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Ilex Electric Vehicles


Ilex EV is a division of Temple Inc. The head of Ilex EV is Nicholas Morgan, who used to be the head of “Hybrid Powertrain Developments” for Temple Motors, but only made concepts for Temple. The Ilex HQ is in Los Angeles, California, and the vehicles are assembled in Nixon, Nevada, with parts from Temple Inc.


2013 Ilex Electron

Pearl White A35 Model Shown Below

The A35 has 348HP, from its 260kW electric motor. It has an average MPGe of 105, and has a 0-60 time of 5.8 Seconds.
Starting at $65,450

Fire Red A45 Model Shown Below

Ilex Electron A45, with a 330kW motor, has 442HP, and a 0-60 time of 4.1 Seconds, and an average MPGe of 90, and all steel was replaced with aluminium, to be much faster than the A35
Starting at $80,650

Introducing, the 2014 Ilex Electron A55 Sport.
Ilex Electron A55 Sport, in Star Blue, with SVX Performance and Carbon Packages

With a 410kW electric motor, producing 550HP, this was most powerful production EV. The A55 has a 0-60 of 3.2 seconds, and an average MPGe of 80.
Starting at $115,750

Available options for all Electron models:

All Standard Temple Color Options Available

Special Colors: Diamond Deep Blue, Diamond Turquoise, Diamond White, Pearl White, Shrine Red, Fire Red, Deep Blue, Soul Purple, Wasp Grey, Matte Black, Forest Green Sakara Yellow, and Star Blue.

Interior Options: Heated and Cooled seats, SVX Performance Seats, Ebony Black Leather, Ivory White Leather, Latte Brown Leather, Contrast headliner, Same Color Headliner, Carbon Package for Interior, and SVX Performance Steering Wheel.

Exterior Options: All Standard Temple Wheel Options Apply, Carbon Package for Exterior, Carbon Wheels Package, SVX Performance Package, and SVX Carbon Package.


Spy Shot Of A55 Sport:

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