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Dumb questions someone else might answer


This is a thread for asking questions that you might think are dumb but someone else might just have an answer for it, and google isn’t your friend. Go on ask!

I’ll start with my wonder.

Why are some luxury cars like the 7-series that cost who knows how many tens of thousands of euros when new in 2005 now cost like 5000€, is it just because absolutely no-one wants one?

Why does thinner front wheels have better driveability
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General consensus for extreme deprecation in luxury markets is due to high costs of parts, more things to go wrong and the prestige factor of owning a new car has worn off as its now a second hand car.


Exactly that.
Adding to it is the specific car you mentioned; that era of 7-Series had an extremely inadequate cooling system for the V8 and up models. It’s aesthetics were also very questionable, so once it’s use as a status symbol wore off, people dumped them for something better.
I was actually offered the previous generation of 7-series, a 2000 model year with around 55,000 miles (88,500km) for around the same price as you mentioned, and I turned it down. It was in seemingly flawless condition, and it was the model one below the top-line V12; the 740iL. She had a long wheelbase, limited edition brown paint, and the 4.4L V8. Absolutely beautiful car… and supposedly still when BMW produced somewhat reliable vehicles. I just didn’t want that headache, and I didn’t risk it. I ended up picking up an Altima of the same year and mileage for a little over half the price.

I have a question. Why is the Mercedes M275 V12 an odd-firing engine even though it’s a 60 degree?
Aston Martin does the same with it’s 5.9L, but I don’t know the V-angle of it.

Is that done just for the sound? I have no other ideas.


Using this thread to ask this:

Would buying a good condition '99 Rover 75 with 100.000km be a good or a bad idea?


They’re nice looking cars IMO, but it all depends on how it’s been looked after.
The k series engine is not bad if properly looked after.
The biggest issues are around the head and head gasket failures leading to overheating, etc. However after market supplies are much better than original fit

have a read of this buyers guide and see if it’s worth your time, money and effort


Clutch slave cylinder is a problem too, I have a friend who bought one, and after the slave cylinder went he just got rid of the car, because apparently it’s a full on gearbox drop to fix it.

That was an MG ZT though, but pretty sure it’s mechanically identical in that respect.


Do you know if there’s big difference in these issues between the UK and the EU models?


Pretty sure the slave cylinder design would be the same, and pretty sure the head gasket failure happened on a whole bunch of those V6s. Hell, even Kia minivans using a licence built version of that V6 had that issue I’m pretty sure.


Well thanks for the help!

EDIT: It seems the instance im looking at has had a complete maintenance for the engine and the transmission has been fixed and refurbished both pretty recently


Yeah the slave cylinders are made of cheese and they melt and warp, and it’s a bugger to change. Worst on diesels and V6 but can happen on all of them so diesel autos became the 75 to have over here.

What spec/engine is it?

V6 head gaskets in 75s aren’t as bad as the earlier handbuilt KV6 engines used in Rover 800s and the Kia Sedonas/Carnivals for head gasket issues, but they still have their fair share of problems like cracking thermostat housings (often leading to head gasket death) and sticking VIS motors. Also if it needs a timing belt change, run away - they have 3 and costs of getting on for £1000 are not uncommon.

Also if it’s a 99 it should be a nice early Cowley built one with all the little pre-project drive bits.

As maffc says, the 1.8 K series despite it’s reputation can be quite a sweet engine if it’s been well maintained. Me and my best mate rescued a 1.8 75 from a scrapyard which had a magical K series, but that’s a story for another thread. He later had one that had had the new MLS head gasket and revised oil rail which was one of the nicest running and sounding engines I’ve ever heard.

They’re very flawed, but they can be lovely cars.


I have a dumb question, how car like these got enough cooling? I always wondered that, I mean, they don’t seem to have vents or grilles.


There is a small air dam under the lower front bumper that acts as a vacuum essentially sucking the air up through the radiator and then out thru the bonnet on the Pontiac I imagine that the corvette uses a similar system…these would not last in Australia but with out modification to the cooling system… and I know ppl will say that the yanks have Texas etc…no comparison to Aussie sun and heat sorry guys. The closest i have felt to “Aussie” heat was Madagasca but nothing is intense as our sunlight


sorry double post…Dumb question how do you get rid of the engine bay fitment arrows for taking screenshots? Thanks


I take the screenshot in the engine designer (the one where there is no car body attached to the engine).


Because somehow, the massive hole in the ozone layer is biggest and worst right above Australia. But was that merely because we already had so much sun and heat we were abusing air-conditioning agents like a boss?

For a bit of perspective: there’s a reason that Australia’s Indigineous people refer to themselves, in Anglicised parlance, as Blackfellas.


Unintentional racism?


Nah mate. Im 50% islander and 50% european background… I would not take offence with being called a black fella thats our culture…now coon or n#//*r thats different

although i have “associates” that if you guys met would blow ur mind as far as racism im aus goes… and they arnt traditional white fellas


Is it stupid to buy a car almost 2 yrs before you get your license? (I think that I know the answer and it’s yes)


It depends… maybe in a zone with little to no traffic, like a rural area there shouldn’t be a problem. But if you plan to drive in a city you better wait.

Not because you’re going to crash it, but to avoid problems with the law.


Im not sure if they meant buy one and drive it or just pre-buy one