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Doorhandle First Rally


It’s gonna have to be a separate road mesh so I just got up and started on it. Found a good podcast to listen to and threw together a nice texture and now it’s just a lot of extruding planes to do.

edit: 3 days later:

The game could also be called “Dealing with massive understeer by deliberately inducing controlled oversteer” but that might be a bit too long.


How about “Turning By Going Sideways”? :joy:

EDIT: more serious suggestion: “Driving Sideways Through The Countryside”, or even, “Sideways Country Driving”.



That sounds too icelandic actually.


Made a YouTube video!


What a coincidence, so did I

I’m not sure how I feel about people making videos of that old demo but I guess it won’t hurt, especially since I probably won’t be releasing any newer versions to the public until there’s something resembling an actual game and not just an empty world to drive around.


Hey look, roads!
Is there eventually be more cars in this game? Possibly like this one?


There will be a few different cars. All of the cars will be “folk rallying” style, seventies and eighties affordable cars that are typically seen in amateur rallies.

The game is inspired by these kind of videos. Expect to see cars similar to the older cars that you see in these videos


About feature plans for this thing.

What the game will definately have (as in I want to do and know exactly how to do):

  • a few tracks
  • a few cars
  • occasionally you will see a wrecked competitor’s car on the side of the road
  • competitors’ crashes and technical problems affect their times (you won’t actually see them drive, it’s just random chanse)
  • spectators that react to things at least in a basic level (high speed crashes, big jumps, rolling on the roof etc. will elicit lots of cheering, applause and yelling; simply passing by will net a basic cheer)
  • easter eggs and secrets
  • music

What I would LIKE the game to have if I can manage to do it:

  • front wheel and rear wheel drive cars (it’s only a matter of finding just the right values for everything to get the feel right)
  • damage (probably not visual but crashing your car too much will make the engine fail. The main problem to solve with that would be that the bottom of the car tends to hit the ground a lot in any bumps and jumps and driving off the road so even if you don’t crash into anything you’re going to lose a lot of the car’s “health”, although that might not necessarily be a bad thing if the values involved are balanced right)
  • spectators that don’t just stand there, they could for example run to help an upturned car back to its wheels, some drunk idiots might fool around on the road
  • good music


Got questions about cars and tracks mainly:

  1. Would you do some Automation-related eastereggs in cars?
  2. I’ve got some vehicle suggestions - what about putting actual amateur-rallying car equivalents as hm, more common vehicles and putting some rally monsters as, let’s say, maximum tier of things?
  3. I have some propositions for amateur rally cars. They’re mainly from 90s, but they can be ok I hope, I write them from my personal experience from seeing those in action.
  • Honda Civic (6th gen, hatchback)
  • Volkswagen Polo III (hatchback too)
  • Toyota Celica STi/GTi/GT-Four (5th gen)
  • Fiat Seicento Sporting
  • Fiat Cinquecento Sporting
  • Fiat 126p (fuck yeah)
  • Peugeot 106/Citroen Saxo
  • BMW E36

Well, that’s all from me. Also, how many Poland stages you plan?


Probably not. I’m not very familiar with any other people’s car companies’ lore or anything else that could be a good source for easter eggs, but some Automationeers names/user names might pop up in the game in some form.

I’m thinking of something like that, yeah. It’s just that the rally monsters are perhaps more iconic and, since I don’t have the license to use real manufacturers and models, it will feel weird to have some kind of fake version of those.

I have a list of cars in mind. Anything extra is “let’s see what Santa Claus can do”. Bear in mind that any car I’ll make will be a fictional one but based on / inspired by real ones, not only because of licensing but also because for me it’s much more fun if I don’t have to make accurate replicas.

Currently done:

  • mixture of Opel Kadett & Ford Escort (that first car, although I’ll improve it a bit and change the livery slightly because that big Rotoroil logo is bugging me as it makes the game look like an advertisement for a fake company)
  • Toyota Starlet

Definately going to do:

  • Toyota Corolla Levin (not hatchback and not Trueno because that is in every game)
  • mixture of Fiat 131 and some Lada, so basically a box with some smaller boxes and rectangles attached
  • one of those old small and curvy shaped cars like Saab 96, Volvo Amazon etc.
  • some slightly newer hatchback (late eighties, early nineties, so some Civic-esque or Peugeot 205 -like will be in)
  • a boxy German sedan from late eighties with features from BMW, MB and/or Audi

At least one track from each country I’ve planned. Probably two, but it’s a lot of work doing even just the one Finland track that I’m doing now. I have absolutely no idea if I’ll even stay interested in the project for long enough to get to making other tracks. My current life situation is such that I should really get a job or I’ll go crazy. And then who knows if I’ll have time or energy for this. Being crazy takes about as much juice from you than a full time job.


Hmm. If you will continue, I’d suggest also some sort of progression and monetary system to buy cars and upgrade them, you know



Old Mazda mated with Skoda 120 and some bits of Mustang?



Instead of Hörbö, the ad should read Hörhö.

Idk, I thought that would be funny. It wasn’t.


Well… I was looking at pictures of Corollas when I made that. The headlights and rear lights are even cut and pasted from photos of Corollas, only with a little different scaling and some painting on top to change them slightly.


well, actually I’m not that oriented in stuff such like old Corollas - first thing that came to mind for me were 80s Mazdas, like ancient 626 or 929.


Still having to fix bugs in the car controller script that comes with Unity. Reversing with a front or rear wheel drive car caused the car to be much slower once you have reversed once and it will start reversing on its own if you stop. The reason for this was because reversing was always 4 wheel drive, so on a rear wheel drive car there is reverse torque left on the front wheels. I made 2 wheel drive cars use only the driven wheels for reversing. It still didn’t quite make 2 wheel drive cars feel good, but they’re at least a bit better. I still need to experiment with all the physics values to get the feel right.


Gonna have to make two stroke engine noises. Or at least some kind of old farty engine.


Looks like it’s coming together nicely, looks good!


Any more progress updates?