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Efini Motors inc. (Topic Still in Development)

Efini Motors inc. is a Japanese Car Company founded in the early '00s, focused in affordable, fun-to-drive cars for the masses. Founded with the help of Galt Motors.

Current Car line-up consists of :

’05 Efini Velstige : 4-door Sedan in Multiple Trim Choices

Ottocilindri : Weird small-displacement dohc turbo V8 AWD four-seater sedan, that combines the mechanics of the Lussive trim and two Milleseicento-trim engines joined together. Goes like sting, consumes nothing, costs little and is competitive despite its obvious weirdness.

Lussive : Stylish four-Seater sedan, with all-wheel-drive and a powerful yet fairly economical 2liter turbo under the bonnet. A fast, competitive family sedan.

Milleseicento : Stylish economical five-seater sedan, with a very economical 1.6 liter turbo under the bonnet. Good performance, great economy, cheap.



’05 Efini Divertige : 2-door Hatch offered in solely one Trim Choice


’05 Efini Solstige : 2-door Convertible offered in solely one Trim Choice


’05 Efini Mezzige : 2-door Sportscar offered in Two Trim Choices

Check out the Current Engine line-up here :

Car Company Directory

You don’t need a separate thread for each car and engine. Much better to organize them into one thread.


I’ve decided to post all cars here, but put engine families in the engine design forum


A simple “Efini Engines” thread would suffice, then :wink:


Hmm, I’ve already created two threads, is it possible to delete one of the two?


Just ask for it to be deleted, I suppose.


Done, also finished the engine thread, check it out if you wish


New Velstige trim added. The Velstige can now be had with a funky V8, which essentially is two Milleseicento 1.6T Eco engines joined together. Tell me what you think about it!


Looks like you’ve got an attractive lineup here! Styling looks nice and pricing is very competitive, even with a generous markup for your company.

I’d recommend you add your company to the buyer’s guide, as the 00s guide is rather empty: Buyer’s guide


Thank you, will do!


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you have to tag them or message them usually, they don’t check every post

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