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Name: Bruno, 31 years at this moment
Occupation: delivery boy
Location: northwest spain
Interests: games, vehicles, WWII Stuff, computers, electronics
Vehicles Currently Owned: Citroen Xsara hdi, Honda MSX 125, What a little toy :smiley:
Dream Garage Vehicles: Lotus elise/exige, skyline GTR R34, BMW K1300R
How did you find us? Youtube and steam
About: I started getting interest in cars and everything that makes mecanical noise at 20 years old. I studied for mechanic 2 years and work other 2 years. since them I worked there and there (hard to find and keep your dream job)

I always want to dissamble everything that I get and try to improve it or check how it works. I have a good self teaching skill


might as well lol

Name: Echowaffle8
Occupation: College student (accounting, but considering switching to supply chain management), part-time customer-facing work at a dry cleaner’s
Location: Georgia, USA
Interests: Cars, games, computers, etc.
Vehicles currently owned: 2013 Mazda 3 Skyactiv
Dream garage: 1996 Volvo 850R, 2013 Mazda 3 Skyactiv, 2019 Kia Stinger GT, 1997 Toyota Century, 2019 Toyota Alphard, 2019 Daihatsu Wake, 2019 Honda S660, first-generation Toyota Previa, 1996 Buick Roadmaster wagon, early 90s Honda Acty van, last-generation Mazda Bongo, 2019 Honda N Van, 2019 Honda StepWGN, RX-7 FC, Suzuki Cappuccino, first-generation Ford Ka, Buick Reatta, Citroen BX, Citroen CX, Dodge Stealth R/T, Porsche 944, Mercedes GLA45 AMG…
How did you find us? Failrace, probably
About: I’ve had a large interest in cars since I was a small child (to the extent that my literal first words were “bye-bye” because I associated them with car rides), so unsurprisingly I’d have an interest in this game and as such have been here for a while but just kept putting off an official introduction


Hello! New guy, here.

Name: Joseph Na

Occupation: Soon-to-be U.S Air Force recruit

Location: United States

Interests: Vehicles, Military hardware, History, Games, Text-Roleplaying, Tabletop

Vehicles Currently Owned: Nada. Still awaiting a license.

Dream Garage Vehicles: Stryker, Ferrari Berlinetta F12, 2012 Nissan GTR, HEMTT, Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, Daewoo Labo

Previous Dream Vehicles: Lamborghini Aventador, T-50, AE86 Trueno, Pagani

How did you find us? Watched Consider’s Automation/BeamNG series and thought the game looked like a riot. I’m still a fresh noob but I already love it.

Parents are both first-generation immigrants straight from South Korea, and I was born in Texas. Lived in Texas for 3 years, Washington State for 8 years, Korea for 1, and the rest down here in humid, bipolar Florida. Father served in the Special Warfare Command of Korea (Special forces) in the 1980s, and Mother was the daughter of the richest man in their town, the only one which owned a car. Both have talents in areas of the arts.

I myself am an aspiring auto mechanic, looking to join the military in order to get the formal education paid off before I search for work in preferrably a tuning shop. I’m also an avid artist, though only hobbyist as I draw manga-style images for both me and closer friends.



Name: Alex

Occupation: Bureaucrat

Location: Norway

Interests: RPGs, the sea, designing stuff

Vehicles Currently Owned: Mazda 3
Dream Garage Vehicles: BMW i3 and E28 535i, Mazda 6, RX-4 and MX-5(ND), Matra Murena,

Previous Vehicles of Interest: Pedal bike

How did you find us? Steam sale

I used to draw cars during school hours, but never got into “real” car design - but built architecture instead. Just love dicking around designing stuff, just for myself, still a learner I`d say from looking at the excellent stuff on here!
My sandbox is getting rather full so I’ll share here from time to time, and the challenges look like fun


Occupation: Electronic sales man. (also about to go onto uni to do a business degree)

Location: Good’ol Britain.

