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Name: Bryant Rosser

Occupation: Business student/Drifting photographer

Location: Atlanta, GA

Interests: Video gaming, computer building, drifting, photography

Current Vehicle: 2004 Ford Focus

Dream Garage: Ferrari F40, Mazda RX7 (FC and FD), some kind of pickup truck to haul cars, BAC Mono, S15

How did I hear about you: A member in a Facebook group for rFactor linked me here, said it’s a great game to build engines in. Tried it out for 10 minutes, immediately bought a preorder.

About: I’m a business student that loves cars, I guess I’m the target for this game lol. I also photograph and write articles for OMGDrift from time to time, but now I mostly handle business direction.


Name: Marc-Antoine Daniel

Occupation: Automecanic at Ford

Location: Montreal QC, Canada

Interests: Cars, Videos Games. Mecanics

Current Vehicle: 2000 Acura 1.6EL ( Luxury version of the Honda Civic, Canadian Exclusivity, don’t get fool it’s still a Honda Civic with a Canadian SI engine… )

Dream Garage: Ford Mustang Boss 302 (2013), Ford Mustang SVO 1985 1/2, Ford F150 Fx-4, BMW M3 E30, etc… ! to much to name

How did I hear about you: looking at Simcity video’s (tutorial), and then ! boom bunch of videos from the same guy

About: I’m a car mecanics that love is job, always looking to learn more


Name: I go by lots of aliases, paranoia and all.

Occupation: Student and Lawncaretaker

Location: Hellinois

Interests: Besides Cars; Art, Some Video Games, Cartoons, Music, Books

Current Vehicle: 1978 Chevy Shortbed Stepside “Custom Deluxe”

Dream Garage: I can’t name them all…

How did I hear about you?: I was on 4chum and I saw a thread of yours.

About: Not much to tell, I’m a pretty boring individual.


Name: Patrick Power

Occupation: Student

Location: Canberra, Australia

Interests: Cars, gaming, cars, planes, cars, music, cars, and cars (did I mention cars?)

Current Vehicle: If only… (so close, just need money and to finish my learner licence)

Dream Garage: Jaguar XJ-S, Mitsubishi Magna with a good exhaust (sounds amazing fyi), Citroën DS, and for some reason a TVR…

How did I hear about you: Pure curiosity to see if a car designer tycoon game actually exists, and here I am!

About: Slightly crazy Student studying Automotive Engineering, Flight, and Game Development. Currently I’m helping my dad restore his Jaguar XJ-S, which is a bit of a long shot admittedly, as it’s just kinda sitting there in pieces…


Name: Nick Pound

Occupation: IT

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Interests: Anything to do with cars, guns, and gaming (although less then I used to)

Current Vehicle: 2008 Toyota Tundra (Daily), 2006 GTO (see more info below)

Dream Garage: 1000+WHP MKIV Supra, UGR TT Lambo, 69 Camaro with a 2000+HP NRE motor in it :slight_smile:

How did I hear about you: Someones youtube demo video, believe I found it on reddit.

About: I work in IT/Support handling disk/tape based backup solutions and CommVault. My real passion though is cars, unfortunately it doesnt pay quite as well. I worked in a shop for about 4-5 years when I was in Highschool and until I dropped out of college. I can do pretty much anything in a garage, from building motors to welding, fabbing, etc. I had a Scion TC that started out as a cheap economy car I picked up and turned into a built motor, E85 powered, beast. On a Precision 6262 at 30 psi it made 656whp/610wtq. I currently have an 06 GTO I recently picked up, it was a heads/cam car making 450whp/420wtq, but collapsed a lifter about 2 months after I got it. Ive currently got the motor out of it getting it ready for a nice set of pistons/rods along with a new cam/lifters/etc. Plan is to fab up a single turbo setup for it and shoot for ~700whp. Whoooo, that was a lot of info. Anyways, nice to meet everyone, Im already having a blast using the engine designer to build the motors I wish I had the $$ to build in reality, I find the accuracy pretty damn good for a sim and can apply alot of the same principles I use on actual motors. Just wish I could create my own cam specs :wink:


Name: Joss Lance Ash “FlaxixAvant” Shronan

Nicknames: ohdon’tgetmestarted

Occupation: None and I don’t exactly need one.

