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Forest Co. delivery car


How can @TheBobWiley know he’s winning? But, as i just said, if you can improvve, send me another car.


Because you haven’t told him he is losing yet.


I think one85db was referring to the fact that you said your car was winning still, but since you will not participate in the end it’s still up in the air for everyone.


Is it humanly possible to be more arrogant than that?


Yes? I put the tongue out emojii specifically to show I was being humorous about the fact that the car I submitted is probably the best submitted thus far. I fully expect to not win the competition as I rarely ever get first place for things.


He could have left out the “I imagine” part and sounded much more arrogant. :stuck_out_tongue:


2015 DMV Nimbus GTC

Our premier offering to urban fleet buyers.
The Nimbus GTC is the ultimate in delivery vehicles. With 3200L of cargo space, it will haul anything you need, without having to settle for the difficulty parking a full-size van. No doubt many of you will say that the chassis is an older one, however, the Nimbus gets a refreshed AHS steel monocoque chassis that is both strong and light. Coupled with our segment first aluminum panels, the Nimbus is both safe and spritely, with a 0-100 kph time of 9.2 seconds. Our 1.6L I4 and 5 speed manual offer the same hauling prowess as our competitors, while boasting an average of 41.6 MPG UK. We also gurantee ease of service and an accomadating atmosphere so as to ensure a long and comfortable service life.
All for a starting price of $14,650.


Sadly, not a lot of action on this challenge with only 2 days left :frowning:


2015 Boyd Transporter

Exceptional economy and reliability to keep your bottom line healthy. (Pictured in Olive Drab)

RRP $13650


Dear Sir,

Are you looking for a small practical, economical, robust car? Please take a look at our model B2C.

We believe you need a comfortable car for such intense use. So, we offer you our model, equipped with an economical yet powerful engine for city use. Our car is equipped with comfortable interiors, and a practical bluetooth connection so that your drivers keep their hands on the wheel, while they take calls from their boss or clients. We believe that in a long term, the fitted option, will pay off. Also ESP and Traction control as standard, and the trim Business provides you some nice exterior details, such as fog lights and chrome applications, to give it a more appealing design.

If you wish to know more about our model B2C, please come visit us.

Meanwhile, here’s our lame brochure.

Best regards

Your local seller from,
Fuentes motors
comercial vehicles


Last day.

I’ve recived cars from:

Anyone also intrested in partecipating?


I have a car i will send in about 2 of 3 hours if you don’t mind


Same ive got a car coming


Don’t mind the holes, the the car is being buggy…

General Industries Van. Usable, affordable, Comfortable and spacious. All you would ever need for only $15,340


I need to posticipate a bit the deadline, my fiber internet connection is down, i’m online with my smartphone now. The company said they fix it within 72 hours (starting today). I need the internet connection to download the last cars you have sent me.
I will update you as soon as possible.


My connection is back. Last few hours to submit, tomorrow morning i will post the results.


Ok, it’s a triple post, but for a good cause:


Congratulation to @Leedar, that has crushed the competition.
For the “human” submissions category, congratulation to @8bs (2nd place) and @TheBobWiley (3rd) who managed to get on the podium.
Thanks to everyone else for participating
4. @one85db
5. @HighOctaneLove
6. @SkylineFTW97
7. @doncornaldie
8. @Dorifto_Dorito (disqualified for too high engineering time)

Stay tuned tomorrow to know what Jett Basics thinks of your cars! (and maybe some other awards).
If you want to try to beat the current highscore, just post your result down here.


… Wow, apparently I went full retard and forgot to send my file.

Hey @F17Francesco… could you warn me (or anyone else) next time they post an ad for an entry but don’t send you a file? (It’s a common occurrence, it happened 3 times in Roulette Runner alone).


Fuel costs hit me hard here…damn


Send it now, i will add it to the reviews.
I think i can do an exeption to the deadline.