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His Highness Demands Round #4 (1968-1974)


I’d say 4 seats would be good for carrying the politician and his aide, or possibly a diplomat. These aren’t the type of car to have a rear bench seat.


So would having 5 seats be a good thing? Or is there no benefit to it? Also, I’m sorry for this but King Gevketovt’s chauffeur would be driving a manual in my car because otherwise he and the King would have to tolerate unbearable wheelspin


Let me put it this way:

Putting in a bench seat harms basically every significant stat and raises PU a fair bit.


Exactly, and it’s not required so don’t bother doing it. There’s no big bonus for you if you do add 5 seats because these cars are meant to transport 1-2 people in extreme comfort and prestige. For larger parties, a larger car could certainly be used, or a stretched version with a double seating design. Don’t worry about making it carry lots of people, just make it prestigious, expensive looking and comfortable with a side of speed and possibly a pinch of handling.


To be clear, is unleaded preferred?


Yes, unleaded is preferred but leaded isn’t an instabin.


Alright then. I’ve got a land yacht with pretty standard presidential performance on unleaded, but that extra 6 RON is always tempting.


March 25th, 1970
King Gevketovt II receives a special letter from Deutschland, wrapped in a black leather envelope.

Unto His Highness, the King of Semyonovia,
I, Zackary Arlen Kenway of Starloch [fictional country] and currently the Lead Engineer of German Automaker Gerade, am sending you my utmost respect and greetings.

I have received news that you, the great people’s King Gevketovt II, are looking for a limousine for political purposes only. With utter joy, I would like to inform you, that we’ve been working on a special vehicle since then. Our CEO, Louis Heinz, is a follower and admirer of you and your political methods. Thus, the vehicle in question, is being built with care and sophistication. I would prefer not to write much and tell you everything we’re planning right away. However, since it is going to be a gift from us to you and your diplomats and aides, we will tease you a bit with what we’ve done so far with the car. Hope you’ll enjoy the views.

I may notify you about the last photograph that you will witness. You’ve been the people’s King for ages, everything you’ve done is for the people and have sacrificed your own needs to bring your country to glory. It’s about time you’ve had something by your own name.

Best wishes and regards from Gerade.

Yours Faithfully,
Zackary Arlen Kenway

Included photographs:


I’m still testing the car out in beam and trying to improve certain things like power curve, wheelspin, gearing and handling etc. @CC9020 I hope you have a steering wheel/pedals or gamepad, because with 100% acceleration (aka keyboard acceleration) this thing kicks in like balls over 3,000 RPM. It weighs 2 tons and I’ve reduced the output from 465 to 360 something and still it wants to unleash itself at full force.



Something something car.

I already forgot the name but it went something like Honghu L138949751369174Squarerootofe^3


Avtonovia SR1


May I ask, where you got the red badge from? I can’t seem to do it because all my trims are black.
btw that’s a nice Hongqi contender


just asking, did you put it as '74 so we didnt all use the limo body?

Edit: and also no engine M cost?


I put it as ‘74 because the round I’m hosting gives me the choices of ‘68-‘74. No engine material cost restriction because ET and PU cover the engine well enough.


oh ok, just was a (slightly annoying) coincedence heh.


I have a small question, would you be testing these cars individually in BeamNG or would you just base your decisions on the stats?


I still can’t get why you assumed that @CC9020 was going to be testing the cars in Beam. There’s not a single mention of that in the OP, just saying.


I assumed it because many of the hosts tend to test the cars on beam. But you’re right he obviously would’ve mentioned it. I should lay off of overthinking shit out sometimes. My bad bro.


I’ll give them a quick drive in Beam and write my impressions here, but judging will be based on stats in Automation. I’ve got a gamepad and I quite like thrashing big, powerful boats around.


So it won’t affect each car’s score, right?


Alright, thanks! Have fun thrashing mine around because I just made a Gavril T head to head with it and even the radiator didn’t leak, only visible damage was the minuscule dents on the front fender lol