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His Highness Demands Round #4 (1968-1974)


I think it might be best to let it die. This is the second consecutive round to stall out. Also, there are a lot of individuals, for whom, this is the busy part of their schedule.


Yeah, unfortunately. I wasn’t expecting to host round 3 and if I hosted this, the same thing would probably happen for round 5. There’s always a chance @CC9020 will finish this, since I hnow how much he likes these challenges, but in the meantime it should probably die. I’m wanting to move on and do a very different kind of challenge, maybe once ‘Once More’ finishes up.

Sorry guys, but thank you for your participation in these last few challenges!



AAAAAaaanny minute now…


I now finished a challenge that was dead for months. Before getting back on the popular ATC, I am now free to help here.
@CC9020 you can pass me all cars EXCEPT MINE for judging. I feel like I made a very strong entry and I do not want to be subjective. Evaluating my car is something I want to leave up to you.


Went on holiday
comes back
Checks HHD 4
Sees it is STILL not done yet
(starts losing hope)


It’s gone but not forgotten


If you all still have your car files, you can send me them.
I will leave out my car in this case.
But as the game stats may have changed with some updates since then, you might build something new or update your old design. The rules remain the same.
Please give me about a month to evaluate everything. I am not the fastest in judging. @Crash77 is this OK for you? Then we can find a new deadline.


@CMT Yes, definitely!


Yeah might be best if you were to start it as a new round 4 with the same or similar rules. Then give a while for new cars to be sent in. Assuming you didn’t mind the extra work



Please send me your cars until November 1st. I am propably drunk on Halloween so I won’t be judging them on 1st due to a huge hangover, and I dont care about the time then, but when I wake up on 2nd I will close the entries.

I will not open the challenge for more entrants because I want to keep the field of competitors rather small to bring this to a quick end.
I estimate a month to do all reviews in proper quality, I can’t promise that but as there is still no BeamNG part and no over-complex excel-based point scoring system this should be quite realistic.
Please check your entries for rule compliance and use the opportunity to make the one or other tweak on it. In own challenges I am very, very generous with rules but this isn’t my challenge so I might bin you for evident violation of the rules.

Send me the cars with the naming system of CSR, like:
HHD4 - CMT / CMT Excelsior Regent and HHD4 - CMT / CV875-74 (this was what I called my car like).


This might be a bit cheeky but do we have to send the same car or can I make some major changes or use a different car?


Hontestly, I did not think about this case but this is surely a question that needs and deserves a proper answer. @Crash77 what do you think?


If I am re-entering I will have to send a new car, as I actually overwrote my original entry to this when making my CSR107 car. I would definitely appreciate the chance to work on the car more, especially styling, as I had no mods installed yet back then.


In this case and as new Showmaster I decide to allow completely new builds. Resubmissions for those who already sent me a car are allowed.


Now I’m in a bit of a bind. I still have my old design, but I also have a variant running on Super Leaded.

What’s better, fuel economy or fuel adaptability?


Yeah, fine by me!


As this car is for a dictator I am sure the staff will organize 98 Ron fuel… Remember: Back in GDR the public lacked almost everything… Erich Honecker drove Volvo and Citroen, had bananas and drank Jägermeister. I do not care that much about consumption and type as a dictator does not have to pay for it.


98 it is then, because bragging rights or something.


Since the competition has been restarted i have worked on a brand new car

Presenting the 1974 Knightwick Solace Royal


I have not recieved car from all former entrants.

Please mind that the deadline ends soon.