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Engine swaps-what do you like?and where would you put it?


I think my Nissan is narrower by a few inches, height and length aren’t going to be the problem.

That would be something to hear, a v12 in a compact truck.


Seeing as some shit is going down…

…this might not even be that bad of an idea


Hmm, I wonder if Volvo’s SI6 would fit there… Accoring to Wikipedia it’s shorter than the Whiteblock 5-cyl, and that’s the engine in the previous Focus RS :thinking: 6-cyl S60 Polestar didn’t have more power than Focus, but I guess more power could be squeezed from a 3.0 I6 than a 2.5 I5.


I think it’s the newer 3.2 liter that’s shorter. Even more power! :smiling_imp:


Well, yes, 3.2 is the SI6, but it also had a 3.0 version, and the one from the Polestar was a 3.0 :slight_smile:

Edit: new ideas.

Volvo-Yamaha V8 into a Saab 9-5. Because 300+ hp on the front axle is the best idea.

A whole quattro drivetrain with a V8 into a Polonez. Because overtaking fast cars in that junk would be priceless.


I know everyone is obsessed with the Alfa Romeo V6, but the largest and most powerful production version was a 3.2 with 250hp. Go to AutoDelta and you now have a 3.7 or 3.8 with 340hp… roughly the same as a stock VQ37VHR.

Now… let’s pop over to Z1 Motorsports and you’ve got 400 reasonably priced horsepower. That’s before you add cams, and stroke it to 4.3 liters. There’s just so much more potential with this engine from a performance perspective.

The F-Type is awesome… but I’ve yet to see a 700+ horsepower tuned version of the 5.0. Most I’ve seen is around 620-650hp. Until that changes… engine swap is the best way to go.

As for the Rolls-Royce’s 6.75-liter naturally-aspirated V8, yes - the obvious solution would be to swap the newer twin-turbo 6.75-liter V8 from something like a Mulsanne Speed with its 530hp, and 811 ft/lbs of torque. But…by swapping in a supercharged LT5 or Hellcat/Demon engine, I can actually call it a “Blower Bentley”. :smiley:

These are brilliant swaps, I promise. LOL

@SkylineFTW97 Yes… until someone comes out with a more powerful production American engine.


Well, for me anything above 500 hp is “more than ever needed”, so I’d just stick with standard engines there :slight_smile: Though the “blower Bentley” idea has some charm, I must admit :smiley:


LS Motors in Supras, Skylines, RX-7s, and 911s.
Rotaries in Corvettes
RB26s in Mustangs


I want to see a rotary Camero!

Now here is one that idk if it would work, would a Porsche boxter engine fit in an old beetle?


350 is my roche limit on horsepower (for R or AWD. for FWD, 275). for further advancement past there:
Weight reduction
Downforce/Drag reduction


Yup - http://vtwoconcept.com/2-7l-boxster-beetle/


I don’t think you can ever set a hard limit, it really depends on every car and engine being different but for most compacts 350 is pretty good


Anglo-German muscle car:

Bentley V8 into Audi RS5.
6.75 litre OHV with a thousand Nm :smiley:


You get more than 1200 Nm (tuned) from the 5.0 V10 out of the RS6, why use anything else?

Last post.


Because huge OHV V8. Why not? Realistically speaking I don’t consider 99% of the swaps reasonable, then why mine should be such?


Those fowsand Nm are for the stock Bentler Veeaight. Plus I imagine the L410 is actually lighter than the Audi V10, being an all-aluminium OHV.

On topic: Ram 250 with an OM366 LA swap. Because its literally a 6BT (5.9L I6 Turbodiesel made in the 1980s to early 1990s) except more german.