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Fit for a Funeral


It is 2016 and Dremmer and Sons a family run funeral business are looking for a new vehicle to add to their fleet. They currently are using a converted sedan but would like something that has been propose built. Being a solemn day it is key that people in the vehicle are comfortable, as well as uninterrupted by noise.

For the owners of Dremmer and Sons they are looking for a car that is reliable, safe, practical and stylish. It goes without saying that the car will need a good load capacity given the purpose that it will be used for.

To make sure the vehicle is suitable there have been a number of requirements that have been laid out:

  • Minimum body length of 5 metres
  • A minimum safety of 50
  • The vehicle must able able to seat 5
  • Maximum engineering time on the engine of 36 months
  • Maximum engineering time on the trim of 36 months
  • Minimum top speed of 85mph to make sure that it can reach highway speeds
  • It must do 0-100kph in under 15 seconds
  • Must cost less than $30,000 (0% markup)
  • Minimum load capacity of 200kg
  • Must be body type: wagon, SUV, MPV
  • Variant and Trim year must be 2016 or earlier
  • 91 RON fuel only

The decision on which vehicle to go with will be made on the following criteria, if it is not stated then it is classed as not important for the purchase of the vehicle.

  • Comfort
  • Style
  • Drivability
  • Reliability - for whole car
  • Engine Quietness
  • Load capacity
  • Fuel economy
  • Cost
  • Practicality

Please submit either in your post or via PM, please format the name of the vehicle in the following way:

FFAF - [Car Name]

The deadline is Friday 26th October 9pm UK time which can be found at this countdown

If you submit early and it does not comply I will try my best to inform you of your mistakes so you can fix.

If you spot any errors or issues please let me know, good luck :slight_smile:


Interesting Idea. I’ll see what I can get together. :slight_smile:

Two quick questions. I see no mention of fuel octane, but I can assume it’s either 91 or 95

And, for discrepancy’s sake, will the vehicles be judged via a scoring system with the points, or simply at the preference of the buyers?


I’ll update the octane bit it will be 91 RON

It will be a points based system but not by in-game stats, I have a method that does a weighted score based on best and worse :slight_smile:







Is the vehicle being used for chauffeuring around the funeral home staff/family of the deceased or for actual caskets?

The clarification would be appreciated.


I was going to ask the same thing - if large limo/sportback would be acceptable. But I have a feeling that:

They currently are using a converted sedan but would like something that has been propose built.

Quick question: does it have to seat 5 or AT LEAST 5? Like are detachable 3rd row seats an advantage or will it not matter?


pushrod carbed turbo v16 carbon fiber mega funeral car is being made now


What were planning on doing? :thinking:


@Flamers just a little teaser, and it works surprisingly well after like 2 hours of tuning


@DeadlockRiff It would be for the casket as well as some of the family. In the UK the first vehicle would carry both :slight_smile:

@GROOV3ST3R It must seat 5, how that’s done doesn’t matter, seating more wouldn’t have an advantage though


Ah ok, so it really needs to be a 2-3 setup, not 2-2-2 or something else.

In the US the Hearse (leading) only carries the Casket. Familys are general chauffeured via Limo.


If you can make a 2-2-2 work then that’s fine you’re just not going to have an advantage over 2-3 :slight_smile:


The UK, eh. Suppose that means nope for this spooky boi http://discourse.automationgame.com/uploads/default/optimized/4X/0/b/b/0bbb2330b53a716a6727a9e4d44fe8dd49663e86_1_690x388.jpg


The car isn’t necessarily for the UK but the requirements are :slight_smile:


@Flamers will you be driving these in beam on stream at the end of this just for fun?


Probably, who doesn’t want to try and race a hearse?


Aight, I’ll make one version that tries to be good in this challenge then I’ll make a crazy bonkers one for fun and send it to you.


@Flamers I’m having trouble finding out just how much my car can load. I don’t know how to interpret the aggregate stats for practicality and utility with respect to loading capacity - either that or I’m missing the obvious number somewhere. :S How can I check that? Tyre load rating?