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His Highness Demands Round #3 (1962-1968) (Submissions CLOSED)


so not actually homologation then? because that’s the exact opposite


Look at touring cars for definitions of homologation, it’s not “the same as the production car” the main importance is sharing major engine components, body, chassis. Not cam tuning and slight over-bore.
I’m not expecting a A110 Alpine that was an unsellable fiberglass coffin when it came out.
If you’d like it to be more restrictive I can do that too, but this is the 60’s :confused:


For clarity; are these the full competition-spec rally cars, or are they the homologation trims a la R33 GT-R LM?


Just wondering, when the next update hits how do you plan on calculating price the price estimate in sandbox is gone in that version.

I’m not expecting a A110 Alpine that was an unsellable fiberglass coffin when it came out.

…At least mine is under an unsellable fiberglass piece of garbage rather than unsellable coffin… but I think I could tune it up to be a mediocre city car at the cost of power if that would benefit me. if there’s to be any driving in beam it will honestly need that tune up because the rear wheels are so fragile.


Here is something from the Petrov racing team: Petrov S-2350 Persktok rally:

Featuring a tuned 1.2 Liter engine and a high-power carburetor.

And here is the regular everyday street-version of the car:


by not updating my game until the challenge is done?


And what of the future rounds?


You can see the price in the sandbox car select menu anyhow. Update doesn’t change a thing besides removing it from the market tab.


ZZT may have to make a triumphant return after forgetting to put a towbar on their last vehicle and flunking the last comp lmao


welp… kinda literally made that… i was thinking along the lines of lancia stratos


“Ahhhhh comrade. I was hoping seeing you back for more! Looks like ya did quite enjoy our last vehicle for you. Well even a king does make mistakes! HAHA! But here i have nice car for you! For only 1118 DKtz we can give you best Rally version of Number one car of Motherland. You can make whole of Russia proud with this! We upraded Engine, gearbox and Suspension all of this Rushba! Car now even those 90hp. Might be even able to run from KGB now hahaha! But listin comrade. Dont tell them i said that to you or othewise i throw you in russian forest naked.”


ZENITH IMP Super Semyonovia Rallye

Speed and power has never been easier to use than now - the capable front-drive Imp SS is on its way to the rally stage, and now the citizens of every little country can take part - we’re resuming the Export program to offer not only the base models, but the SS/R Imp with a hundred horsepower and special off-road modifications. It’s your life - and you’ll have a blast. We’re making sure of it. The new 1968 Imp.




Back from The Junkyard of many things comes a modified vehicle that will be as memorable as the original…
The-- (paper rustling) How do you expect me to say this sir? Its name is a meter long!
The (Insert long car name here)
Its a measly 521.95 Daktoz
It should be able to climb the track with ease
runs on 91RON
Looks better than ever! -No one

Endgon Persktokt Special - Firkolakant Rallykosh HHD3.car (20.7 KB)
no refunds due to financial Crisis




It looks… capable? Just not of going around corners but other than that you know? I’m also interested in how you got the price so low.


Art. Pure art.


download the car file to find my totally non tool related secrets



no other word in the english language describes it any better


Back in 1959, the CMT Familia II was technically state of the art as a small, but sporty sedan, mostly ordered with I6 engines. Now presenting the 1967 CMT Familia II CS - the lower budget car for those that do not dare to go for the CMT City subcompact and prefer a larger car, but fear price and running cost of the larger Astrona models. Four seats, low trim, conservative design, midsize dimensions.

And this is the 1968 CMT Familia CS-SR, SR means Semyonovia Rallye.

Proven mass-produced engine with many internal optimizations by the CMT sport division, squeezing around 115 to 120 horsepower out of the 1950ccm displacement, bad-road-tuned suspension, four-speed manual, 14-inch rims.

Reliable, a hint of comfort and acceptable practicality - the people in a communist country need to use their car as a daily.


well this is quite a competition