Interests: Games, Cars, Art (specifically architecture), music.

Vehicles Currently Owned: 2000 Toyota Rav4 Mk1 3DR GIANTS Edition. Currently my first car and so only car.

Dream Garage Vehicles: 1973 Cadillac Fleetwood 75, Lotus Carlton, Mclaren F1, Rolls Royce Silver Spur.

How did you find us? It’s awhile since I’ve had interest in the game but didn’t buy it till early 2018… Probably due to YouTube.

Hello I’m ProfessorP3PP3R… But you can also call me Zak, from England. I’ve always had an interest in cars (probably cause I was exposed to it growing up. My dad’s a mechanic and did some small time racing. My grandparents ran and owned a taxi/coach company. However my grandad worked for GM for a number of years.) and this interest has grown massively over the years.

I did semi-study vehicle design for several years completing a Alevel art project on it (although it’s not what I wanna do). Finding this game has really allowed me to play with my passion and artistic touch.

Design influences: If any of you have seen my designs you’ll already know the answer to this. So my influences are heavily American (well older influences) Cadillac, Lincoln etc.


Heyo, I‘ve been reading around the forum a bit now, and thought I‘d join in on the fun :wink:
(Sorry for any bad english, I‘m not a native briton or likewise)

Name: Lennard „RoverKnight“ n/a (call me Rover for short)
Occupation: Lazy Teenager
Location: Germany, Hesse
Interests: Rocket League & Automation (and car games in general), Cars, Motorsports, Initial D, and how stuff works (i.e. Physics and Chemistry)
My Ride: Gaming Seat
How i found Automation: Through watching YouTube (Consider & Automotiveflux)
Dream Cars: Nissan Skyline R34 GTR, Mazda RX7, Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI.
For short, typical Initial D cars
About me: I‘m a Teenager who’s recently gotten a lot into cars, but never had any experience in driving a car (besides stalling my mom‘s Qashqai a few times). Currently on vacation in sweden and soon to spend a year in the US.

I‘m hoping to have a fun time in the forums once i‘m back at my computer :smiley: (prepare for the 5th of august, fellow automaters)


Hello, I’m Falling Comet and I’ve recently joined the Automation forums. I mostly stayed away from the forums but i have finally decided to join the forums. I bought Automation late last year 2018 in December.

Names/Alias: Falling_Comet, Komi-san Comet and my real name, Isaac.

Occupation: Laid back High School student

Location: From the land down’ unda (Australia)

Interests: Video games, cars, Art (one of my hobbies), music, reading, Anime/Manga, politics, Military hardware, History, designing and making good friends

Vehicle Currently Owned: None :neutral_face:

Dream cars/Vehicles: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX MR, Subaru WRX STi 22B, Honda NSX Type R (if only), Honda Integra Type R, BMW M5 E60, Audi A4 Quattro, Honda Civic EK8 Type R, Ford FPV Falcon, Lamborghini Huracan Performante, Mclaren P1, Lotus Carlton and Yamaha YZF.

How did I find about Automation?: I found out about Automation through Youtube and through well known Youtubers such as Falilrace, Autoflux, Consider and other videos about the game. It was also at the time where i started getting interested in cars, early 2018 which intrigued me to buy the game.

About: Though I live in Australia, I moved from my home country Malaysia to Australia in 2011 and lived here since. Throughout my life I mostly enjoyed drawing as a hobby even before getting into videogames. Ever since I had my own laptop (which I’m still using). I got interested in TF2 at the start then to CS:GO, HOI4, Osu!, Payday 2 and other games before i found out about Automation which I bought along with Beamng.

I’m a recent noive car nerd as I have only been interested into cars for less then 2 years. But I manged to build my knowledge of cars through videos and through other people.

Anime… Well that something isn’t it. I have sinked countless of hours into watching series of Anime ranging from different genres. If you want to know how bad it is. I have sent almost a month worth watching Anime (29days). I have also started to get interest in the median of manga which, not a big suprise, have sunk countless of days into the median of manga.