Age: 26

Birthday: 19th July 1987

Location: Hudiksvall, Sweden - used to live in Monaco, before that England.

Nationality: Swedish. But I was raised in England so the little Swedish I know is absolutely shit.

Interests: Motorsport, wife (<3), cars,

Vehicles Currently Owned: don’tgetmestartedondisoneeitherbaby

About: I am a better and richer than average guy than usual with a wife and soon to have 2 children :smiley: wish me luck boys and girls and bicycles

Ambition: To create a real company using my family’s left over fortune. (don’t ye go off thinkin that I’ll be spendin it on automation.)

EDIT: Dream Vehicles (I CAN AFFORD A GTR BUT I CAN’T FIND THESE): Datsun 240Z from the 60s (so schmexy), De Tomaso Pantera, Monteverdi Hai


Name: (I’m gonna change it so i don’t want to write it actually)

Occupation: University Student (Chinese Language and Literature)

Location: Turkey

Nationality: Turkish(Turkic)

Interests: Language learning, programming, car and military vehicle designs, economics and games.

Current Vehicle: /* None (I need a driver license first and money. Even used cars cost too much due high taxes)

Dream Garage: Skyline GTR R34, Saab 9-3 Aero, and my cars made by my company, etc.

How did i heard about you: I was searching for a car design tycoon-simulation type of game or program. Then i found this project, downloaded the demo played for months. I’m currently waiting for the project to finish and be helpful about it.

About: I’m a 19 years old Turkish INTJ person . I’m a bit obsessed about car designing. So i do some sketches almost everyday about how to make an original and beautiful design. I value perfection and in future i’m gonna run a car company which makes perfect cars. And i’m gonna push them to the limits to make it better and better day by day. Anyways i like motorsports, Especially rally and rallycross. There are so much to tell but i don’t wanna spend it too early. I joined this forum today because of to show you my designs made in Cosmetic Designer demo and have info exchange with other people love cars .


Name: Cameron “redblockpowered” Samodai

Occupation: Student

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, North America, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way, Universe

Interests: Cars (I have one!), Jokes (I’ve said some!), and Computers (I built one!)

Vehicles Currently Owned: 1991 Volvo 240 Wagon with fun (also free) camshaft

Dream Garage Vehicles: 1985 Volvo 240 Turbo Wagon, Jaguar XJ or Merc S-Class with LOUD Wankel engine, Honda Integra Type-R, BMW E28 M5, Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500, Audi 4000 Quattro w/Turbo 20v conversion, additional 80s euro cars and sport compacts

How did I hear about you?: I was searching the internet for a car tycoon-type game and stumbled upon this. I have been following development since before the Demo, and only now have I decided to make the purchase. (Soon.)

About: I like cars. I’m a good enough student.


Name: Brennen Jelf

Occupation: Auto detailer (part-time)

Location: Kentucky

Interests: Cars, Xbox.

Vehicles Currently Owned: 04 Ford Focus 2.3L

Dream Garage Vehicles: R34, R35, Focus RS (MK1 and 2), and 72 Dart Swinger.

How did you find us? Discussion on FM.net


Loved cars from a young age and I always will. Currently in college for CADD and hope to do something car-related with it.


Been around a while and forgot to do an intro D:

Name: Brian F

Occupation: Civil Engineer

Location: Ireland

Interests: Cars, F1, Running, Drumming, Archery, Music.

Vehicles Currently Owned: 01 Nissan Primera 1.6L (daily runaround), 93 G101 Daihatsu Charade 1.0L Turbo Diesel (Project, currently doing engine rebuild)

Dream Garage Vehicles: Daihatsu Charade GTti/GTxx, Daihatsu Charmant, Nissan Fairlady, Ford Capri Mk5, Renault 5 Turbo, Peugeot 205 GTi, Mazda AZ-1, Delorean

How did you find us? Googling for car tycoon games

About: I agree with TheApothecary above, really looking forward to I3 engines.


How do boys n girls. Been brought here by friend Samsa I guess he will be rockin the same name on here?

This all looks rather spiffing. Cant wait to get stuck in and dig around.

