archivement unlocked: To the bindooooooooo]

@RetroSteve '86 Bangkokinie - Coachtish

After Phongbhan stepped in the his taxi, hired earlier to his latest test drive, the chauffeur told him some rumor of an exotic shape car selling for his budget.
As the chauffeur took him to the mysterious old warehouse rumored to be the place of “that car”, being such an honest guy, he waited in his trusty old Ananda Loke “Taxi” for customer for anything that might happened to him while he was waiting for the owner of the rumored exotic budget.

As Phongbhan saw the car, he was stunned by its design, with striking red body with its angular body line penned by Hodordido Mamani as a revised creation from Derpello Awemani’s original design.

Oh mannnnnnnn, check out dat door!!! dat scissor door tho… A W E S O M E
Wanna ride? take my key, I’ll ride with ya…

Hey dude? Is Coachtish comes with automatic gearbox? Very peculiar for having autoslushbox in the exotic car bro…
That is very special edition man… ease for the driving, you know it’s very hard driving a manual in the traffic jam.
Okay fair enough… and… how come is this Coachtish using very spartan seats made from very familiar vinyl material and not having any radio bro? Even my mom SBA Gracelet 1.4 silkmatic’s interior is better than this Coachtish, that’s quite contrast to its name bro…
That’s for ease of maintenance my man… tee he he… do no worries…

Actually it isn’t drive that bad bro… but seems lack of the engine power, I expected more engine power of this thing, come on… this looks good but it doesn’t have any guts?
Nah, it may be a bit slow, that’s for easy to drive. But this car is turbocharged, and once this baby hit 88 miles per hour… you gonna see some serious performance. As this baby can hit 180 km/h as well…
Is that a “Straight outtatime” movie reference? You ain’t Doc Beige tho…

He was let down from having very spartan interior and not any safety equipment whatsoever, only having the lucky charm hanged by rear mirror. Inside the mirror, another sharp looking car was approaching to Coachtish with nice looking lady driving inside.

Suddenly, wild Sakura Empress EP-T has appeared!!!
Phongbhan used “Step on the gas”, the Coachtish is confused!, it’s not very effective…
Wild Sakura used “Turbocharged AWD”, a critical hit!, it’s very effective…
The wild Sakura Empress EP-T has disappeared!

After he lost from Sakura Empress EP-T from extremely poor acceleration, his expectation sank like an anvil, once he hit the brake, it locked up the rear tires, kicked the tail out wildly, but he managed to control not crashing it before taking Coachtish back to its garage as he saw the rising temperature gauge rapidly. He stepped out com the Coachtish with unhappy expression and said to the owner.

Hey, apart from the looks, I’m agree that this car is real head turner… but that’s all show and no go man… that’s real as the LADEHBOI of automotive bro…

[Meme o meter archivement unlocked: All show no go bro!, as Barborgonie as LADEEHBOI]

  • end of 1st round: part 1 (all '86 cars) -


1st round, part 2 all ‘85 cars and older.

After disappointed from previous test drive, Phongbhan now learn that he should use his head for the decision. Now he picked another magazine issued in 1985 called “Car Enthusias”

@USDMFTW '86 Hawker - Arrow GT-S6

This GT-S6 comes with very flashy racing stripes, very bold aesthetic design but still cannot outshine the bland nature, but only its sportiness stops there, as this car thend more comfortable than the looks. However, this is an honest car, its handling is still quite playful, only let down by somekind of strange vibration during the hard braking.

That’s quite bold design choice, but I need some looks as chick magnet, not another boy racer… boi…, pass

@abg7 '85 Hanson - Harrier Mk.I

Despite of having exotic midship platform, styling wise is quite bland… The interior is nice and comfy, as we drove without tiring ourselfs. The performance of this car is quite awesome, as having for good engine power, powerful brakes and sharp handling. However, as using midship layout, the need of using staggered tire size is a little bit high price to maintenance.

Hmm… an MR car with sharp handling, it’d better with better styling then……

(As unfortunate, this car is out of contest due to request for withdrawal from the competition.
Thank you for participating.)

@Thetom '85 AMW - Sparrow

AMW’s Sparrow is very handsome to look at. Ride comfort is a bit harsh from the suspention tuning and interior choice, using only vinyl seats is meant to be last in longrun. But it is reknowned for safety, it will protect you at all cost with less injuries to the driver and passenger.
Another thing to mention is, this car is very cheap to run, only less than $500 to run this car, superb choice! Also, power wise is very smooth and powerful without lacking any performance.

What??? Maintenance cost less than $500? Holy smokes!!! Very interesting!!!

