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CSR84 - Years of Youth [FINALS, RESULTS UP]


This one looks different… why two posts?


I’m pretty sure posting more than one car for CSR isn’t allowed.


Now there’s an idea - a collab… hmm


I’m always open to collabs. My lore is a design studio, not a company. Send me anything you’d like to be worked.


Just a reminder, submission deadline is tomorrow morning! University work is kinda killing me so anything past its deadline is a no-go :slight_smile:


Here at Aviator, we pride ourselves in making some of the world’s best planes since 1916. That’s why our new 2015 Aviator Ronolit DXiT comes styled with a fancy new logo that both represents our aerial heritage and allows you to stand out on the streets in style. But behind that new badge, integrated into the all-new styling straight from the masters at MV Design, comes our completely-redesigned D18DET/E 1.8-liter straight-four. With 115 horsepower(1) from its combination of E-Power multi-point electronic injection and a economy-tuned turbocharger, you’ll be getting over 75 mpg highway(2) with the greatest of ease. That’s because we’ve hooked the engine up to our trusty and reliable A700TEF 7-speed electronically-controlled automatic transmission, which will allow even the novice driver to fly down the highways and dogfight through traffic as easily as a professional. Even though it’s only hooked up to the front wheels, we’ve confirmed that a set of winter tires will make it more than usable for the average winter (3). And it’s built to withstand those winter salts and slushes for as long as possible, with a galvanized steel chassis and treated steel panels making its gorgeous design incredibly resilient to corrosion.

Speaking of the design, we’ve handed that over to the masters down in Brazil, the renowned MV Design, who have refined every curve, line, and fixture to perfectly mesh with the swoopy sedan’s body. It’s also a call back to the original Mouton-era Ronolits, famed for their incredible rally and race pedigree. Thankfully, we haven’t put in a stripped-down interior for this car. With its plush leather seating and A-Net infotainment system, the Ronolit DXiT allows you to experience the joys of driving as though you were flying coach for your entire life. But that’s not all; the double-wishbone suspension all around is tuned and designed to give you maximum control as you weave your way through the city jungle without breaking your back in your daily commute. But the best part about this car? All of the above - and much, much more - can be yours for just $14,600.(4)

(1)SAE Net, measured at the crank with all engine accessories.
(2)Perfect cruising at 56 miles per hour (90 km/h); EPA combined is 47.7 mpg.
(3)Tested in Calgary, Alberta. We do not recommend using this vehicle for treks to the North Pole as standard.
(4)At 0% markup for a base DXiT. Dealer prices - including markup and options - may differ from advertised.


Duly noted, since my designs look like shit but are (usually) mechanically sound. :slight_smile:


2015 Satsunai Foldex

And you thought the practicality of a city crossover and 41 MPG couldn’t look this good. Prices start at $14,598.


It’s so freaking happy!


Is that a cat?


scritches car’s mirrors and base of the antenna


Criterion Motor Co. presents the Snowcrystal line of 2 & 4 door hatches (4 door not pictured).
AWD standard and available 150hp I4 turbo, 270hp I4 turbo, and 452hp V8 NA powerplants.
6 speed Automatic, 6 speed manual, or 7 speed Manual (STX model only).
4 Wheel Disc ABS, and ESC standard.
Front, Side, and Rear proximity sensors for blind spot monitoring and parking sensing, Standard.
Standard fog lights and HID headlights for night driving visibility.
Variable power steering using an electric motor, standard.
75.2mpg* at 55mph and 49.5mpg est combined. (デコラ Model only).
Starting at $15071, you too can get into the class Criterion Motor Co. is known for.

Promotional Photos



It is indeed designed to look like a cat, and its name comes from this breed of cat developed in Quebec in the 90s.


Damn, I knew entries closed today but never bothered to recheck at what time.

Who closes entries at 9 am, am I right? :thinking:


Long time no see though! The next CSR will come for sure!


Prelim round woo

The last draft got deleted screw everything

Here’s a waaay more specific breakdown of each vehicle and their styling choice. My original draft on the forums went poof so if you want proper constructive feedback, go here.