Hello from Finland


hey everybocdy, new guy here

Name: Ryan D

Occupation: Student

Location: USA

Interests: Cars, weapons, philosophy, writing, computers

Vehicles Currently Owned: 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt

Dream Garage Vehicles: 3rd generation Mitsubishi Eclipse GT (The first car, killed off), s14 (because Drift), Ferrari 355 (god that sound), Volvo 850 T5-R (5 cylinder for the win. Also WAGON)

How did you find us? Youtube.

About: Im your typical college student, minus the drinking and the sex.


Name: Andrea

Occupation: Writer… kinda

Location: Italy

Interests: Cars, Cars history, Videogames, Civilization

Vehicles currently owned: 2002 Mazda Mx-5 (NBFL) 1.6l – 2008 Toyota Prius – 1971 Fiat 500 L

Dream Garage Vehicles: Lotus Cortina Mk1 – Mercedes W123 240TD – Alpine A110 1600 – Volvo 123GT (I’m stuck in the '60)

How did you find you: My brother find you on SimHQ forum and the inform me about it. He know that I was a fan of Detroit and Motor City, and I was planning to be rich to fund a software company to do this game. :slight_smile:


Name: Nicolas alias Ellyrion

Occupation: CAD technical desinger in automotive industry (I worked at Peugeot and Renault)

Location: Paris, France.

Interests: Games (Video, role playing game etc etc), Cars and bikes, History…

Vehicles Currently Owned: No one, I had a peugeot 306 griffe (2L, 136ch) and a BMW 325ci 2002 2.5L 192ch.

Dream Garage Vehicles: Dodge Challenger '70, Buick Riviera '71, BMW M5 or a BMW Série 6.

I find you on steam :wink:


okay :slight_smile:
Name: Dmitriy

Occupation: unemployeed

Location: Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia

Interests: various vehicles, computer games

Vehicles currently owned: Lada VAZ-2107 (a.k.a. Lada Riva 1.6)

Dream garage vehicles: Plymouth Roadrunner '71, Pontiac Firebird '96, Honda NSX '90

Aknowledged about you from moddb.com/


Hello :slight_smile:

Name: Giulio

Occupation: Engineering student

Location: Italy

Interests: Cars, History, F1, Cycling, Music.

Vehicles Currently Owned: '90 Renault 19 Chamade, '01 Lada Niva 1700.

Dream Garage Vehicles: Alfa Romeo 156 GTA, Renault Clio Williams, and also a lot of european cars…

How did you find us? i saw a post about automation on an italian forum


Hey guys I really love this game so far. Cant wait to see the finished product =D

Name: Ed

Occupation: Student

Location: LA

Interests: Cars, Guns, Guitar, Videogames, Music.

Vehicles Currently Owned: Evo 9

Dream Garage Vehicles: Ferrari alllllll ferrari’s!

How did you find us? Checking out street legal racing forum, and someone mentioning youguys.


Name: Rafael “Rodgers” Rodrigues

Occupation: student of mechnics, bassist/guitarrist in a band

Location:Portugal, Vila real

Interests: games, music, cars, etc

Vehicles Currently Owned: Ford Fiesta ST, Skoda fabia 2004 break

Dream Garage Vehicles: Focus RS, Mustang, The new Fiesta ST, Escort mk2

How did you find us? i dont now, i searched for engine building software or something like this…


well, nothing much to say, i like to keep my things private. and sorry my bad english :geek:


Well I think i have forgot to introduce myself !

Name: Kevin

Occupation: Video games & hardware editor

Location: France, Near Paris

Interests: Cars, F1, Computers, Videogames, Rugby and… Beer. Oh, womens too !

Vehicles Currently Owned: Two pair of Nike shoes :laughing:

Dream Garage Vehicles: Peugeot 205 GTI, Alpine A110, Aston Martin DB7, BMW Series 5, Shelby GT 350

How did you find us? When i was writing about lastest greenlighted games on Steam.

Props to the team ! :mrgreen:


Been here since the beginning, figured i’d fianlly post… Certified car nut, also put a circle track engine in a boat… because I could… Ahh nothing like out running the V8 Boat guys with a modded 2.3l ford pinto motor LOL