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Forest Co. delivery car


Forest Co. delivery car

Fruinia, May 2015

Hello everyone, I’m Jett Basics and i’m the founder, owner and CEO of Forest Co., world leader in online shopping.
We are starting a new service in november this year, in Fruinia’s major cities, called Forest Premium “Subito”, a super express delivery service running from 6AM to 12PM to deliver goods at the home of our clients in less than one hour.
To offer this we need a fleet of veichle.
What we need:

We need a small car, under 4.60 meters long, to be nimble in city traffic; speaking of witch, it must be whippy (under 12 seconds from 0-100km/h).
It needs to carry some goods, not so much, i think 1500 liters of cargo space will be enough.
It needs to be confortable, workers will use it for 8 hours a day (at least 30 comfort) and tame (>40), crashes are a big money loss.
We need the cars before november, you need to engeneer that fast (Max engineering time car+engine 150).
It must be regular to be sold in Fruinia, so at least 40 safety and a Catalitic Converter.
I’ll evaluate the costs of buying and running your car estimating 360km (225 miles) per day.

Best Regards, Jett Basics

P.S. I appreciate extravagant designs, my compant need to be instantly recognizable.

Just for easiness; here the rules

  • Year: 2015 or before
  • Lenght < 4.6 m (15’ 1’’)
  • Comfort > 30
  • Drivability > 40
  • Safety > 40
  • Cargo Space > 1500 L
  • 0-100km/h (0-60 mph) time < 12 s
  • Engine+Car enineering time < 150
  • Cat converter needed
  • Prohibited bodies (clic on the name to see an immage of it): 60s sport car (or what it’s called); all Barth bodies.
    -Only steam workshop mods.

It can be a Pick-Up but you’ll need to add 1000$ to the final price (markup included) to provide a box for the back.

How cars will be evaluated

Based on yearly costs

Y.C.= ( Price / ExpectedLife ) + YearlyFuelCost + InsuranceCost + ( ServiceCost * 3 ) + Taxes

Price = Market price at 30% markup
Expected Life = 2.5 ^ ( ( Reliability / 75 ) ^ 3 ) How many year your car is expected to work (notice: in one year it will make over 130.000 km (80.000 miles)
Yearly Fuel Cost = Economy (l/100km) * Fuel Cost * 13.000
Insurance, Service and Taxes are the values found in Detail Stats / Running costs (make sure to select Fruinia), Service costs are tripled because these cars will be used a lot.

I know, it’s a lot of numbers, but don’t be afraid. Here the spreadsheet i will use to evaluates your cars, you can use it to check yours. It’s self explanatory. I also added an Unit Converter.

I raccomend to download it (it’s a bit slow online), but if you want you can use it online (on Google documents, you need to copy it on your Google Drive to modify it).


The challenge is still valid, if you want to beat @Leedar, try and post your result here on the thread.

Series of guides to increase your Automation skills
First car for my son

What defines a “low” comfort level?


I don’t know right now, i’m building some test car. To have an idea: standard interior and basic entertainment

EDIT 18.03 GMT+1 I updated some numbers. Pleas guys let me know what you think


It is a fleet vehicle. Some bosses would argue they don’t need comfort, meaning basic interior and no radio.

Particularly, I would think that in 2017 a radio is pretty much mandatory, even for the convenience of having Bluetooth, but standard interior isn’t really required.

Overall I think the rules are solid enough.


Agreed, to me, my idea of a fleet vehicle really is basic, and to be honest, my car was primarily sold as a fleet sales car, so I can agree on the basic radio and basic interior thing, heck even work trucks these days give a good idea as to what “basic” is in 2017


I’d like to point out only one thing - AFAIK there isn’t any emission level requirement in the game - only the Fruinian taxes depend on it, but I haven’t seen any limit that would make a car unsellable.


I think the rules are fine, though I do maintain that 40 comfort isn’t low, but then again I’m a relative newbie to this game so I’m not sure what some of these numbers actually mean in real world conditions.


I’ll second what Leo said about comfort. Back in the day I when I worked in a tech shop, I’d occasionally have to go to customer sites to set up computers or repair large printers. What we had at our disposal: an E250 V8. 2 seats, metal partition, bare bones interior. VINYL (not even cloth) seats. AM/FM radio. Air conditioning. That was it.

And honestly that’s all you needed.

But to play devil’s advocate for OP… We didn’t drive those all day long like a delivery driver would, so perhaps the comfort level was less irritating to us due to the limited amount of time we spent inside it.


Unique bodies are appreciated… o really… I may have some ideas


I thinked about a min level of comfort because these cars will not be to short trip but they’ll be used for a full work turn (8 hours) and extremely low comfort cars can cause anger in the emloyees. Maybe 40 is too much. What do you guys think about 35? or even 30? I’ve made 5 test cars with standard interior and basic entertainment and they are all above 35 (up to 45).

