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[Dead] Automation BeamNG Car Reviews: [name in progress] (Send in cars!)


What is this?

This is a new review series I am working on in the style of Top Gear power tests. This will feature a review of one car an episode and a lap time of that car.

What’s it called?

Good question! Not sure yet. Feel free to suggest names for this, but please don’t make it some obvious knock off of Top Gear if you do suggest a name.

What cars will you be reviewing?

Primarily sports and performance cars, although luxury and economy cars aren’t off limits if you think they are interesting enough. I would also prefer more modern cars, that would be on sale today in 2018, but will allow exceptions for special or classic cars.

Cars with abnormally high engineering time and production units with quality spam are allowed, but will be treated as concept cars. Feel free to make up a price for this, as obviously the price wouldn’t be too accurate in game.

Rivalries between companies is also encouraged, and multicar reviews are possible.

If I feel your company is worthy, I may also send a secret challenge your way for a large scale test between several companies.

How do we send them?

Two choices. Either you DM me the car file either here or on Discord (Username is BoostandEthanol#5298), or you can include it in a car submission post.

What is a car submission post?

This is where you give me key info for your car. I will not be checking performance stats in the Automation car designer, instead using the info you give me along with some tests myself. I will be checking the designer for things I am unable to test or see, such as the number of seats or interior.

What kind of key info should I include?

You can include as much or as little as you’d like. If you wanted to you could leave little to no information.

Some information that you probably should include is power, torque, price (including a realistic markup), acceleration, and top speed. Bear in mind I am British, and while I can convert units it saves me some hassle if you do it beforehand (I use hp, lbs-ft, £, MPH).

Feel free to also specify a location to test (include links if it’s a mod), or specify tests if you want. You could also supply rival cars if you’d like to prove your superiority over the competition.

You could also lie about your stats, or tune the car I get specifically for the review if you want to start a Ferrari style scandal.

What about lap times?

Each car will be give a lap of a test track by someone else. He wants to be called The Git, so we’ll go with that. He is a much faster and more consistent driver than me, and will also supply a professional perspective of the car as a racing driver.

Why haven’t you mentioned anything else?

Because I probably forgot. Please ask away anything I haven’t made clear below.


For any review car, set the model name as Review - [Name you want to be credited as] then set the trim to the car’s full name


cc @flop404

I dig that.
But, how would the “star in a reasonably priced car” work? Will the Automationverse:tm: feature stars that have nothing to do with the automotive industry? Will there be a CSR round for the reasonably priced car? Why do ducks have palmed feet?


I suppose this is my fault for not specifying. This isn’t exclusive to the Automationverse.

You won’t need to be famous or play any character for that segment, I only mentioned Star in a Reasonably Priced Car because it’s something everyone would understand.

The “stars” will just be anyone, some of them may not even play Automation and be exclusively Beam players, as I’d imagine some people will watch the reviews without ever joining the forums (hence why you can also submit cars through Discord). You don’t need to have any fame at all, and I don’t want to stop anyone from entering.

Simply contact me about wanting to go on and I’ll get to you.

The car will be submitted the same as entering any other car for a review. As long as it fits the 3 pieces of criteria listed, just make a post here as if it was a review car, but make it obvious you want to submit this as the reasonably priced car.

Unfortunately I am not an expert on ducks, so I cannot answer your final question.

Sorry that I didn’t make these things clear enough.


This is a cool idea. Looking forward to it.

Even though this maybe shouldn’t ape Top Gear too much, I’d say the Top Gear test track would be good for the reasonably priced car segment of it. Unless the beamng mod for that is shit (haven’t tried it yet myself) in which case it should be some other track that’s not very long and preferably one that’s not too easy either.


I’m trying to stray away from just being a Top Gear clone, so I don’t really want to use the TG test track, although we’ll see. Maybe it’ll work perfectly for what I want.


Automation test track would make sense, since it has been made specifically for the occasion


The beam TG Test track is good, but as you said you want something different.


I am worried that it’s a little long, considering the reasonably priced car is not exactly performance we could be looking at times over 2:45, which is a little too slow for my liking. Currently I’m liking the Hirochi Raceway short circuit, as it is vanilla and has the Time Trial mode built in to it.


Looking for a reasonably priced car? Introducing the Damien-Benoît Ecotec 1.2 Elysées.