@HighOctaneLove Bogliq - Slyde GL

The avantgarde headlight styling with three little headlights is very cool to look at. However, the taillights is not one of the proper translation, it is quite contrast to much avantgarde frontend.
Driving this Slyde GL is quite a bit harsh, perhaps from the suspension tuning, but you can count on its reliability, as this car built tough one of the highest safety ratings. But somehow this Slyde GL seems slow.
After we tested 0-100 km/h, our thoughts were right, as this Slyde GL can manage around 10.1 seconds, extremely slow compared to the rest of the market. The braking is not giving any confidence whatsoever, not much of stopping power and showing signs of fading.

10 sec of acceleration?, this is another dad mobile! Sorry, I’ll pass
[Meme o meter archivement unlocked: Too slow junior!]

@undervocerhardware '85 Nagoya - Osprey

This little car… is highly questionable about the definition of ‘Aesthetic’ at the rear… it is highly questionable, perhaps it is too avantgarde to our understanding.
If you put aside from the questionable design, this little car packs with Boxer 4 engine with Limited Slip Differential to the rear wheels. However, this little car is lack of the amenities from having basic FM/AM radio, perhaps for swapping sound system after purchasing then.
Powering this thing is very nice, as the car feels alive from low rpm, very good for commuting. The handling is biased to the rear as typical RWD machine.

Meh… I do not like the looks of this… this is not a chick magnet, sorry…

@Flammers '85 FangWeng - LC25

We’re not misunderstood of having this car in budget sports market, it is more like a track car, derived from Circuit de LaSarthe, let’s see what this car is all about.
It is quite strange of how easy to drive this car, despite of the racing car looks, but the ride is still harsh from the suspension tuning and bad interior design and quality which gave many rattling and squeaks quite often.
Also this car is suffered from bad reliability, as we called the mechanic to check the engine before getting overheat many times, as the result from using highly complex V16 engine with only 1.6 liters.
Despite the looks of the race car, the performance isn’t much like the looks at all, as we have tested for the top speed is managed only in 168 km/h in the race track, very disappointing. Also 0-100 was only clock in 13.3 seconds, Braking is very powerful, but locked the rear wheel quite easy, also the violent shaking isn’t something meant to be in such a race car too, which is very disappointing to its sharp handling that is purely for the race car in the track.

All show no go… TOO SOON JUNIOR!!!

@machalel '85 AAAA - V250 HTX

This is another small hatchback with quite a strange name, V250 HTX, if you let the looks aside, this car has something better than the looks.
One of them is having 5 seats, very spacious cabin interior with premium cloth seats and nice premium upholsteries, and also using very powerful V6 with plenty of torque. However, those cannot outshine the safety rating, which is still in question of crashworthiness after many articles complaining to poor braking distances as resulted to poor brake system.
You can have fun of this thing by doing burnout, thanks to its powerful engine, but better drive as slow as you can and avoid any situation that may lead to the accident, as we can’t guarantee the safety rating of this car.

Is this a car or electric appliance? Come on! Do the styling, and I’d not be squished like a pancake in the accident!
[Meme o meter archivement unlocked: Smokey and the Burnout]

@JohnWaldock '85 ZAF - Mikro RS

What a cute and adorable little car, and also the canvas top for the enjoyment! We love seeing the soft top in the market again, but didn’t expect anything from this small body platform, very bold move ZAF.
As obviously, this car is pure 2 seaters, as the price to pay for having convertible top, also a hefty price to pay in the safety rating, but it is acceptable. It’s drivability is outshines everything, as this car extremely easy to drive, we’d recommend this car to any buyers, also this car is also using premium water resistant cloth seats, a very nice touch.
The engine itself is quite bigger than it should be, using 1.9 liter, usually founded in much larger cars, making quite rapid acceleration when you needed. The handling is very nice for FWD platform with not much of body roll, you can throw this Mikro RS in to corner with you confidence.

Hmmmmmmm convertible, I have really soft spot of driving with the top down, that’s real chick magnet… better check this thing then.

@archi '85 Sloane - Cossak Jr

Another car to be questioned in the definition of “Aesthetic”, we do like the body style but the styling cues is odd…
But don’t let the aesthetic ruined everything, as this car is truly a premium couch on the wheel, the ride comfort is superb, it can rival to any premium saloons for this one (if you decided not to look the body).
However, this car is very prone to break down, you’ll need skilled mechanic for maintenance which can be quite a financial ruin in long run, as the result from using highly complex 1.2 liter inline 5 with turbochargers.

OH COME ON!!! No matter how comfy driving this car, I do not want this looks! PASS!!!