I choose 4.10m (13.45 ft) because in first instance i thinked about 4 but then i found some intresting bodies (expecially in the early years) that can not be shrinked more than 4.07m, so, i’ve raised the limit to include them; if you find some other bodies over that i can think about raise the limit again (up to 4.2m or 4.3m).

Emission requirements, fruinias lowest emission bracket is 175, in my experience, for a modern car, specially on economy oriented, is very high. I never went beyond 80, even with a 2 way cat. I don’t think it’s a problem, i can just say: at least one catalitic converter.


You can only have one anyway.

And what did you get with basic interiors?
Standard is the level of something like a Ford Fiesta, a little bit worse than a Focus.
I’ve never been in a van that didn’t have awful plastics, really basic seats and lots of exposed metal, something more accurately simulated in the game by a basic interior.


I know, it’s a bad translation from italian “Almeno uno”

Two exaples: Fiat Ducato and Ford Transit

Standard interior: this package is a standard, budget-car interior. seats are manually adjustable and are covered in cloth with average amounts of padding. the floor is covered with hard- wearing carpet, doors are covered with sculpted door cards covered in cloth and plastic trim. the dashboard is smoothly sculpted and covered with average- quality, glossy plastic or vinyl with a glovebox and some small storage spaces. most interior surfaces are covered in plastic or cloth. door and window handles are manually operated, although post- 2 0 0 0 era cars may use simple electric windows on the front. a plastic centre console provides extra storage space. jute and bitumen insulation is used on the floorpan and doors to help reduce cabin noise. a cabin light and keyhole light are provided. this interior is best suited to lower- spec models where budget is a concern, or commercial vehicles where luxury is not as important.

I don’t know how to classify the two above, the ducato looks more a standar interior, for the Ford one i realy don’t know

Changing the interior to basic dropped (in the worst case) comfort from 35 to 30.7.


Here’s your basic interior/infotainment, in the 2016 Ford F-150 XL

Hard cloth (or vinyl) seats, manual locks, manual windows, rubber floor, hard plastics, manual mirrors, single dome light, 2 speaker AM/FM radio with aux (no CD or USB, no Bluetooth either). I’m sure work vans can be had with similar equipment levels for company fleets.


I believe that is literally what the E-series cutaway is like, although there are a numerous number of packages to bring it up, However Chevy express, wasn’t that thing last updated in like 2007 or something?

I believe the only major difference to this it has gotten recently is a basic touchscreen radio, anything fancier (including bluetooth) is an optional package

Correction: this is indeed the latest, 2017 model, right off of the GM fleet site, doesn’t have the touchscreen radio (it may be an option though, i forgot)


There’s a big difference between the passenger versions and the work versions of those cars. The photos you sent are from the top spec trims with all the bells and whistles, the work versions look more like this.


Meanwhile, the family version gets whiffs of lifestyle and comfort.

The base work Kangoo has no radio, no wheel caps, no sliding side door, no electric windows, no nothing. Sure, you can add those equipment as you move up the ladder, but my point is, I don’t think we should have such a high mandatory minimum. I would ask for a basic radio and that would be it, especially given how saying 30 comfort could well end up meaning someone would go for more modern suspension and get away with a worse interior, while someone who would want to use a proper live axle, would need to spend a lot of money inside.


Isn’t there a line somewhere in the lua files that tells you the actual dimensions of the vehicle? I started with a 4.58m van and squished it as much as I could and would like to know if it is now within the bounds of the challenge. I see BodyBoxes in the model lua, but not sure if this is the correct file to read and how to decipher “top”, “bottom”, and the sizes listed in each.


Much more easly

For the comfort argument, i think 30 is the correct value, to avoid -15 tech exageration but permit basic interiors.

I’m going to write the final rules this evening.


cool, didn’t realize it was shown in the gui now.
Also, I was having a hard time hitting 40 comfort with anything less than premium interior, so I think 30 is better.


I’ve made a spreadsheet to calculate your result, it’s self explanatory. I also added an Unit Converter. (you can find it in the first post)
And finalized the rules.

EDIT I checked further for bodies, and there is no one newer than 1985 under 4.10m with that much cargo space, i’ve increased the lenght to 4.6m and added the ability to create a Pick-Up but adding 1000$ to simulate the purchase of a coverage for the back.


Its weird how the older van bodies give a fairly substantial increase to MPG, not sure if its aero or weight causing such a big difference. I assume its weight.
Good to hear the length has been increased as I think there are only 3 vanilla options under 4.1m with more than 1.5L of cargo space. Now I have more bodies to check out.