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Holts Motors Company(Cancelled To New Company With Redesigned Cars


THis one is cancelled to the redesigned company


Calvinator is Faster


Speed is far from the only redeeming quality of a car :rolling_eyes:

It’s also not polite to brag about your cars on someone else’s thread.


Great, go brag on your own thread.


Nice first hypercar. I’d reccomend taking some other pictures of it, but doing it it on another tab in the game instead of the Overview/Design tabs, just because you’ll get a larger and higher quality image. Welcome to the forums too! :smiley:


Dude, your car’s got 3 times the power of some of the fastest cars on the forum and they are still slow, and that is your comment? Smooth.

To op . This isn’t an elephant sure, but you could make it lighter, and more optimised, it would go a long way in terms of laptimes. Good attempt though


i would put more pics but im a new user cause i created this account today


Image sharing websites are good for that, especially since UE4 is coming and file sizes for screenshots are getting larger in file size.


i would play ue4 but i dont play it cause i cant use my mods… i will try it


Damn, man, this is one neat looking supercar. And it’s got an amazing top end to boot! Looking forward to anything else you might have to offer in the future…:sunglasses:


well guys i edited it to be 1 fourm so it will have all my cars i make




I quite like it




I mean, there’s still a lot of work to do, but it is not completely bad.


What do you mean there is still a lot of work? There was only going to be 2 trims of this car


Some tips for the design of the 10C

  1. Flip those side vents at the front so that the angle of them matches the angle of the bottom grille, it’ll make the design flow a little better.

  2. Then, bring the top grille and headlights down a bit, just to suit the shape of the body a little better.

Other than that, it’s good!


I can concur - but I would also like to see more detailed specifications for the 10C range. I think either variant could also be offered as a coupe in addition to the convertible body style already in use.


Thanks, I’ll see if that works!