I have also found the joy in drawing since my childhood and have forever since improved through being self-taught and learning from others. Currently I’m practicing and learning to draw my own style (mostly anime like) and my own characters and drawings.

Xd sorry for the large text spam.


Hi there, I’m Luka!
I like trains, rollercoasters and cars
I own both a 2018 Tesla Model S 100D and a 2001 Porsche Boxster S project car
I live in Wollerau, Switzerland
That’s all, see you on the forums!


Hi, when i enter the forum i forgot to introduce myself, my name is Guille like says my nickname, i ve been playing automation every now and then during a year or two as in my laptop os hard to play well and also it gets hot easy but some months ago i bought a new desktop pc to play videogames and i returned to play automotion some weeks ago and i fell in love with how the game is right now by the way i love the new ui and the new 2010 dyno room, i got into the game more than ever with the new features also i ve seen the new 2011 bodies and look very nice to build some concept big cars i am already making a v12 luxury sedan out of one of those. I just discovered the automation forum a week ago call me stupd if you want hahaha.

Occupation: Administrative.
Location: Spain
Interests: Car games and shooters, anything that has two or more wheels(especially obsesed with combustion engines) bikes and fitness.

My ride: A “spanish” car called Ibiza fr(one of my dream cars although not a expensive, i prefer the new cupra not yet on sale and i cannot afford it anyway)

Dream garage: An american car(modetn viper or cts-v or any vette), a GTR or 370z (one of all the cars previously named two modify and skyrocket its power) and as daily a seat ibiza.

How i found automation: Searching for a game similar to street legal racing redline over the internet and i saw some youtube videos about automation and saw that it is another thing that i always wanted to play a cars designer.


Hello, after staying on the discord, it’s time to me to completely join the community with the forum

Name/Alias: Vincento117, real name is Vincent

Occupation: Physics Student

Location: Toulouse, France

Interests: Games, Metal , Anything that is beautifully enigineered (Planes, cars ,weapons, rockets…)

Vehicles: Currently None

Dream Garage: Jaguar D/E type, Vision Mercedes Maybach 6, Ferrari SP Monza, Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead

How did you find us ? : A friend of mine recommended me the game.

About: I follow motorsport since my youngest days especially formula one and LeMans, supporting Schumacher as a boy, Today i still support Ferrari and especially Charles Leclerc, But also Red Bull and Max Verstappen.


am 27 year old european man :slight_smile: currently working a chill job at desk and playing various games with cars, more specifically need for speed underground 1 now :slight_smile: brings old memories, i loved this game and music haha

dont have a car currently though


Funny, I’ve been on here for a few months now but never “introduced” myself.

Name: Daniel/Dan, “patridam” comes from my NationStates country

Occupation: Automotive/Mechanical Engineer (General Motors)

Location: Originally Pennsylvania, now Michigan

Interests: Gaming, Cars, Film, Drawing, Music, History (especially of technology), Wine/Beer, Cooking, Architecture, Politics, Rollercoasters, Hiking

Vehicles Currently Owned: 1994 Lincoln Town Car, 1988 Lincoln Mark VII LSC

Dream Garage Vehicles: 1929 Duesenberg Model J, 1956 Packard Caribbean, 1970 Lincoln Mark III, 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, 1977 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz, 1985 Ferrari Testarossa

Previous Vehicles of Interest: 1991 VW Cabriolet, 1993 Chevrolet Silverado

How did you find us? Google, I think? It was so long ago…

My dad was a mechanic and I worked as one through high school (as well as at a library) and after deciding to study engineering instead of architecture, I was lucky enough to end up with a job at a car company. Yet, I still come home and many days design more cars in my free time. I wont try to give my life story otherwise.


