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CSR84 - Years of Youth [FINALS, RESULTS UP]


The '15 Pulsar Eradicator 4E, in a trying time of ugly SUV’s which over promise and under deliver, Pulsar is happy to introduce a new SUV with both the styling to turn heads, and the capabilities to tackle anything you need.

This FWD SUV is factory equipped with a smart auto-locking torque biasing differential to assure the power always gets to where it is needed, the ground clearance for even the worst snow days you can throw at it, and the plush comfort to keep you satisfied with both heated and cooled seats, for warm summers and cool winters.

Unlike most we didn’t forget the Sport part of the utility vehicle, the Eradicator is equipped with a peppy 2.5L turbocharged Inline five-valve, five cylinder. But is advanced enough to keep you out of the poor house sipping only a gallon per 33 miles.

Come try a Pulsar, you’ll have room to grow.


If that’s US MPG, I’ll be mighty impressed


Don’t worry, it is.


Now available for $15.308. Consult your nearest CSM dealer for more details

Indeed, the green-colored mini-SUV (sort of) named after a red-headed JRPG character is back! Although the LT has significantly changed the Gemny’s character to be better suited to city driving (and less for being a try-hard failed tow car);

  • The brand new 1.3-litre turbocharged engine, codenamed the “CAD-i4T”*1, producing 93 horsepower in its “EH” variant. This engine has a 47.3MPG rating. *2

  • A new advanced 6-speed automatic gearbox, tuned to produce better fuel consumption;

  • A more conventional 4-seat setup compared to the TT’s single bench seat;

  • Completely revamped design featuring new LED light units (god bless these new Automation LED fixtures, let me tell ya) and CSM’s patended BumpDefendtm side trim. *3

Let us see if joining the dark side finally brings up the bright qualities of the Gemny…

Xtra Pics

*1 CAD stands for “Corny Al Diente”. Diente being a “cute” shortening of Contendiente. It’s a reference to @Mr.Computah’s assist and valuable teachings regarding this pesky turbo technology. :stuck_out_tongue:
*2 Results achieved through Automation cruise tests, figures may vary in different road and weather conditions as well as driving styles.
*3 Yes this is literally my attempt at recreating Citroën’s infamous AirBump design gimmick. Sarah can find this gaudy or not, but I believe most teenagers would welcome anti-door dings protection on their first car. Don’t trust other Walmart customers parking, I always say!


BAM Enios 312

An eco city car, slightly on the premium side with a half inline 6 engine. Not enough time for more info :wink:




Matsunaga Cafe au Lait, a car with personality. See it with your eyes at a nearby Ninomiya dealer.


Likar Taurus is the all new 2015 SUV.


The Vanguard Metro. In production and the mainstay of the british small car market since 1955. It’s been regularly exported to Canada since the 60s and loved by many, its grippy and sharp handling as well as its fuel economy made it a hit and it arrived in Canada officially in 1972. Now, the 2015 model has hit our shores and it’s better than ever, featuring a 1l 3 Cylinder making an outstanding 106bhp, quite a lot for such a small engine. The whole car carries on with Vanguard’s upmarket design language, chrome accents and the bowl curved front grille make this car unmistakeable.

The front fascia is the epitome of style, a fasionable centrepiece to wow all who look upon it.

The mirrors even have accenting, a crisp line divides the paint from the contrasting material.

The door handles are in chrome, setting off the accent through to the rear end.

The rear fascia carries through the same upmarket theme as the front, and, indeed, carries through many of the themes.

Synonymous with British refinement and engineering excellence, the iconic Vanguard logo all but hints at the exquisite nature of the Metro and makes this car a must have.


'15 Ars AiM 2.0T
Its a subcompact with everything you need.


The 2015 Cony E: why choose between space and economy?



This time around, instead of making a car, I’ve developed the visuals for @DriftinCovet1987 's car, the Aviator Ronolit. Just wait until he posts the car!


47US mpg for around $14500, you decide (5 years / 60,000-mile warranty & 10 years/100,000-mile powertrain warranty)



don’t embed the .car file in your ad, DM it to the round host




Starting to think that pearlescent pink was maybe the wrong colour choice!


Alluvia 2.0E, for some ass-hauling. It’s RWD too! for $15050 you can bring one home. Warranty is the same as 5C3-2.0Ti.