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FIGHT ME (Market Research Gryphon Gear style)


But still better in many ways, like a proper 4X4 system 4 seats and cargo space, plus 20 something mph faster.


Given that the DMA is obviously meant for fast off-road driving instead of paved roads, I have to admire its audacity!

Anyway, entering the CMS-20 for this challenge was a logical choice for me - in addition to providing a replacement for the earlier CMS-16, I wanted to prove that Albury Motors is not all about FR NA V8 muscle cars, which they are best known for. To be honest, I did make a version of the latest Albury V8 to comply with the rules, but decided that I would enter something more… unexpected from them.


Scarab Presents the Ceres SR, a car with the same predicament as the Bellua. Ponycar? Trackcar? Sportscar? Cheap Supercar… Anyways, here goes.


The Accursio Criceto SV8 because what could go wrong with putting a 3.7l V8 in a kei car?

Only for 23,995$


Ok thanks everybody for submitting. I currently have 18 entries sitting in my inbox. I know a couple of users have requested specifically for special consideration due to real life circumstances, and that’s fine. I will be closing general admissions sometime on the 8th of August as promised, most likely when I get home from work etc, which means it’ll be approximately 46 hours from now.

If you have something in the works and don’t think you can make that, let me know before then!


No time for anything fancy so here are my entries.


2017 Maesima MRZ-3 STX-R which usually retails at $28,080 with semi slick +8 tyres although here only $26,850 (+50% markup) or $17,900 (+0%). The STX-R trim is limited to around 2,000 units globally per year.


2017 Sachiuri sL200 Sports Touring 3.2 which retails at $38,100 (+50% markup) or $25,400 (+0%). The Sports Touring 3.2 trim production numbers are around 15,000-20,000 units globally per year.


2017 GBF Exsilio 1800 Turbo which retails at $33,150 (+50% markup) or $22,100 (+0%). The 1800 Turbo trim is a low rate production car as with most from GBF and produced around 300-600 units globally per year.


This is the FRE Feroce S4. It’s pretty much a touring car for the road. You can drive it on the street, just. It’s pretty fast on the track and quite scary on the road. A must for most enthusiasts.


Hmm… Should I submit my ready-to-go lore-friendly car, or my completely undesigned, very lore-unfriendly car that can blow everything out of the water when it comes to stats?


submit your lore car and then also send me your min-maxxing stats whore so I can look at it :joy:


And to finish off all of my builds. A V8 Saxo.


It’s 2017 Conan S47 4000 GTS in Hatchback guise. This compact luxury car was designed to appeal to young badge snobs if you can snobbing a Conan. Usually people buy these with diseasel engine or a ConanTech Earthline 1.5 3 Cylinder engine. This obviously doesn’t come with either of that.

Under da hood is a 4.0-litre Essex V8. With ConanTech variable valve timing and lift. It’s propels this little hatchback to 60mph in 4.3 seconds and onto the top speed exceeding of 180mph. And because it is based on a hatchback, it’s actually a high quality daily-able automobile with reasonable fuel economy and comfort.

The exhaust also sound extremely meaty for a road car. And unicorn stuff happens at 4,000rpm.


I… may have something that fits Dynamite lore, even though they’ve never made it to an official company thread. Somewhat a challenge of the off-roading supercar, and I’m curious if I should send it in…


Harris Cars Ltd. has unleashed a new beast from its refurbished and expanded Northamptonshire, England factory. The Nimrod 5.0 Coupe, powered by a 5.0L normally aspirated V8, is clearly aimed directly at the dwindling affordable RWD performance car market, especially since few manufacturers also offer an atmo V8 like we do at this price point. Speaking of which, it retails for just $32500 with a 30% markup included, which puts it well within reach of the budgets of mere mortals. And for this price, you’ll get a car that can reach 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds and go on to a top speed of 316 km/h on a long enough road.

A six-speed manual gearbox is standard, as is a mechanical LSD and a set of adjustable dampers, ensuring that driver involvement and enjoyment are consistently top-notch when you feel like, well, driving. And yet, with four seats, a decent-sized boot, a premium interior and infotainment system with all the latest safety gear as standard, you could drive this car every day - in fact, there are very few reasons not to do so. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, pull your finger out and test drive the Nimrod 5.0 Coupe today!


And my second (and final) entry into this will not be a Sinistra. Why? I’ve not built anything to their lore on this forum yet. But I’ve built several CSR cars with Dynamite Motors, and they’re all Lore Friendly. As is this monster.

This is the 2017 Dynamite GX4-R.

If left on the Chunky Offroad tires, each of these 1500 cars are able to do what they were designed for, which is Rally racing. Mostly open-class stuff, as these are far too powerful for most modern rally racing.

The GX4-R was built to handle taking a beating. All steel body construction, solid axle with coil springs, air-to-air intercooler, all stuff that won’t break easy.

And if fitted with sports compound tires…

Offroad suffers, but it’s still bloody quick.

Oh, and it’ll only cost you $34,440 (at 0% $24,600) to get one. Though they’re bound to be rare.


holy mother of engines :joy:


It’s only a 7 liter V8.


yeah Bellua is using a 9L V8, destroked to 8.3 for the SR8e, and still makes less power because it’s on maximum economy tune :joy:


Am I the only one who turned up with a 2 liter 4 banger?


1.1L 4 banger. Fite me.


I might have a 700+ HP sedan, ill see if it fits the rules today, it willb a nice break from my wreckfest mod stuff

Ok, now since I got a chance to look at my current stuff in Automation… I may have lied a little. The car I was thinking of was deleted at some point (probably because I did not find it satisfactory for the brand it was to be built under)

So now I am taking a good look at something that still exists, that @strop may be somewhat familiar with.
(Hint: A CSR car that I hadn’t fully figured out when I submitted it for that round.)

After that particular round I did have time to fully flesh out the lineup with the car. Now just to see which trim best fits this challenge (and maybe tweak it a little)


Posting in this peen-waving thread to make a comment on ‘lore’.

Cartman having tea with his dollies. That’s your lore.

It’s great to see players invested in the outcome, but let’s be reasonable here. About 90% of the content to this game exists on this forum in the form of challenges and contest things, and so trying to establish an exclusionary Cool Kids Clubhouse for something that has about a thousand regular users and a hundred regular posters isn’t really accomplishing much. Having a non-receptive community is just death for a project this small-scale.
Automation the Uncooperative Menu Settings needs some sort of payoff added to it. The numbers part isn’t that hard. There are transparent statistical exploits, they’ve been thoroughly uncovered. The career bean-counting part is frankly just awful. At the same time, proposing that there’s a slider named Ralph, and this slider is for Stacy, is not the direction to take it. It might be tough for serious car enthusiasts to stay sober about a game really targeted right for them, but that’s true about actual cars in the actual non-Gasmean world too. A little external perspective goes a long way.

Now, back to the actual car thing.

This isn’t really a fire-breathing ultra car. It isn’t aimed to be.

It’s as easy to drive as a plain family hatchback. It is in budget with a 40-45 percent markup. Slightly over-weight (and production units) for a premium interior and dashotainment. It comes in colors other than Ow My Eyes for when you visit the Great Broads, though they all have those martian-ears mirrors. To give this challenge a little more meat there were some other hurdles put up.
Comfort and safety of 50. Check.
Economy under 10L/100Km, lower emissions too. Check.
Standard supercar deal, 200+ miles an hour, sub 8 minute Ring time. Check.
Do all this with 50% less power than the target car. Check.

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