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I’ve technically been on this forum for a while, however I don’t think I ever posted anything. Or if I did it was a long time ago. Point is I should probably do the introduction thing since I finally have the full game now. Yay for having money!

Name: Not the Stig

Occupation: Full-time race car driver, part-time courtesy clerk at a “one stop shop” store

Location: Somewhere in outer space, likely Gallifrey.

Interests: Racing, Cars, Photography, Gaming, Movies, Music, Doctor Who, Writing

Vehicles Currently Owned: 1996 Ford Probe GT (Mazda MX-6 if you’re outside of the U.S.), 2007 Intrepid Cruiser 30mm chassis w/ IAME Leopard TaG 125cc 2-stroke, and a PVP superkart chassis w/ Honda CR 250cc 4-stroke coming soon for the next racing season. (Vintage of the chassis is unknown at this time, as someone else is preparing this kart for me.)

Dream Garage Vehicles: An ever changing list of vehicles, depending on what sort of stuff I happen to be into at the time. But as a general list, Porsche 917, chassic number 13, Porsche 911 930 Turbo, extensively modified in such a way that you can be certain it’s going to kill you whenever you drive it, and that’s where the list stays the same, after that it’s pretty much always changing, but it usually involves a couple one-off, custom, hand built cars, and production vehicles in varying states of authenticity, as well as the occasional bike or two.

Previous Vehicles of Interest: I have a bitchin’ Hot Wheels collection.

How did you find us? One of my friends posted or liked or shared or something about your game on Facebook, so I looked into it, liked it, and downloaded the demo. I have been using that off and on for a couple years, before I finally got the full game a couple days ago because I finally had some money I could spend.

About: Oh boy, now we can get to the juicy stuff! Story time! Lights, camera, action!

Ok, I was planning on doing this whole big production back story thing with voice overs by Paul Newman and Steve McQueen (computer synthesized voices have come a long way!), but then the producers pulled the plug halfway through filming so that was a bust. So instead you get the synopsis.

I’ve been around and interested in cars for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately that never translated to a mechanical background, as neither of my parents was in the auto industry, and we never had room in the garage to work on cars, much less have a project car of any sort. As far as the garage goes, that situation hasn’t changed. And since we live at the top of a hill, and our driveway is at an angle, the opportunity never presented itself to get under the hood. Nonetheless, my passion for cars, and particularly racing persisted, given that my dad was a huge car nut (and still is), and previously was a rally driver. Every year while it was still around and came to town we would go out the Champ Car races. That, along with car shows, numerous model cars and hundreds of Hotwheels made sure that my passion for the high octane world that is the automobile never died.

Then, at the age of 13 my automotive world entered a whole new dimension. A couple years before at the Champ Car race I saw a booth for a week long, overnight racing summer camp, learning to drive and race go karts. I was hooked the moment I saw it, but the age limit was 12 to 18, I wasn’t old enough. Back into the future, I was finally old enough to go to the camp, and my parents told me if I earned the money for it, I could go. So I spent the next year saving up, and by the time I was 13 I had the money ready to go. At this point my dad started taking it seriously. We started going to local kart races, doing rental sessions at the local track, and looking at used karts on Craigslist. We finally found one we could afford, and next thing I knew I was driving a 60 MPH go kart at the age of 13. More than six years later I’m still racing karts, but now I’m racing them on full size tracks with serious equipment, capable of speeds in excess of 150 MPH and performance comparable to IMSA GT cars, with a second place national title under my belt. It could have been a first, had we had the gearing correct.

So that’s me and my car story. I guess all that’s left is to say ‘Hi’.

Cheers - Racer13


Name: Not important

Occupation: Asst. manager of a Pep Boys commercial dept, gas station attendant, volunteer firefighter

Location: West Virginia

Interests: Cars, gaming, HVAC®

Vehicles Currently Owned: 2004 Ford Ranger Edge 4.0L V6

Dream Garage Vehicles: 1979 Ford F-150 Ranger Lariat, Chevy Corvair, 1932 Ford V8

Previous Vehicles of Interest: 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE 2.3L quad 4 (was absolute garbage)


Name: Sean - AKA Sinister

Occupation: Photographer

Location: NJ, United States

Interests: photography, games, cars

Vehicles Currently Owned: '08 BMW 335XI 6spd coupe

Dream Garage Vehicles: M4

Previous Vehicles of Interest: '94 Toyota Supra, '84 Toyota Supra, '71 Chevelle SS

How did you find us? Steam

About: Self employed photographer. Ex-programmer, and project manager. I also sold cars, specifically Toyotas & Subarus for a bunch of years in the 90s and briefly in early '00s. So I look to them a lot in what I build. Prior to that I worked in the music business as an audio engineer. I have to admit, I am having a great time with Automation, and I am really looking forward to the campaign version. When I saw this game was influenced from the game Detroit, I got all warm and fuzzy. I loved that game. :slight_smile:


Name, just call me Willie if you want

Occupation, Auto Technician and shop owner

Location, Midwest

Interest, booze, guns, boobs, booze, video games, cars, trucks, Lego, outdoors, hunting

Currently owned, <-------------should be in the sidebar

Dream garage? Too long to list

Previous garage? A bunch of 3 series BMW’s, a 1969 Camaro

Found the game by browsing in Steam on the day after Christmas, always loved car games and this one already reminds me of “Car Builder” from the Apple IIe days in grade school. It also reminded me of the Commodore 64 game “Street Rod”. Yes, that should show how old I am.


I never actually did this when I first came on. About 1 year late but I don’t care. :stuck_out_tongue:

Name: (CLASSIFIED) But my youtube name is BooYaBusta

Occupation: Go Kart driver

Location: Canada

Interests: Motorsport, food, video games, photography (sadly I can’t do any), and nature.

Currently Owned: Birel Go-Kart, Logitech G27

Dream Garage: Mercedes AMG GT, Porsche 911 Turbo S, Audi R8 V10 Plus (Second Gen), Mclaren 570S, and a Ferrari 488 GTB. I love exotic supercars.

Previous Garage: A sled?

I first came across Automation when I got sick of those stupid online car editors. And I am not talking about 3dtuning or Stuner. I loved 3dtuning and I did not even know about Stuner. I did not want to edit cars anymore, and I wanted to make some of my own creations. I searched a lot for good car creators, and I saw Automation! I had the demo for a bit, and on Christmas, I got money that I was allowed to use to get Automation, and I have been happy ever since.


Name: Our names are both Matt
Occupations: Info not Available
Location: USA
Interest: Anything with an engine, motorsports, simracing

How we got here:
My friend and I stumbled upon this sim by accident. We were looking up engine dyno videos and what pops up but Automation. So we went and looked it up and I was instantly sold. So i purchased the early access and here we are lol. Looking forward to spending more time on the forums and with the sim


Hi Guys!

Name: Ricardo

Occupation: Mechanic

Location: Sintra, Portugal

Interests: Japanese Cars, Japan

Cars owned: Honda Civic 1.4 iS (First Car)

Dream Cars: Well its a long list! … Civic Type R FD2, Mugen RR FD2, NSX-R NA2, NSX Type S Zero, S2000, ITR DC2 JDM, ITR DC5, Accord Euro R CL7, Porsche 911 GT3 RS (997), Lotus Exige S V6 Cup, Skyline R34 V-Spec II Nur, Mazda RX7 FD3S, Nissan GTR Nismo, …

How I found Automation?: Steam and Youtube Videos!


Hello Everyone!

Name: findRED19 (call me Find, Red, or finded, I’m not giving my real name)

Occupation: College student

Location: Midwest US (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, etc area)

Interests: Making mechanical things work, technic Legos, gaming & computers, and of course cars!

Cars owned: 1986 Mustang Convertible, though the first vehicle I drove back and forth to school was my dad’s 1995 Ford F150 with the 351ci (aka 5.8L) Windsor V8 engine and 32" tires, and rusted exhaust system.

Dream Cars: 1968 Plymouth Barracuda 340ci Formula S and more American muscle cars…

How I found Automation?: WhyBeAre’s videos!


Name: Janne

Occupation: Salesman

Location: Turku, Finland

Interests: Cars, games, history, movies, sports

Cars previously owned: My first car was a rear-engined Skoda with 52 horsepower. Since then I have had far too many cars to list. Saab Turbos, Alfa Romeos, 4WD Audis, a Porsche 911 as highlights. But also many humble econo-cars like a Nissan Sunny.

Cars currently owned: Ford Puma (can’t get better handling for 5x the money), Alfa Romeo 75 (lovely twin cam and very exotic suspension), VW Jetta mk2 (200 hp+ diesel mega build, now selling for parts)

Dream Cars: Porsche 356 Carrera Speedster, Lamborghini Miura, Lotus Esprit Turbo, Alfa Romeo SZ, RUF RCT Evo, Renault-Alpines, Abarth Coupes of the late '50s to early '60s.

How I found Automation?: A pop-up on Steam. The best one ever, I’m having such a blast building my dream cars!

I’ve been drawing/designing cars since I was a little kid - I must have done 3000+ sketches total. I was also a total car geek from 4 years old an up. When I couldn’t even write full sentences, I could already tell how many horsepower such and such Porsche had. When I grew up, I switched to working on real cars. Since I’ve done many performance modifications and also a little restoration work. I’m contemplating on starting another business in the future - I was an enterpreneur in the past. Now I’m fighting some challenging health issues and laying low so to speak, working only part time. When I have the resources, I will be doing a semi-restoration on a '85 Alfa Romeo 75 which I plan to use as a daily driver in the summer time and hopefully take a trip to Italy in as well. Currently I spend far too much time doing Automation car designs and roleplaying the shit out of this forum! Currently the average time spent on a single car model I post on my company topic is 10 hours+. So I need to get out more :slight_smile:

Here’s my company link if anyone’s interested: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=7310


Name: Miltos

Occupation: Owner of YouTube Channel “CarHub”

Location: Northern Greece

Interests: Computers, Cars

Vehicles Currently Owned: Cube Mountain Bike & Driving mom’s Fiat Brava 1.2

Dream Garage Vehicles: Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 Z-Tune, Mazda RX-7 Spirit-R Type-A, Toyota 2000-GT etc.

Previous Vehicles of Interest: Mazda MX-5 MK2.5, Honda Integra Type-R etc.

Found about Automation from YouTube but a friend made me start playing it again


16-year-old who loves cars, computers and would love a job with either subjects. I prefer Japanese cars, as if that wasn’t obvious enough, haha, and saving up for a Miata Mk2.5 as my first car that I’ll buy earlier and work on (probably few little not-so-legal drives too now and then lol)


Name: James

Occupation: University Student (Mechanical Engineering)

Location: Maryland, USA

Interests: Cars, The Weather, Video Games, Tinkering, Reading about technical things, Rambling endlessly about said technical things :stuck_out_tongue:

Current Car: 2000 Mitsubishi Galant ES- 3.0L V6, FWD, 4 Speed Automatic, will likely replace it soon.

Previous Car: 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500- 5.3L V8, 4WD, 4 Speed Automatic

Dream Cars: Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32/R34), Mazda RX-7 FC, Mazda Miata (NA/NB), Nissan Z (300ZX Z32/350Z), Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4, Chevrolet Camaro Z-28 (1969,1999,2015), Chevrolet Impala SS (1996), Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham (1994-1996), BMW 3-Series (E30/E36), Dodge Viper, Acura NSX (Not the new one), Shelby GT500, Mercury Marauder, Porsche 944, Etc…

Favorite Video Games: Pokemon Emerald, Grand Theft Auto 4, Mercenaries 2: World in Flames, Xenoblade Chronicles, Forza Motorsport 4, Sims 3, Automation :stuck_out_tongue:

How I Heard About Automation: The Smoking Tire. I thought it looked interesting, so I checked it out. And now, I’ve logged hundreds (if not thousands) of hours simulating the car company of my dreams. $30 well spent, in my opinion.

About: I’m an 18 year old college student who wants to become an automotive engineer, since I’ve been into cars almost since day 1 (car was the first word I ever said, no joke). I’m not the best with people, but I’ll talk cars to anyone with enough patience to tolerate my rambling. I’m also an avid gamer, and study meteorology on the side. Congrats to anyone who actually read through everything.


I am new to the board and really like the game my computer died on me and I had to get another one the I have dose not suport the game it is a bit to old :frowning:
I told a friend of mine to get the game and did so when ever I hangout with my friend I get to pay
any way keep up the great work devs.
muscle cars and 70s-early90s 4x4s


Name: Hamish ‘Fleshy’ Grace

Occupation: Game Environment Artist

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Interests: Games, Algorithmic art, Computers, Longboarding

Vehicles Currently Owned: I don’t even have a driver’s license, but I do ride this

Dream Garage Vehicles: Whatever Elon Musk cooks up next

Previous Vehicles of Interest: I’ve had a few Original Longboards in my time (Pintail 47, Apex 37, Derringer), but never a car

How did I find us?: I work here! :stuck_out_tongue: no but really, when I finished my Bachelor’s degree Andrew asked my tutor who would be a good fit for the team and she sent me :slight_smile:

About: I like Star Wars, and anything where I can escape into a world: be that TV Series, games, books, you name it. My favorite games are the LEGO: Star Wars series, The Witcher 3 (I still haven’t finished it yet though), and the Homeworld series.


Name: Mark Wayne Riggleman Jr.

Occupation: Material Handler

Location: Asheboro, North Carolina

Interests: Sim Racing, Programming, Cars, Music, this list can go on forever.

Vehicles Currently Owned: That is to be determined.

Dream Garage Vehicles: Refer to my interests, this list can go on forever.

Previous Vehicles of Interest: Dodge Viper, Chevrolet Camaro, Nissan Skyline, Honda S2000, Nissan Silvia, Ford Mustang, Toyota AE86, oh my God, this list goes on forever, too… Is this bad?

How did you find us? Videos on YouTube. It seemed very interesting to build a car company from the ground up and have control over EVERY aspect of each car you produce. I eventually got it, and I’ve become quite addicted so far.


Cars have fascinated me for years, the only other thing that comes close is computers, and those two are about tied. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get into cars like computers, as I had my first computer when I was four years old and I instantly started tinkering and learning. My current project computer combines an Intel Core-i7 6700K and an nVidia GTX 980 Ti with 8GB of DDR4 RAM… Quite the expensive little gaming computer. Aside from this, I play a wide variety of other games, such as the Devil May Cry series, Resident Evil, Papyrus’ old NASCAR Racing series, especially NR2003, rFactor, iRacing, older Gran Turismo games, Grand Theft Auto. As you can see, a pattern. A lot of cars, a lot of racing…

Ever since I was little, I’ve wanted to get into racing, mainly NASCAR. Unfortunately, not coming from a family with extremely deep pockets, I’ve never had the chance to learn or get a car, so games like iRacing and NR2003 are the closest I’ve ever gotten to sitting in the driver’s seat of a real racecar. Now that I’m 19 years old, even with a source of income, I know my dreams of making it to NASCAR’s top level will never come true, as a lot of the sport’s talent now are drivers my age or even younger who have been racing their entire lives. That doesn’t bother me as much as it used to.

The only other thing I’ve ever wanted to get into is programming. Just having the ability to make your imagination come to life in a form that you and everyone else in the world can enjoy, just seems really cool to me. I know the basics, and that’s literally about it. “HELLO WORLD!”

I’m much better at fixing computers, both the hardware and software, but when it comes to actually programming said software, I may as well be trying to build NASA’s next top level space shuttle with nothing but paper and tape and those dinky scissors you were given in Kindergarten.

With that being said, the new Paperformance20-TT will be released within the next year.


Name: Adrian “ajprice” Price

Occupation: Graphic Design

Location: UK

Interests: Games, Macs, Game Consoles, Cars, Car Games, Games With Cars In Them

Vehicles Currently Owned: Skoda Citigo

Dream Garage Vehicles: Nissan GT-R, Tesla, Brabus Smart Roadster V6 BiTurbo.

Previous Vehicles of Interest: Skoda Fabia, Smart ForTwo (x2)

How did you find us? Can’t remember, I registered and posted a couple of times years ago.


Always been a car fan, a Mac user, and a wannabe car designer, so I’ve seen this game and never been able to have a go. Now I’ve decided to join the dark side and I have a PC on the way, so I’ll get the Steam version of the game when it comes. I might even learn a few things about Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow (is that the right order? :slight_smile: ). Muchly looking forward to the Unreal engine update to the game.


Name: Rory “Darkshines” Graham

Occupation: Hunting Reserve Ranger

Location: Se Qld Australia

Interests: Drag Racing, Hunting/Fishing

Vehicles Currently Owned: Ba xr8 falcon, mazda 3, nissan navara d22, nissan xtrail

Dream Garage Vehicles: Ba xr8 with a single turbo,
1949 International short wheelbase truck, aw11 mr2, fox body mustang, shelby gt350 2009
Previous Vehicles of Interest: twin turbo 1991 xf ford falcon ute, aw11 mr2, cbr2500rr fireblade

How did you find us? google


Have been racing cars since the age of 16. spent 4 yrs in Somalia during 2004-2008. My brother is a mechanic specializing in subaru and mazda performance vehicles and builds my engines. Currantly am working on a 2003 ba ford falcon station wagon that has a 5.4 modular v8 with twin 750cfm holleys, c4 auto, and has been converted to a two seater and is soon to have the rear doors welded up.


Name: Brian Crabtree

Occupation: Caretaker, Handyman, IT Specialist.

Location: SW Virginia, USA

Interests: Mechanical engineering, Electromechanical engineering.

Vehicles Currently Owned: Subaru Forester and several RC vehicles.

Dream Garage Vehicles: Sector111 Drakan Spyder, Koenigsegg One:1

Previous Vehicles of Interest: Nissan 240SX - full drift build, KA24DET.

How did you find us? Steam workshop.


Name: GhostDrifter
Real Name: Prefer not to say
Occupation: Currently Unemployed
Location: Pennsylvania, US
Interests: Cars, Programming, Game Design, late 80s era cars
Vehicles currently owned: None (I am 14 and I don’t have my drivers license yet)
Dream Garage Vehicles: BMW M4, BMW M3 GTS, BMW 3 series sedan. (I’m a major BMW fan!)
How did I find you: A friend told me about the game so I decided to become a part of the community and contribute to the whole project.
About: Prefer not to say


Name: Anthony Blanton

Occupation: College Student

Location: Idaho

Interests: Games, Cars, mostly Pontiac and Mopar, Autocross

Vehicles Currently Owned: 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GT

Dream Garage Vehicles: 1970 Dodge Challenger 340 Six Pack, 1979 Pontiac Trans Am, 2016 Dodge Challenger 396 Scat Pack, and Jaguar XKR-S

Previous vehicles: 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GT (2-door, sold), 1970 Opel GT (failed father/son project)

How did you find us? Failrace videos

About: A broke college student studying automotive technology, frequently autocrosses said Pontiac, and really needs to find a job.


Name: Andrew “Bails” Bayley

Occupation: Cleaner

Location: Victoria, Australia

Interests: Rallying, Gaming.

Vehicles Currently Owned: 1976 Toyota Corolla, 1989 Nissan Skyline Executive (Aus only model)

Dream Garage Vehicles: 1967 Lotus 49, 1969 Valiant Pacer, 1971 HG Monaro

How did you find us? Through my racing forums, then followed the 1966 BRC which convinced me to have a proper look at the next BRC.

About: As stated, amatuer rally navigator and also a massive historic car nut.