Didn’t know this thing existed either

Name: Zak (thats it)

Occupation: used to work as a cashier at an Advance Auto Parts, now I study biochemistry

Location: Born in Montreal QC, live in Windsor ON

Interests: Cars ofc, and music

Vehicle Previously Owned: 2000 VW Jetta 2.0 (as seen in profile pic)

Dream Garage Vehicles: RX7 FD3S Spirit-R, WRX STi hawkeye, VF Commodore SS

Found out about Automation in 2015, on WhyBeAre’s YouTube channel

About: My older cousin brainwashed me into being a car guy by getting me NFSUG2 for my 5th birthday. Although I’m Canadian, I’ve lived in the US for half my life and my family is originally Bosnian


Name: Davide

Location: Italy

Interests: Games, Programming, Cars, Computers

My car: 2011 Citroën C5 2.0 HDi Executive

Previous cars: Alfa Romeo 156 1.9 JTD, Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0 CRD Limited

Dream Garage Vehicles: Bugatti Veyron/Chiron/Divo, Lamborghini Huracan/Sian/Aventador/Centenario/Urus, My Citroën C5, Alfa Romeo Giulia/Stelvio/Tonale (coming soon)


Hello, I’m Magnus and I just signed up here.

I was born in 1959 so I’m vintage. I work as a technical translator from English into Swedish and over the years I’ve written a fair number of Swedish instruction manuals for various industrial equipment and a few vehicles too.

I’m also a musician – mainly synthesizers+home recording. I make original music and sometimes I play vintage jazz for the elderly. I live in South West UK with my family.

Been interested in motor racing (as a spectator) most of my life. I was active in sim racing between 2003 and 2011 - mainly with Grand Prix Legends and the GBGPL+Groundhog+GPLegacy racing leagues.
I got Ronnie Peterson’s signed autograph in person at Mantorp Park in my native Sweden in 1971.
It’s hanging on the wall in my little music room at home. It’s faded but you can still read Ronnie’s signature.

I just bought the Automation+BeamNG combination and look forward to digging into Automation car building and then driving around in these nice 3D environments in BeamNG.

cheers / Magnus


Name: anon.

Occupation: Supervisor.

Location: Spain. State of Valencia.

Interests: Videogames,cars,furs,trains

Vehicles Currently Owned:Volvo s40 1.6

Dream Garage Vehicles: Subaru Impreza WRX STI Type RA Spec C (Hawk) Honda Civic Type R (2016) & Porsche 918

Previous Vehicles of Interest: Renault Alpine, Renault 5 turbo, Austin Montego

How did you find us?: Thanks to a mention on discord, I eventually grew curiosity and joined the forum.


Born on Spain, Became a smol petrolhead at age 5 after being brought to the Clio cup in the Ricardo Tormo Racetrack and spoted lotus elise 111, I eventually grew to become a bigger petrolhead 3 years later after getting scared the crap out of me by a flat four STI Blobeye… Currently on the hunt for a new car and saving up towards a dream car.


Hi. Just seen this so I thought I should post.

name: Lee

Location: south Wales, UK

Interests: cars (obviously), crafts such as woodworking and just general DIY/bodging, gardening (fruit and veg)

Current car: 2005 Suzuki Alto

Previous cars; quite a few K11 micros, Renault Modus, Fiat Seicento.

Dream Garage: Hillman Imp, Triumph Stag, Suzuki Cappuccino, Lotus Elan Sprint to name a few.

About me: Always been a bit of a petrol head but living in the UK there’s nothing more fun than chucking a small car around a back Road. I deliver pizza for a living atm so I get to do this a lot :slight_smile: In my spare time I tinker with everything I can get my hands on and grow food. I’m happiest when I’m outside or driving and I have plenty of time for both these days. I also love classic cars especially 50s and 60s, love the style and simplicity of them, so enjoying creating my own in automation right now.