At just $17700, the Ecotec 1.2 meets the brief with flying colours. Look no further, because this right here is the ideal reasonably priced car.


Lazily re-entering this because nothing says “Reasonably priced car” like a car with Pleb in its name.


2018 Cossack Flavo 1400 L in Deep Blue


Anyone remember the CMV C16 that spectacularly failed CSR 75? Well of course you don’t, it is a forgetable car. Who would care about a little econobox that’s too fast for beginners and too slow for experienced drivers? The people who make it, of course. So our engineers went to work, retuning the engine, now with a more advanced VVT system, 5 valves per cylinder, and running on 93 AKI fuel. We managed 20 extra horsepower and 4 more (American) mpg.

Then we handed it over to our Motorsport division.

They started off by raising the rev limit to 8000, upping the cam profile, and adding ITBs. Next, igniton timing and compression was lowered to allow for more turbo tuning. Boost was raised from 12.3 PSI to 25.3 PSi along with other changes. Finally, the restrictive reverse flow mufflers were replaced with straight through mufflers and a high-flow catalytic converter.

The engine isn’t all though.

The next step was to add a more aerodynamic bodykit, front splitter, rear wing, and signature quad exhaust tips. The 6-speed manual was given close-ratio gearing, a short-throw shifter, and electric LSD. Rims were upgraded to 18-inch alloys wrapped in 265/225 F/R sport tires. 4/2 piston vented discs F/R were added along with sport brake pads. The suspension was lowered by 20mm (even though I’m American, I use metric measurements so it shows cc instead of ci in the engine tuning) and springs, dampers, and anti-roll bars were stiffened along with the addition of active anti-roll bars (sway bars.) And it still gets 33.8 MPG!

You can get the fastest FWD varient of our compact car (RWD is available with a 2.0L I4, 3.0L I6, and 4.2L V8) for $16900 (with a 20% markdown)


Base price: $16904
Vehicle layout: front-engine, front-wheel drive, 4 passenger, 4 door sedan
Engine: 1.6L/270-hp/234-lb-ft single turbocharged DOHC 20-valve I4 (yes, that’s almost 170 hp/liter!)
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Curb Weight (F/R Dist.): 3194 lbs. (57%/43%)
0-60 MPH: 5.7 seconds
1/4 Mile: 14.1 seconds
Braking 60-0: 106 feet


(can i Join?)

“Would you want a… AWD 240HP Turbo I4 Crossover, That passes from 0-100 in less than 6 Seconds, With a fuel economy of 30Mpg, and Yet still practical?”

“Well, Here at emperor. We have that. For 20.649$.” (Probably the most expensive here… hahaha.)

“New 2019 Emperor Cross”


Mine was 21K w/o markup lol


All seriousness 270HP is probably too extreme for a reasonably priced car, especially when the OP lives in Britain, where you can get a 3-cylinder diesel in a 2 series. (the least powerful 2-series in the states is the 255hp 230i, so you could say we have higher standards in this here US of A)


Added the naming scheme for the cars you submit at the bottom of the post to make it more obvious for you all.


Mitsushita Karna 1.8 J


Does that mean that the trim year must be 2018, or can it be earlier than that?


Albatross Motors Presents, (a description totally not copy-pasted from CSR75 for) the Albatross 150 Turbo. This compact hatchback is powered by a 1.5-Liter turbocharged I4 which produces 127 horsepower, coupled to a 5-speed manual transmission which provides power to the front wheels. This combination allows the Albatross 150 Turbo to accelerate from 0-62 mph in 7.9 seconds, while also achieving a fuel economy of 70 MPG (UK). The Albatross 150 Turbo is available for $13,593 (click here for current GBP conversion). See your local Albatross Dealer for more.

The important stats:
Engine: 1498 cc DOHC 16-valve turbocharged I4 with Direct Injection
Power: 127 hp (97 kw)
Torque: 125 lb-ft (170 Nm)
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Drive: Front
Top Speed: 128 mph
0-62 mph (0-100 kph): 7.9 seconds
Fuel economy: 58.4 MPG US (70 MPG UK, 4.0 L/100km)
Weight: 2288 lbs (1038 kg)
Safety: full complement of airbags and seatbelts for driver and passengers (standard 10s), ESC, TCS, ABS

Better screenshots coming Soon™


It can be earlier too.