@thecarlover '85 Cascadia - Garu SE Turbo

Very smart and stylish car to look at, the combination of popup headlights and the sharp angle bodyline is complemented each other seamlessly, also this car comes with 2+2 interior configuration with very economical fuel consumption.
The ride comfort is quite a bit harsh from having sporty suspension, but you can drive this car quite easy, thanks to its powerful engine with plenty of torque from using turbo charger, provides in mid to high range of the powerband.

Woooo, the styling of this car is pure class, I’m gonna look at this one.

@HybridTronny '85 C240 Sport Coupe

The overall looks of this car may be on conservative side, but it will grow on you for sure.
Quite a contract from its look, as this car can be very hard to drive, especially from not having power assisted steering, this can be painful for slow speed driving, especially for FWD platform, also using outdated carburettor engine can cost you a lot on fuel consumption. However, still providing very good torque.
Performance wise, it is quite strange of seeing staggered tire size, by using narrow rear tires, but resulted as very sharp handling that can rival and mislead you as another RWD cars, what a surprise. Also braking system is very confident, powerful brake with nice solid braking feel.

Ok, so this car is the handling machine that can be fooled as rear wheel drive? Okay…

@RK38 '85 Maeshima - NRZ-986 2.0 Turbo 5MT LSD

Despite it’s very long name and tricky to remember, this NRZ is handsome car from its very attractive design. Driving this is very safe and easy to drive with not much of maintenance cost and very quiet exhaust like another commuter car. It’s handling is easy to be tamed with, you can control this handsome car with great confidence.

Oh… I’m drooling for this styling, nice!

@LinkLuke '84 LLA - Condor S

Stylish coupe, you’d love looking this car in all angles. This car is equipped with some very interesting Geared Limited Slip Differential, meant for traction on front wheels as part of power transmission from much powerful engine. The ride is comfy, thanks to the suspension tuning, you’ll be surprised how the comfortable it is.

That’s quite a chick magnet and comfy ride… good, I’m interested looking for more on this one

@Marcus_gt500 '83 Shimushibu - Focer Moon Chaser

Interesing design choice with removable targa top, also packed with premium cloth seats. This car comes with powerful turbocharged engine, you will have tire chirping even in 3rd gear as well. Riding this Focer is firm and confident, as you can expect from Johnny Chow’s main feature car in this famous movies, wanna be action star like him? Drive this Focer!

We all know Johnny Chow love using Shimushibu, especially this Focer, now it is quite popular from his latest movie called “Armour of Doge”, nice…

@MasterDoggo '83 Daito - Alissa 2.0 GT

Quite interesting design choice from having contemporary boarding bumpers without too much contrast to the styling. The ride comfort isn’t up to its name of “GT” at all, from very harsh ride from sporty suspension. Also, this car was recorded from having notorious C.R.H. (crash!) resulted from many accidents in previous years with outdated safety feature with just only 3 points seat belt as mandated by the government.
One of the main reason of low safety rating in the market is from brake fading, especially in high speed and not enough stopping power and its behaviour of tail happy.

We’re afraid to notify you that you’ll need to change the exhaust, as many reports of noise pollution in excess of acceptable level.

Okay… another loud car, I’m enough of being ticked from noise pollution, it’s damn hefty fines, I’ve felt sorry for the sales lady paying fine for me on that day.

@Nicking_HC '83 Hugi - Legero Mk.1.5 TRX

Hugi motors, a bold move in small car market after reknowned for building muscle car, still inherited the styling cue of 70s muscle car with smaller portions. Despite the dated looks, this car is packed with nice interior choice, comfy and good quality from having side bolstered supports and soft cushion. Engine is nice, producing plentiful of torque, but the throttle response is bit laggy, despite of having 16v unit. The fun doesn’t stop there, as the handling itself is playful, tossing around the corner is fun, you can rival any Continent hot hatches with ease!

A bit dated styling, but with a name of Muscle car and playful handling? This is interesting.

@NormanVauxhall Znopresk - Zest 1.7 Sport

Another truly handsome hatchback from Znopresk, have you ever heard “it’s Znopresk Magic”? this is the real magic. Driving this Zest is pure Znopresk magic, very easy car to drive, we’d recommend this car to any young buyer as well. The interior is quite normal, but still functional, and reliable. This Zest is very economical to run, as using little fuel consumption from it’s efficient engine. Throwing this Zest into any corner is real stunner, very sharp and crisp handling for FWD platform, that’s real magic!

I’ve never thought that I will have a chance to feel the famous “Znopresk Magic” beforehand, I’ll take a look at this one too, nice!!!

@Vicvictory '82 Darvin - Barricade 2100 GSi

This orange is looks like coming straight from the 70s, very striking colour, but the styling is a little bit dated for simplicity design choice. We like the gear shifting in this car, nice shifting action and accurate, feels like in the sportscar. Handling wise is sharp, and playful, despite of FWD platform, thanks to the suspension tuning and powerful engine.

