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How about some "open source" engines?


well, you guys voted, so i'll respond, here is the open source engines thread, same idea to the open source car thread, of having vehicles free to use and modify, so now i'll be doing the same with engines, engines that can be used in any car anybody wants, and can be modified freely, and if anyone is looking to add a roleplay element to a car company by saying their engines can be sold as crate, feel free to upload them here :smiley: well anyways, as before, i'll provide the 1st post, this will be all the variations i currently have of my VT-209, the engine in my all so popular G1500F, along with a failed attempt at making one for a luxury SUV, so i'll post the specs and then provide the DL. (and yes, all the engines are in the same export)

cpufreak101 - VT-209.zip (90 KB)
Now go on, make this thing into the LS engine of automation
EDIT: i remade the specs to indicate the year aswell


i WILL... also it would be easier to sort through if these had manufacturing year stated :slight_smile:


ah, ok, i did say one of them was 96 at least lol, but yeah, i'll make a new version of the photo that's a bit better, these are trying times for making a good spec photo lol (and note, the first one, the truck one, manufacture year is 1988)


also i know i just posted this, but might aswell get some more content up:

cpufreak101 - VE-50.zip (106 KB)


wow, this is not as popular as i originally thought it would be, oh well, regardless, here's the VE-90 from the Volta 10A (note, engine is from 1990)

cpufreak101 - VE-90.zip (75.3 KB)


Straight out of the 2015 GSI Danube RS36, this high performance inline six offers a wide, usable powerband, minimal turbo lag and respectable fuel economy.

glhs386 - GSI 3.6L DOHC I6T.zip (82.9 KB)


thanks for the jumpstart, i just watched jacksepticeye play that dragon, cancer. at least now i can go cry it off while building something with your engine


Hi, I really liked the idea of open source engines, crate motors and such. I built these crates which are pretty average, perfect candidates for modification. There are three engines, an I-4, V-6 and V-8, Here's the V-8.

btw I really like this thread been checkin in on it everyday, the idea of crate motors seemed cool, so i tried it and discovered my favorite series of engine i've ever built so, good on you man. :smiley: Also, i have no idea how to compile engines into a pack...have fun whoever mods these.

edit : ok, thanks for the help cpu hopefully the dl should now work, let me know. i have never posted an engine, lol.
CMP-V8.zip (99.4 KB)


you put them into a .zip by using the export button from the engine tab, just a single .lua doesn't work


Here are my customer engines, now available for download: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=9311


I made some Ford push-rod copies.

Edit: the 308 is misnamed, should be 302.
Riso - Ford 351.zip (111 KB)
Riso - Ford 308.zip (96 KB)


Here is the inline 4 model.

CMP-I-4.zip (90.1 KB)


cpufreak101 - VE-104.zip (76.4 KB)


Here have some Fiat and Alfa Romeo engines

Riso - Fiat Twin-Cam.zip (75.5 KB)
Riso - Alfa Romeo V6.zip (101 KB)


well here's the single family i used in the engine sourcing competition, i'm too lazy rn to get pics, so you can go here to see how well it did: viewtopic.php?p=99954#p99954
cpufreak101 - VI-150.zip (100 KB)


I intend my current project company LaVache Horseless Carriages to be popular with tuners, so I assume this is where I post engines that other people modify and swap into cars way to small for the power. Ladies and gents, I present to you the LaVache 6V39 series as used in the 1974 LaVache Sunstreaker:

LaVache 6V39.zip (152.9 KB)
Lets see what people come up with. Feel free to show me the results.


I finally decided to open source my company 2.5 Liter Inline 6 from 1952

1952.zip (74 KB)


Here is a 2.9 Liter Inline 4 from 2000

2000.zip (75.2 KB)


[size=150]ADM early engines 1946[/size]
If you're starting a car company in the old days, ADM is happy to provide you with its early designs.

This is the Venturi 6, a 3.5 liters OHV inline 6. It is based in the american engines from the 40s. It has a wide power band and a decent fuel economy for the time.
Sillyworld - Venturi 6.zip (73.6 KB)

And this is the Venturi 4, a 2.2 liter OHV inline 4. It is not based in any engine, but it follows the same design philosophy as the venturi 6.
Sillyworld - Venturi 4.zip (73.3 KB)


So I will need about 400hp in 1984, which is able to fit into a non F40 body. Any solutions?