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His Highness Demands Round #4 (1968-1974)


I think it might be best to let it die. This is the second consecutive round to stall out. Also, there are a lot of individuals, for whom, this is the busy part of their schedule.


Yeah, unfortunately. I wasn’t expecting to host round 3 and if I hosted this, the same thing would probably happen for round 5. There’s always a chance @CC9020 will finish this, since I hnow how much he likes these challenges, but in the meantime it should probably die. I’m wanting to move on and do a very different kind of challenge, maybe once ‘Once More’ finishes up.

Sorry guys, but thank you for your participation in these last few challenges!



AAAAAaaanny minute now…


I now finished a challenge that was dead for months. Before getting back on the popular ATC, I am now free to help here.
@CC9020 you can pass me all cars EXCEPT MINE for judging. I feel like I made a very strong entry and I do not want to be subjective. Evaluating my car is something I want to leave up to you.


Went on holiday
comes back
Checks HHD 4
Sees it is STILL not done yet
(starts losing hope)


It’s gone but not forgotten