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Hard Rooster's Vanilla Fixtures Thread


It’s an Acura CDX, so…yes.


Peter Parker Automotive


Couple of packs of grills (with a few vents) wrapped up today.


God, now I wish I waited for this before I made my luxury cars.


Those grilles are great, but I absolutely love those vents!


Damn. The 2019 official car design competition featuring Doug DeMuro as a guest judge is gonna be

(((What do you mean “not gonna happen”?)))


Since you’ve made the fake superchargers…
Could you please make a fake air filter sticking out like the one on wankel rotary cars?


Moar stuffs today.

Edit: And a third…




21 more grills incoming:

Edit: Plus 18 more…



These are just really good. Excited to see them go vanilla soon™.


Here’s the lip idea I was talking about. It’s not modern so this might be down the road, but all of the lips in game right now work great against a mostly vertical surface, but when put onto wedge shaped cars like the Pantera of the C4 Corvette, they either flatten out or have to go very far back.

Like this

We could use a lip that attaches at an angle kinda like on this Mustang for spots like this^ . It could bring some more versatility to lips and also maybe double as a rear spoiler.


I apologize for the pic I grabbed, but this could work for a 1940s or 1950s car.


Taillights like these on the new Accord would look good on newer cars. Also, maybe different types of exhausts?


Maybe something like the lower vents and grill on the QX50?


those glass things that cover logos on some new nissans

also those rims woah would fit a lot of cool cars


Rims are a whole different beast. I’m sure hardrooster could figure it out but I think fixtures are the focus here.


Wheels. Maybe I’ll figure them out someday, but for now there is a long list of needed fixtures to do first.

Like these!


I spot the infamous Lexus grille.


You can do the glass thing. Glass is an option in the grill materials.

Here I’ve put a grill behind the logo and selected a chromed border and a glass “grill” material.