I like this bold colour, but the styling is more late 70s, I’ll consider this one.

@Mikonp7 '82 Popas - Blinsky

Popas Blinsky, another russian product but this comes with very strange platform, being one of Rear engine car is peculiar, especially being bashed from the book of abomination “None safety in anyspeed” published by Ralph Daner. Styling wise is very dated, feels like in early 60s design.
Driving this Blinsky is more likely to be stop for maintenance, the engine itself is prone to overheat, especially in hot weather in Thailand, better have many water bottles in the front boot. The shifting is wobbly hard to shift in any gear, and the gear is not meshing properly, we reccomend double clutching in any gears, especially in 2nd and 3rd gear, also hot having power assisted steering is quiestionable, but not having in the front is okay for steering with ease, but still have the stereo sound system with a track labelled as “DJ Blinstacks - the best of Trololo remix”
The safety itself is highly questionable, only have 2 points lap belt is strange and dated. Also the engine itself is very prone to overheat and lack of response whatsoever, we can even see the writing as “Blyat” in the rocker cover, we do not know what its mean, but definitely isn’t good word for sure.
Handling itself is hightly strange, using only 12" of wheel is resulted for small brake rotor, but still decent stopping power. But bad tire choice from using “Prydy Tire” is one of the main result of a bit long stopping distance, also shameful suspension quality, in slow steering gives you oversteer.

Overall for this Blinsky? As slow as Russian winter, while you’re out for Vodka in the night but your Babushka is waiting for you with a pan, with anger!
We would like to send this car as a gift to “Ralph Daner” for proving that any RR engine car is still wants to live on another day… to his hell!

LMAO!!! Who wrote this article? This made me laugh like I’m crazy, lol… this car is questionable, I’ll pass… sorry

@stm316 '82 G&W - Stamford 85 Interceptor 2.2 M Asia

We’d not to mention the name as it is too long, let’s call as “Stamford 85”, styling is still a looker.
But once you sit inside, you’ll be shock how bad the interior is, it is very doubtful of using components made from the cardboard! Very flimsy interior that we wouldn’t even touch at all… our test drivers rejected driving this one for not making further damages of this car due to very flimsy interior.

What??? A car with interior with a cardboard??? Yikes!!!

[Meme o meter archivement unlocked: Meme o meter is ticking harder than VTEC kicked in yo, CARDBOARD QUALITEH]

@VG33E '82 Illicit - Nefek 1.8 Rallye

Styling wise is bland… despite of having sharp bodyline but it may grow on us in one day.
This car is using strange tire choice, staggered tire size for FWD platform, resulting to uncontrollable oversteer in any driving speed, even the famous French rally driver “Jeanne Arnotti” wouldn’t be able to control this machine at all, also the brake system is highly questionable, any braking is more likely to handbrake turn in all times. And those are the main cause of poor safety rating, as “rallye” as crashing in the the spectators, this car will kill you and ruin you day, even sitting inside.

That’s quite notorious C.R.H. car bro… I’m pretty sure that no one will keep this… or sending to someone that is hated for…

[Meme o meter archivement unlocked: Unsafe anyspeed, A cardboard car!]

@strop '82 Matteo Miglia (MM) - Legatus

Matteo Miglia Legatus has won the best design award in '82 by Formulae magazine from its spectacular design, very avantgarde design choice that we have nothing to say much of this renowned Legatus’s styling.
The drawback of this Legatus are very harsh comfort ride, compared to other competitor in its class and very bad fuel consumption, only 6.2 km/liter, but this car is nothing more than driving a pure racing car, from having the hard vinyl seats.
Once you have fired up the engine, its inline 5 is extremely powerful, more than 200 horsepowers, this is more of exotic engine. Also exotic car’s performance, its acceleration is unmatched to any other sports car. Stopping and controlling is nothing far from the pure race car, very powerful brake, and very precise handling, no compromise to the performance at all!

Wow… this is the real stunner! Both looks and performance, but with a price of comfort… OK I’m going for this one!

As the results for 1st round, the contestants that given to 2nd round are:

@Marcus_gt500, @yangx2, @th3maldonado, @ElMenduko, @SeriousSimon, @Thetom, @Vicvictory, @saddiseased, @LinkLuke, @goblin95, @Nicking_HC, @zschmeez, @NiuYorqCiti, @Xepy, @NormanVauxhall, @Knightophonix, @DeadlockRiff, @JohnWaldock, @strop, @HybridTronny, @Der_Bayer, @Kafouille, @Leedar and @Rk38

For the rest of the contestant?


Next, 2nd round as appearing in “Formulae special: Street Fighters”, this will be more tense as more focus on performance.


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