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[Finished] CSR 94 - I bless the blizzards down in Antarctica


You, actually.


Woo, 6th! I had already seen it from an iceberg’s distance away that the suspension is going to be the Achilles’ heel for the Carstensz. (Antarctic Lean gang where we at)

But anyway, thank you ElMenduko for hosting this round, it was a journey to read the reviews and I enjoy every single line of it! Congratulations to the winner, the Argentinian government is surely going to love their new truck.

And, since I noticed that there are several members in the challenge here who struggle with tuning, I’m putting my entry up for anyone to download, with hopes that it can be used as a reference point (even if it’s clearly not the best).

click me

CSR 94 - goblin95 - Garuda Carstensz Arctic v2.car (88.3 KB)


Damn, the suspension and reliability killed me, good job to everyone who participated, and congrats to the winner.

Excellent job with this CSR ElMenduko, there was obviously a lot of pressure on you to make it good and I think you have definitely met expectations.


As im the next one in line I will host it then i’ll try to get it up tomorrow


can’t wait for it, hope to do it better this time


Look, this one was 2019, yes. But wasn’t it different enough from all the last ones in everything else that it barely counts? Completely different type of vehicles, not “schporty car for young male” or “family car for family”. I don’t remember something like this popping up recently, I thought it was different enough for a change even if the year wasn’t different.

That aside, glad that people liked it but…

I hope to see another CSR from you in the future!

I hope not, at least not in the near future. Not like I’ll have the time anyways… maybe not even for entering CSR regularly.

One thing that I know for sure, if it does happen again, instabins for not reading the rules and requirements are instabins without even mentioning. My experience with this one showed that it is rarely worth it: it either results in another car that still doesn’t meet the requirements, results in nothing being fixed even with lots of time left, or they fix it but it was still an uninspired car made with the same lazyness someone who doesn’t read the rules has. Plust they tend to complain or be smug despite being literally tied for last place.

I recommend others start doing the same, honestly.

And just in case LS-Vehicles changes his/her mind and says they can’t host and the next ones in line can’t either the ranking continues like this:


Well, sorry for the double post but this one is about something completely different. I don’t have a scanner, I hope these are enough:

I think these could at least be helpful for people who can’t be assed to read the general CSR rules that are linked in every CSR thread to at least know what the hell the challenge is and some basic rules, but they’d need to be made canon by The Law.

OP delivered!

CSR 103 - Oh the Places You'll Go
Ugly cars forum



Someone give this man a medal!


XD Nice job.
This is literally the best post in CSR history.


“Step 10) ID1075 will be killed by the CSR”

A bit harsh?


(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)






Nah, just crushed. Cartoon physics, cartoon biology.


Glad I sat this one out, actually. Not only will I probably have gotten binned pretty hard, it’s also real fun to watch the drama from a distance! :joy:

In other news: who dares take up the heavy mantle of host this time? Can’t wait to see what’s next!


Someone pin this fucking thread holy shit <3


Hahaha wtf this is so cool


You did use crayons huh? Well, good for you!


It is up