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Name: Bruno, 31 years at this moment
Occupation: delivery boy
Location: northwest spain
Interests: games, vehicles, WWII Stuff, computers, electronics
Vehicles Currently Owned: Citroen Xsara hdi, Honda MSX 125, What a little toy :smiley:
Dream Garage Vehicles: Lotus elise/exige, skyline GTR R34, BMW K1300R
How did you find us? Youtube and steam
About: I started getting interest in cars and everything that makes mecanical noise at 20 years old. I studied for mechanic 2 years and work other 2 years. since them I worked there and there (hard to find and keep your dream job)

I always want to dissamble everything that I get and try to improve it or check how it works. I have a good self teaching skill


might as well lol

Name: Echowaffle8
Occupation: College student (accounting, but considering switching to supply chain management), part-time customer-facing work at a dry cleaner’s
Location: Georgia, USA
Interests: Cars, games, computers, etc.
Vehicles currently owned: 2013 Mazda 3 Skyactiv
Dream garage: 1996 Volvo 850R, 2013 Mazda 3 Skyactiv, 2019 Kia Stinger GT, 1997 Toyota Century, 2019 Toyota Alphard, 2019 Daihatsu Wake, 2019 Honda S660, first-generation Toyota Previa, 1996 Buick Roadmaster wagon, early 90s Honda Acty van, last-generation Mazda Bongo, 2019 Honda N Van, 2019 Honda StepWGN, RX-7 FC, Suzuki Cappuccino, first-generation Ford Ka, Buick Reatta, Citroen BX, Citroen CX, Dodge Stealth R/T, Porsche 944, Mercedes GLA45 AMG…
How did you find us? Failrace, probably
About: I’ve had a large interest in cars since I was a small child (to the extent that my literal first words were “bye-bye” because I associated them with car rides), so unsurprisingly I’d have an interest in this game and as such have been here for a while but just kept putting off an official introduction


Hello! New guy, here.

Name: Joseph Na

Occupation: Soon-to-be U.S Air Force recruit

Location: United States

Interests: Vehicles, Military hardware, History, Games, Text-Roleplaying, Tabletop

Vehicles Currently Owned: Nada. Still awaiting a license.

Dream Garage Vehicles: Stryker, Ferrari Berlinetta F12, 2012 Nissan GTR, HEMTT, Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, Daewoo Labo

Previous Dream Vehicles: Lamborghini Aventador, T-50, AE86 Trueno, Pagani

How did you find us? Watched Consider’s Automation/BeamNG series and thought the game looked like a riot. I’m still a fresh noob but I already love it.

Parents are both first-generation immigrants straight from South Korea, and I was born in Texas. Lived in Texas for 3 years, Washington State for 8 years, Korea for 1, and the rest down here in humid, bipolar Florida. Father served in the Special Warfare Command of Korea (Special forces) in the 1980s, and Mother was the daughter of the richest man in their town, the only one which owned a car. Both have talents in areas of the arts.

I myself am an aspiring auto mechanic, looking to join the military in order to get the formal education paid off before I search for work in preferrably a tuning shop. I’m also an avid artist, though only hobbyist as I draw manga-style images for both me and closer friends.



Name: Alex

Occupation: Bureaucrat

Location: Norway

Interests: RPGs, the sea, designing stuff

Vehicles Currently Owned: Mazda 3
Dream Garage Vehicles: BMW i3 and E28 535i, Mazda 6, RX-4 and MX-5(ND), Matra Murena,

Previous Vehicles of Interest: Pedal bike

How did you find us? Steam sale

I used to draw cars during school hours, but never got into “real” car design - but built architecture instead. Just love dicking around designing stuff, just for myself, still a learner I`d say from looking at the excellent stuff on here!
My sandbox is getting rather full so I’ll share here from time to time, and the challenges look like fun


Name: Taffin

Location: Russia

Interests: gaming, cars, anime (lmao), reading.

Vehicles currently owned: none

How do I find you? Found the site because I got a glitch in the open beta.

About: Just a random teen w/o any real interests or ambitions. I love to crash cars and to build them. I have nothing to talk about, really, I am boring. A wannabe coder/designer. Lazy.


Occupation: Electronic sales man. (also about to go onto uni to do a business degree)

Location: Good’ol Britain.

Interests: Games, Cars, Art (specifically architecture), music.

Vehicles Currently Owned: 2000 Toyota Rav4 Mk1 3DR GIANTS Edition. Currently my first car and so only car.

Dream Garage Vehicles: 1973 Cadillac Fleetwood 75, Lotus Carlton, Mclaren F1, Rolls Royce Silver Spur.

How did you find us? It’s awhile since I’ve had interest in the game but didn’t buy it till early 2018… Probably due to YouTube.

Hello I’m ProfessorP3PP3R… But you can also call me Zak, from England. I’ve always had an interest in cars (probably cause I was exposed to it growing up. My dad’s a mechanic and did some small time racing. My grandparents ran and owned a taxi/coach company. However my grandad worked for GM for a number of years.) and this interest has grown massively over the years.

I did semi-study vehicle design for several years completing a Alevel art project on it (although it’s not what I wanna do). Finding this game has really allowed me to play with my passion and artistic touch.

Design influences: If any of you have seen my designs you’ll already know the answer to this. So my influences are heavily American (well older influences) Cadillac, Lincoln etc.


Heyo, I‘ve been reading around the forum a bit now, and thought I‘d join in on the fun :wink:
(Sorry for any bad english, I‘m not a native briton or likewise)

Name: Lennard „RoverKnight“ n/a (call me Rover for short)
Occupation: Lazy Teenager
Location: Germany, Hesse
Interests: Rocket League & Automation (and car games in general), Cars, Motorsports, Initial D, and how stuff works (i.e. Physics and Chemistry)
My Ride: Gaming Seat
How i found Automation: Through watching YouTube (Consider & Automotiveflux)
Dream Cars: Nissan Skyline R34 GTR, Mazda RX7, Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI.
For short, typical Initial D cars
About me: I‘m a Teenager who’s recently gotten a lot into cars, but never had any experience in driving a car (besides stalling my mom‘s Qashqai a few times). Currently on vacation in sweden and soon to spend a year in the US.

I‘m hoping to have a fun time in the forums once i‘m back at my computer :smiley: (prepare for the 5th of august, fellow automaters)