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Forest Co. delivery car


Wow, really surprised at the insane fuel efficiency Leedar achieved! Also interesting that everyone but me went with 91 RON, in my testing the cost increase for 95 was immediately outweighed by the fuel efficiency increase it allowed through compression, at least in my engines. At least I got 3rd!


I’m at work, so I can’t send it right now. I also know for sure it will not win against Leedar. :slight_smile:


What would you expect from a 1.1 litre 4 cylinder engine with 2 overdrive gears?


That it was crap a brick trying to go uphill with a driver and 150 pounds of cargo? Lol


Don’t look at me, only playing to the competition rules. :wink: (I even asked for a utility requirement, which incorporates power-to-weight scoring.) I don’t contest that I made a shitbox, probably worse than everyone else, but it’s a very reliable and cheap to run shitbox, which is what the client called for.

Improvements could be: different wheels/tyres, smaller brakes and SLS front drum, a little bit more morphing, no sway bars, and possibly a turbo and fiddling with the gears could achieve sufficient economy gains to outweigh reliability loss. I didn’t do any of that because I can’t help making some concessions to reality. :smile:



@Leedar… Not disputing your victory, your approach on this challenge was no doubt amusing and congrats on the win… that vehicle would be an utter shitbox at what it was made more, but a working shitbox none the less :wink: lol


I had the fastest 0-100kmh time, so I feel like I won :smile:


I thought @F17Francesco was going to post some reviews? He died, or just bailed on that?