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CSR84 - Years of Youth [FINALS, RESULTS UP]


So, You’re About To Buy Your First Car…

We know you don’t want something slow…
We know your parents want you to get something efficient and safe…
And we know you don’t want something bland…

Hence Why We Designed The S-Pop 1.5 Gem

Based off of the rather successful S-Pop Grande with the engine from the New G-Pop Mk2, the S-Pop 1.5 Gem offers premium leather seats, a smooth 6-speed manual transmission, advanced safety systems and many more features for your enjoyment. But the pest part is the price, yours today for $15,064 - With 6 years Limited warranty available.

LLA Financial Services Also Offer Finance from $299/month @ 1.2% Representative APR


I’m better at tuning turbos for efficiency than for power. The turbo in my model increases efficiency from 27% to 30.2% ( Good for extra 6 mpg) ,but only gives me an extra 20 hp.


2015 Levenbrech Halfaxa

Extra picc


Reminder: Read the hard limits and restrictions carefully. more than a few cars are about to get binned due to emissions, environmental resistance and loudness violations.


Pretty sure mine checked out fine before I sent it out to you


My car meets this easily but are you looking at the engine emissions or the trim emissions?

My trim emissions are 47.
My engine emissions are 70.1.


Engine emissions. Man I’m leaving a lot of stuff out oops. Big sorry guys D:


Other non-standard model is Dusk.


Oh, I was pretty sure the restriction was for the trim only, it was more logical IMHO. Sarah will be driving the whole car, not the engine only.
Could you let me fix my entry, please. It has 91 emissions for the engine, 52 for the trim.
I’ve sent fixed version in PM to you.


don’t sweat it too much, it’s your first CSR, mistakes will happen. just roll with it.


FYI, engine emissions are exactly the same as trim emissions if the vehicle had fuel economy of 10l/100km. By restricting engine emissions you also restrict the option of making a car with a low tech engine that has low pollution by way of high fuel efficiency.


My noise was below 35 when I saved it, but perhaps I should double check, as strange things have happened to my cars after export in the past.


Go ahead haha. I’m fine with resubmissions @saddiseased


@yangx2 I appreciate that!


Because I have 0 skill at image editing, here are 2 photos :thinking:

2015 Daito Sancho 1.2 ECO 1.6T

On the track of the 1989 Sancho, The new Sancho 1.6T is the perfect neo-retro transcription of the famous little SUV from Daito.


Thanks @Mikonp7


(Alright, blame @Vri404 for the turbo tuning tutorial… cause that shizz just made all the difference in the world)

Also, exterior design of this has actually been run past a real-life 17 year old girl and approved (though she IS a bit goth… :stuck_out_tongue: )

All-new 2015 Ardent Wren

Newly redesigned for the 2015 model year, the Ardent Wren nameplate reaches it’s 60th anniversary. Though the model had continuously run in European markets since its inception as an American-designed micro sedan, North America had no Wren from 1964 to 2008.

This model comes in three trims: base SE, mid-level LS, and all-wheel drive GS. Each of the trim levels can com with or without the “EcoGuard” package, which swaps out the standard 1.9 liter motor for a QuadLight 1.9 liter turbo engine.

The LS EcoGuard is the most popular option, having a modest price while getting nearly 45 miles per gallon combined. And in addition to the 5 standard Ardent colors, the EcoGuard is available in 3 Retro Ardent colors.

Available Colors:
Flame Red
Ink Black
Century Silver Metallic
Gulf Blue Metallic
Pure White
Lagoon Blue (EcoGuard only)
Lemon Creme (EcoGuard only)
Spanish Olive (EcoGuard only)

Submitted trim: Ardent Wren LS EcoGuard in Ink Black, $15386 AMU


No, no, no, all credit for that goes to @BoostandEthanol, I was just around to post it :stuck_out_tongue:


So much for “worse in every way”, huh? No worries, no one can see us at the dark side (unless they turn the brightness up)… :stuck_out_tongue:

Also that upper front grille is giving me some serious 2nd-gen Oldsmobile Aurora vibes… Although a 17-year-old goth girl is unlikely to care about bright things like Auroras. :laughing:


Very nice and very 2015! How did you get those headlights/taillights done? Or are they mod items?