Sarah opened her browser and navigated to a vehicle review website. She clicked on a few filters, and an enormous list of new cars loaded up. A bookmark folder was ready for any vehicles Sarah found good-looking. First impressions meant a lot to her.

First up was the Escar-GO…

@lukerules117 - Zitrone Escar-GO


Calling the Escar-GO strange was an understatement. The windshield wipers were mounted to the top of the roof, the front fascia was rather squished in hard, as if the body were consuming its own face. Sarah flipped through the thumbnails, and the rear wasn’t any better. In slight disgust, she quickly scrolled down to the next vehicle.


@Conan - Mitsushita Jesta X Sport


Next up was the Mitsushita Jesta. The front end of the Jesta was rather attractive, yet the rear was not as promising. The colour was alright but in the end, the Mitsushita felt empty, and seemingly blended in too well with the traffic around it. Sarah kept on scrolling.

“It’s a bit plain to be honest. Not my type”

@TheAlmightyTwingo - Meijer Tokyo Ecocity


Sarah scrolled down to the next entry; the Meijer Tokyo Ecocity. Its rather small shape and inviting design language was cute, however, like the Mitsushita, it felt a tad empty. Sarah rested her case when she pulled up the thumbnails of the rear end. Surely the colour was nice, but the rest was just rather generic. Sarah kept on scrolling.

"I means it’s cute, but still very plain. I’m gonna have to pass this one"

@Knightophonix - FAAL Dima X


The Dima X was next in line. Despite the colour being rather striking, the grille felt a bit unnerving. Due to the lack of material variety, it felt a bit busy to Sarah. The size of the taillights dated the car a tad bit and felt rather disproportionate and discordant with the front. Sarah hesitantly kept on scrolling.

“It’s promising. Shame that the front looks like a freaking transformer…”

@HighOctaneLove - Proletariat Marmot 160T


The Proletariat Marmot then came up. It was cute, yet it felt rather old school to Sarah, looking as if it were built an entire decade behind. The colour came off rather tasteful to her, but the rest of the Marmot just did not fit that “new car” look. Sarah passed it up.

“It’s cute and kind of cool, but it looks like something straight out of the 90s. Too old school. Pass”

@undercoverhardwarema - Star Xeno


Next on the list was the Xeno, which carried quite a bizarre design. The front end felt somewhat conservative compared to its competition, while the rear just seemed like it was from an entirely different car. The colour was a bit drab as well. Sarah quickly scrolled past and moved onto the next vehicle in the list.

“It’s like they glued two different cars together… Not for me”

@droya - Hotshot RG-T26


The Hotshot would be next. Sarah found the looks of it to be rather disproportionate and somewhat unnerving. The front end was not necessarily the cutest, while the rear felt empty. Sarah opened the side profile thumbnail to give the vehicle a second chance, and was met with a doorhandle placed nearly smack in the middle of the rear door. The vehicle also seemed indifferent from the rest of the hatchbacks she’d see on the road. Not too fond of its crudely-crafted styling, Sarah kept on scrolling.

“Those foglights are literal eggs, and what’s with that doorhandle?”

@goblin95 - Kasai 2ND


As Sarah scrolled past the RG-T26, her eyes met the Kasai 2ND. Sarah was impressed. The 2ND was cute as hell. Its design was gentle, inviting, and stood out well. The colour in the thumbnail was adorable, and the fascias, very tastefully put together. It looked modern, the front fascia was manifested with emotions of joy, it was just what she had in mind. Sarah quickly bookmarked the 2ND’s page.

“It’s cute! In fact, really cute! It’s like they read my mind.”

@On3CherryShake - Farox Elos


After giving the 2ND a good stare, Sarah scrolled down and met the Farox Elos. A conservative, conformist front end clashed with its sportier rear. The doorhandles were rather low. Sarah, slightly confused and not too impressed, Sarah passed it on.

