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Felgen's stuff


I got problems. The sunroof packs don’t appear in the game but the workshop says I’m subscribed.


The real-life Sonnett was front-drive with a V4, but that engine configuration isn’t in the game yet. And I expect this new body to support RWD as well. It would be wrong if it didn’t.

Edit: When will this new body be available in the sandbox?


Yay, I love Sonett



Try deleting the folder for the sunroofs in GameData. If that doesn’t work, I’ll send you the files so you can place them in the Camso folder. :slight_smile:


It will be available soon. Of course it supports RWD as well. :slight_smile: The early Saab Sonett IIs (same platform as the Sonett III) used I3 engines. A large I4 will not fit if you use FWD, though.


It’s on steam. :slight_smile:


Something to get excited for when I get home, I appreaciate the effort you guys put into mods :slight_smile:

Edit: The fenders aren’t morphable and slightly glitchy.


Oh, my wish came through.
And the perfect color indiskgul :astonished:


There were some problems: coupe variant has a problem with side stampings, but it’s ok on the rest and targa variant, while both variants had a problem on the bottom punch hole.


You may want to have a look at the rear window. There is an odd crease, probably the vertices not zeroed properly. Otherwise great looking body!


Nice Car.
I see You regained 3DS Max stability :slight_smile:
Maybe You can look again at this?


You meant that the wheel arches can’t be widened yet. Also, there is no space on the nose for a front lip yet. Otherwise a great choice for anyone wanting to build a small, light FR classic sports car.


The issue with the side stampings and the rear window has been fixed. I’ll work on the previous Saab and the VW T3 tomorrow. :slight_smile:


The previous Saab has been fixed as well. The fender linings were too narrow, but now, wider tires will fit. :slight_smile:


Likes don’t do justice. Thanks a lot man, love your work!


Thank you. :slight_smile:


Which late 40s car are you working on?, as I saw your comment on non-Sonett III Workshop page.


It’ll be a Beetle/2CV/92 mashup. :slight_smile:


Oh fuck yes 2cv!!!
One request can you make the body unlockable in 1946 that way i can use the design in campaign


That’s the plan. :slight_smile: