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Engine swaps-what do you like?and where would you put it?


I hope you don’t mind me reviving this thread.

I won’t rest till I see someone swap the previous Focus RS’ 5cyl

into the current AWD Focus! :imp:


The Cadillac ATS-V is another prime candidate for an LS swap: it is clearly a match for European opposition in the corners, but although its twin-turbo V6 already cranks out plenty of power, it’s just not refined enough compared to its rivals’ engines. Replacing that V6 with the supercharged LT4 from the C7 Corvette Z06 would not only add even more straight-line pace (and the chassis can definitely handle the extra grunt), but also provide the classic V8 soundtrack this car desperately needs, complete with supercharger whine.

For that reason, slotting that LT4 (or at least a normally aspirated LT1) into a CT6’s engine bay would also make sense - the absence of a V8 option in that model is especially galling when you consider that the smaller CTS-V is powered by an LT4 as standard. And I don’t think a full-size Caddy without a V8 feels right at all.


Kaiser M-715

Which I would like to see with one of these under the hood.

Caterpillar 3126.


The body is a Volvo 544 1960, the engine is a Transmash from a T55 tank chassie, the frame is homemade.
Front and rear suspension is from a heavy duty Chevy pickup/van.

A fair bit larger than the stock B16 , B18 engine these cars had.:grin:
And no, i’m not the one building it.:cry:


Doesn’t sound right, if the engine is from a T-55 tank, I would think a Lada would be more appropriate.


I wish our transport departments here in Oz would allow us to do swaps like these… Plus switch to a capacity based registration fee as its currently cylinder count based at the moment!

V12 IS200


Idk if any regular performance engine would fit and if not then I’d fit it with an electric motor, into a Ford StreetKa.

Just imagine what it would be like to drive a fast streetka


Well the new fiesta st engine is a little 1.5 3 cylinder turbo good for 200hp, that would probably be pretty sporty in there.


I’m pretty sure the 1.6 in the ST is a turbo I4…?


I think they meant the '18 model since it has a turbo 3 cylinder


Sounds like an awesome little engine. How about fitting it into a Mazda 2?

Like, create your own Mazdaspeed 2 when they don’t make one.


As a minor toyota fanboy I want that supercharged Yaris engine they just unveiled in Geneva a few months ago stuffed into a Scion ia (now toyota Yaris ia) which is how the Mazda 2 sedan is sold here. That would double the horsepower and I’m sure make for a interesting ride.


Excuse the double post.

Here’s a engine swap no one wanted but damn is it cool.


The latest Lincoln Continental is only available with a transversely-mounted V6 engine, so I’d convert it to RWD and install a longitudinally-mounted Coyote V8 from the current Mustang GT in place of the V6 to give it the prestige and performance it really deserves.

Also, a BMW i8 re-engined with a highly tuned, normally-aspirated version of the F10 M5’s V8 would feel more like the supercar it wants to be than it currently is with its limp-wristed turbo triple. Further information can be found here:

While I’m at it, I might go a step further by ditching the electric gubbins to save a load of weight and make it appeal to purists even more. Besides, there has never been a hybrid M-car yet, so the change I suggested might make plenty of sense… Especially to purists who miss the days of normally aspirated M-cars like the E92 M3 and E60 M5.


LS swap the world


Ah right I forgot the new Fiesta came out lol

well then I’d pick either the EcoBoost 3 cyl or the ST engine and drop into a bone stock, unsuspecting Daihatsu Charade because Charade GTti = :heart:


4G63T into Mitsubishi Carisma or 2JZ-GTE into AE86


If it is at all possible, I’d put the engine and transmission from a 458 Speciale in the current Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde, adding almost 100 more horsepower in the process. After all, if an 86/BRZ can be fitted with the 458’s flat-crank V8, why not some other cars?

A saner idea would be to put the 2-liter turbo four from the Giulia Veloce (in its higher state of tune compared to the base model) in the Abarth 124 Spider, and retune the chassis to match.

And to fill the void left by the imminent axing of the current VF Commodore (and by extension, the Chevrolet SS), the CTS VSport should get the normally aspirated, direct-injected LT1 as standard from 2018, replacing the twin-turbo V6 currently offered.


trust me the Quadrifoglio doesn’t need it it is a weapon…abit of bias here I just put down 20000 euro on a new one waiting for it to arrive in Aubagne


Gonna sound strange, I know, but one that I’ve always been curious about is to take a Mazda Miata (MX-5 for those of you who got the cool-sounding version) and drop in the Mazda RX-7’s turbocharged rotary engine.

From what I’ve heard, the MX-5 is a good handling car, held back by a gutless engine. The RX-7, well, other than a crippling lack of torque, has an insane engine…

A crazy engine in a good handling car that keeps the weight down? Or would the Mazda Rotary throw the balance of the MX-5 off too much?