“Cute colour though. The front isn’t much. Ugh”

@Aaron.W - TSR Kogarashi Premium


The Kogarashi was up next. It looked modern and rather sleek, but the colour drained all life out of its design language. In the black, it looked like any other hatchback on the road; mature, rather normal, a conformist. Sarah, although hesitantly, kept on scrolling.

“I want to really like it, but I just can’t.”

@LinkLuke - LLA S-Pop 1.5 Gem


Next up was the S-Pop. The design language was unique to some extent, yet the rear looked far too outdated and in fact, a tad boring. Like the others, it was rather indifferent from the majority of hatchbacks on the road. Sarah scrolled on.

“It’s kind of cute? Still rather boring. Meh”

@saddiseased - Levenbrech Halfaxa


The next entry was the Halfaxa - a rather striking, yet slightly conservative coupe. It was a bit sportier than cute, yet still got Sarah’s attention. The colour was nice and rather attractive. Despite it being a 2-door coupe, Sarah gave it a consideration.

“It is a coupe but… it sure is pretty. I’ll consider it for now”

@Jaimz - Franklin Marshall Ocelot


After the Halfaxa came the Ocelot in all its obnoxious glory. The bright purple motif was intimidating and rather disgusting. The front and rear felt disconnected, as if two cars were glued together. The Ocelot was by no means cute, and instead, rather provocative. Sarah quickly scrolled past, pretending she saw nothing.

“It’s obnoxious. Like… just as obnoxious as Daniel from physics.”

@MasterDoggo - Daito Sancho 1.6T


Next up was the Sancho, which instantly caught Sarah’s attention. Its cute kei car styling, mixed with touches of masculinity here and there impressed Sarah. Not only was it generally cute, it looked quite rugged too. Its retro elements came off rather impressive, whilst its modern touches kept it within its era. It stood out well, the colour complemented its general design. Sarah loved its looks, and bookmarked it with no hesitation.

“It’s like a mini Jeep, it’s adorable!”

@Chickenbiscuit - Isami Vireo


After the Sancho, came the Isami Vireo. Its bold, athletic design language was very attractive, and its colour, just as striking. The vehicle didn’t just look cute, but rather sporty at the same time. “It’s a real looker”, thought Sarah. It was well-proportioned, very modern-looking and definitely stood out aesthetically. Sarah gave it a bookmark and kept on scrolling.

“Ooh, this one would make me look sporty as hell! It’s as if I’d do more than just netball, heh.”

@VicVictory - Ardent Wren


After giving the Vireo some praise, she moved onto the Wren, which delivered quite a conservative approach to the boxy body it shrouded itself in. Its design was by no means offensive, but just did not add up to the competition. The black made it look a tad drab. It seemed a bit too plain for her taste. The rear was quite cute, in fact, the vehicle was relatively cute. Just not necessarily the most striking. Sarah kept on scrolling.

“I mean, it’s boxy so that’s kind of cute.”

@Mr.Computah - Teide Pasion


The Teide was next in the line. The black trim gave it a bit of a more masculine look in its rather cute round body. The black trim was a nice touch to its tasteful colour. Sarah was impressed. Surely it might blend in a bit, but the looks were something she did not want to take for granted. Sarah bookmarked the Conte Teide and kept on scrolling.

“Huh, not bad. I’ll give it a consideration.”

@Knugcab - IP dm3


Next on the lest was the IP dm3. It carried a rugged and utilitarian motif across a rather cute box shape. The silver complemented its design language, allowing it to stand out instead of blend in. The rear was a bit of a strange feat, with its rather aggressive taillights, but Sarah let them slide. It was unique to some sense, it was rather adorable. Sarah bookmarked it and moved on.

“It’s like a mini G-Class. Neat…”

@nialloftara - Cenaturi Neutrino 2.7L Sport


The rather provocative and slightly obnoxious purple-ish blue blend caught Sarah’s eye. To her, it was a rather strange looking car. The front was in all sorts of different places while the rear was boring. The Neutrino did not seem cute andd just did not stand out in the right ways. Sarah kept on scrolling

“It’s… definitely something.”

