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Doggo's random car collection



Waiting for other bodies to continue Cabart-Danneville Automobile, I’m making random cars, that I can’t do with my main company: Muscle, light sports car, big GT, econobox, supercar, and all…

To introduce this thread, I present you… THE COBALT, 427 D E S P A C I T O

It’s not a dream m’ladies, this :b:ig :b:oi has a 7.0L V8 of 224 HP!! A pure concentration of mucle and rib.

Cobalt - 427 Despacito.car (55.9 KB)
(updated with 98 leaded)

I’m working on an old Italian sportscar too, but I’m stuck on the design, I think I will post it this week.

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I dont like despacito memes. but, This car : Y U M


One of the better-looking classic muscle cars on this forum for sure, but needs more power. A 7L OHV V8 should develop around 300 horsepower or so - 214 is decidedly insufficient for such a high-displacement engine. And having taken a closer look at it, I’ve just realized that the cast log headers are to blame - they’re too restrictive for high-performance engines and should be swapped for tubular headers. Also, 91RON unleaded in 1966 is usually a waste of unused compression ratio - 98RON (leaded) fuel would have been more era-appropriate. Other than that, a solid choice for muscle car fanatics everywhere.


Oh right forgot the fuel was leaded!
For the headers and the engine displacement it’s made on purpose, I wanted a shitty engine with an high tuning potential, when just changing headers is giving power, and to make it cheaper to buy. Lots of murican cars developed around 200hp for a big displacement.
It goes over 200 km/h so I think it’s ok for the era, isn’t it?

PS: with the fuel update the car develops now 224 hp


That’s exactly what makes many old, big-displacement american V8s suffer IRL too… Any type of headers will make them breathe much more freely, the stock manifolds are often to compare with a piece of square tubing…


I finished my Italian old sportscar! (1958)
It has a smol V12, it’s unreliable, expensive, and with stupid quality points everywhere…Well, it’s a Ferrari!
I present you: The GIBERTO Perno V12

It’s a 2.8 Liters V12, so yeah, it’s small and doesn’t have so much torque! But for less than 1100kg I guess it’s ok ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I wait the tomorow update to test it and do a better suspension set, then I’ll drop the file of the car :slight_smile:


Hehe it oversteer alot, even with a trailer.