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Holts Motors Company(Cancelled To New Company With Redesigned Cars


You have maximum power basicly nonavailable because your gauge will just bump from the limiter, and there’s no such thing like fuel cut point, so you can’t really use this power unless the part of your power graph is incredibly flat


ok thanks for that! that will be changed


I mean, if you still can get something like 85 to 90% of usable power in like last 500 RPM range it’s okay, but it’s always nice to have peak power slightly before redline just to even have some space to change gear



Holts Amster 4t


Starting at $26995


## Amster 6Rs


Starting at $41446


Couple of comments on the Nova:

Really like the styling, especially the front.

Magnesium engine blocks are found on almost no production cars, let alone a compact hatchback.

The economy of the engine seems a little low, though that might just be me having certain expectations.


This is the amster The nova is above this one


The 6Rs of the Amster Is out! Still with Magnesium



Holts AMS



Starting at $20400


Starting at $35590



Holts THunDer



THunder RS Specsthunder rs Stats1thunder rs Stats 2thunder RS Econ


thunder v6 econthunder v6 specsThunder v6 stats 1thunder v6 stats2

                          THunDer RS $78596
                          THunDer V6 $32883


That looks like a highly convincing muscle car, although the chrome nostrils on the GT seem very odd to me, and the taillights should better complement the car’s angular body shape. There’s a huge gap between the entry-level and flagship trims, though. An intermediate trim, with an engine bigger than the base V6 but smaller than the 7.4L V8, would complete the range and ought to draw in more buyers.


what do u mean by gt? and whats wrong with taillights?
ur like a helper to me! to make my cars better… THX very much



Holts N’Geo


N'Geo Stats1N'Geo Stats 2
N'Geo Specs

Starting at $94999


Is it better for me to crop the photo or i tell u the car information?? Which one is better


I recommend you do both. Showing the stats in a separate picture, when done right, might lend your car descriptions a more cohesive look.


these cars are horrendously ugly, and that’s the polite way of saying it.

there seems to be little thought put in to the styling, fixtures everywhere, yet the cars still look empty, and a horrendous amount of clipping between fixtures.


Individual taste.


Even though you say that, you cant deny that the last few cars dont look the prettiest.


The rear of this is an absolute mess. Cleaning up the clutter should be a start for it.


The nose is barely any better - a simpler arrangement of fixtures at both ends is what this truck definitely needs.


A more technical way of putting it is that it takes time and patience to work out how the fixtures stamping system works in Automation, and what combinations work and what don’t.

The main issue is that there can be a big difference between what you imagine your car looking like and what everybody else sees. So we currently don’t really have any idea about what you want your cars to look like because it’s very rough and not much lines up properly. Some users have a pretty good handle on this, have a look at other threads to get an idea.