@zschmeez - Albatross 200-4


The Albatross 200-4 was next. But like some of the other vehicles on the list, it just looked too plain. It was barely cute, and rather normal. The 200-4 was indifferent from the design language of most of the hatches she had seen. Sarah passed it on, and kept on scrolling.

“It just doesn’t stand out. Geh.”

@Cheeseman - Evgenis Valkyrie Sport


The Valkyrie would be next. Its sharp looks dragged Sarah’s attention inwards. The front was sharp, modern and rather sporty looking. Its bright blue colour helped it stand out well and maintain a bit of a feminine side within its more athletic design language. Rather impressed, Sarah bookmarked it.

“It’s pretty! Wow. Student council would love the look of this one.”

@ElMenduko - Generic Birb


As the name suggests, the Birb came off rather… generic to Sarah. Nothing really stood out except for the colour, it felt rather plain, and the front end did not deliver much either. It was not necessarily cute more than confusing. Sarah scrolled on.

“I mean they’re not wrong…”

@NiuYorqCiti - DAAG CS16i


The CCS16i would be up next. The front end came off rather cute to Sarah, the rear as well. However, something about it just did not click. The colour made it look rather analog. It was a sporty looking vehicle, but just barely not enough for her taste. Sarah very hesitantly passed it on.

“I wish I could consider this too, but the time crunch is just too much. In my chosen top 10, I’d have it as my 11th.”

@abg7 - Hanson Heron 1.6Ti


Next up was the Heron. It was pretty impressive on the front fascia, but Sarah was confused by the rear. Like some other vehicles she had seen, it’s as if two different cars existed on one. The headlights were small, making it look as if the Heron were squinting at you. It just felt rather disproportionate. Sarah kept on scrolling.

“The colour’s nice though. Makes it look pretty cute. What’s with the rear?”



The next entry on the list would be the Lynx; a crossover with a rather brave approach to its design. The colour was a tad obnoxious and the design language felt a bit disconnected from front to rear. It wasn’t necessarily cute, more sporty. The vertical slope at the c-pillar weirded her out a bit. It looked like an SUV from the rear but a hatchback on the front. Sarah passed it on.

“But hey, at least it stands out. :)”

@Mikonp7 - Neko CiX-3 X-Cross


The front fascia caught Sarah’s attention, but in all the wrong ways. The weird slopes in the design gave her a bit of a headache. It surely was creative, it did stand out, but my gosh was it a bit overstyled for her taste. Sarah scrolled on.

“It’s kind of terrifying… haha. Not really for me.”

@Lordred - Pulsar Eradicator


The Pulsar Eradicator was next. Sarah was rather intrigued seeing such a masculine vehicle on the list. It was pretty in some ways, but maybe just a bit too masculine and old school. Sarah, although interested, passed it on with a lighthearted giggle.

“It’s somewhat cute, not gonna lie. Just not really for me. These types of cars are for Tiffany. I’ll let her take a look”

@Nicking_HC - Gemny LT


After scrolling past the rather bizarre and intriguing Eradicator, the Gemny came next. It delivered a utilitarian look to it, while staying rather cute as well. The green was well-picked out. Sarah clicked on the thumbnail of the rear, and despite being a tad weirded out, accepted it for what it was. She bookmarked the Gemny and scrolled down.

“I don’t know why but I really like it. It’s kind of cute. Bookmarked!”

@Der_Bayer - BAM Enios 312


The BAM Enios was next on the list. Sarah was drawn to its tastefully-thought out blue. The eyes of the front fascia were rather cute, with eyelash-like indicators. The rear thumbnail proved to be just as adorable. Although the chrome trim seemed rather tacky to her, Sarah bookmarked it down for further consideration.

“The chrome might make me look like a bit of a grandma, but whatevs.”

@thecarlover - Solo Skipper


The Solo Skipper would be up next. Its slightly desaturated red colour in contrast with its black cladding was rather nice-looking to Sarah. The car itself however, looked cute at a minimal. It was more utilitarian than anything. The front end was a bit bloated. Still, Sarah bookmarked it, hoping to not regret much.

“It looks a bit large for what it is. It’s not as pretty as some, but who knows? Maybe it’s got potential”

@Navara - Definiti QT

The Definiti QT was on the next page. It came off rather cute to Sarah. The blob-like eyes were rather inviting, yet the entirety of the QT felt just that bit too minimal. Although the rear was rather classy, the QT was a bit on the generic side. Sarah kept scrolling.

@Urbanliner - Matsunaga Cafe au Lait


Next was the Cafe au Lait. It looked more terrified than cute. The colour helped a bit to its cuteness but the rest did not. Sarah gave it a swift pass.

“It’s like it’s screaming at me for help. People already scream at me enough to help them on their Chem labs. No thanks.”

@electroGG - Likar Taurus


The Taurus was the next vehicle to check out. Sarah was drawn in by the colour, however the rest of the car felt rather outdated. The front and the rear did not match each other, not did they match her expectations. Sarah scrolled down.

“It’s rather indifferent besides its colour. I’ll pass”

@camjkerman - Vanguard Metro


Although the Metro had rather intriguing details which caught Sarah’s attention, it seemed too mature, not very sharp, not very cute, just not fit for her taste. The colour was mundane and the design language was just too conservative. It did not stick out too much in the end. Sarah scrolled on.

“The details were pretty neat though, but it’s something I’d see my grandma driving.”

@Blothorn - Cony E


The Cony was the next entry within the list, and was rather intriguing to Sarah. It reminded her of an old 60s cruiser, and came off kind of cute too. The front though was a bit creepy. Its smile reeled her in, not necessarily attracting her, but as if it were to have her for dinner. Sarah gave it a pass.

“Cute design, face as creepy as Jim from social studies.”

@SeriousSimon - Romanov Junosha

The Romanov was next. Its colour was odd, its design, very strange. It looked outdated, the fascias were too blocky, Sarah gave it a quick pass.

"Uh. Wow. That’s… very different. "

@DriftinCovet1987 & @Marcus_gt500 - Aviator Ronolit DxiT


The Aviator Ronolit was next. Its blue colour was rather striking. Its fascia, sporty and distinct. The rear just felt that tad bit outdated, letting her down. Sarah, bummed out, crossed the Ronolit off the list.

“It’s a shame. The front was pretty.”

@DeadlockRiff - Criterion Snowcrystal


The Snowcrystal Decora was next. The colour came off rather obnoxious to Sarah, while the front end was just plain scary. The decora was more intimidating than it was cute, its styling was bizarre, and the excess of chrome made her think it might have been something for her grandma. Scroll on.

“This thing’s got fangs. Hmm…”

@nerd - Americar Loyal V8


The Americar Loyal was next in the lineup. Sarah scrolled past swiftly without a word.

“… not for high school no way.”

@Echowaffle8 - Satsunai Foldex


Sarah kept scrolling down until she met the Foldex. She sat there in silence, took a long, deep breath, and closed her laptop screen. After processing what atrocity she had just witnessed, Sarah moved on.



She was finally at the bottom of the list. Sarah had picked out her candidates off styling alone, and now, it was time for the nitty-gritty technical stuff.

The people who will be moving onto the next round are:



@Bill4Hard8dinl - Environmental Resistance Violation
@Vri404 - Engine Loudness Violation
@asami - Engine Loudness Violation
@TheTom - Environmental Resistance Violation
@DoctorNarfy - Engine ET Violation
@SkylineFTW97 - Engine ET Violation
@Flamers - Engine ET Violation
@Xepy - Emissions Violation

and again, if you want to read proper constructive criticism one each one of your designs, hit that drive link above :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t call it “proper” or “constructive”, just kinda your opinion.


And that’s what I get for forgetting there were specific rules we had to abide to.


Remember: the customer is always right…


The customer should perhaps stick to rollerskates.