Name: Peter “elongatedleprosyhorse” Della Flora (nickname is a long story, don’t ask lol)

Occupation: Store Associate at In N Out Burger, Retail at Milepost 38 Toy Trains, and student at Golden West College

Location: Huntington Beach, “Surf City USA” California, USA

Interests: Video games, computers, weapons, Star Wars, trains, cars, planes, transportation in general, science-especially physics and chemistry, martial arts, music, basically just a massive nerd lol

About me: I’m an 18 year old college student working 2 jobs trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. I used to mostly have things in order, but my dad died of esophageal cancer in 2016. Watching someone you love die slowly from a horrible disease is, well, traumatizing. It’s especially horrible knowing that esophageal cancer has a low survival rate, and knowing that you can’t save everyone, even though you’ve done all you can to do so. That really screwed me up for a while and I bottled it up for too long. I also was bullied all throughout middle school and elementary school. I bottled that up too. This caused me to fail classes and not do well in high school. I really was thrown off course. It came to a point where I had a choice of testing out or repeating Junior year, and the latter wasn’t happening as long as I had something to say about it. So I tested out, and here we are now. I’m doing much better, having recovered significantly and working those two jobs as I mentioned previously. However, I still don’t know what I want to do with my life, which is a bit frustrating. I hope to figure that out soon.
What you should take from this is that I’m a fighter and video games have been a great escape for me. Automation and some occasional ice cream has been a big help.

Some of this may seem unnecessary, but I come from a family of racecar drivers (mom’s side) so I thought it would be cool to put some here. My dad also liked fast cars, and his driving record reflected that lol.
Vehicles currently owned: 2003 Infiniti I35. It’s been a great POS daily driver for about a year or so now, and I gotta say I love the Nissan VQ35. Great sounding motor and been reliable so far.
Vehicles owned by immediate family: 2016 Honda CR-V, 2016 Toyota Highlander LE
Notable vehicles owned by extended family: 1956 Sage Green Ford Thunderbird Convertible. If there was a holy grail for Thunderbirds, this is it. This is the rarest of the rare, and my family has had one for 30 years or so. We are second owners of the car.
Vehicles previously owned by immediate family: 2012 Mercedes GL450, 2008 BMW 535i Twin Turbo, 2004 Ford Explorer
Notable vehicles previously owned by extended family: 1930 Ford Model A Coupe. This car was heavily modified by my late grandfather Marcel “The Flying Frenchman” d’Avignon, but you couldn’t tell by looking at it from the outside. It was primarily used for hill climbs, and used a 1928 block that was supercharged. He raced the car up until the age of 90, and would have raced longer if he had the strength. He passed a couple years ago at the age of 95, leaving an amazing racing legacy behind. We sold the car a little while afterwards, but not before I got a proper hill climb ride in it.

How did you find us? I found you guys off of a YouTube video after watching some good ol Donut Media Up To Speed episodes. The channel was automotiveflux. I fell in love with the game’s concept from there, and had to buy it.


I think after 4 Years of playing this Game it is Time to Introduce myself:

Name: Christian

Occupation: Apprentice as a Comercial Vehicle Mechanic

Location: Swizzerland

Interests: Games, weird/quirky or sometimes even bland Cars, Mopeds.

Vehicles Currently Owned: 2 Hercules and 2 Puch Mopeds, on my way to a Car, Mororcycle and Truck Licence

Dream Garage Vehicles:
-Favorite: Black Learher and Black Paint Citroen CX GTI Turbo 2 S2 with 17 Inch Musketier 6 Spoke Wheels an a modernized Fuel System
-Daily: Citroen BX TRD/TZD Turbo Break and a CX TRD Turbo 2
-“Road Racecar”: Citroen CX or a 924 Turbo
-“Ralliecar” Xantia, ZX or a CX
-Weekend Fun Car: Citroen SM in Red with Dark cream or Black Leather interieur and Fiber Wheels
-2 Wheelers: Zündapp KS50 WC in Pink, Blue or Red 1 Series Yamaha RD 350

Previous Vehicles of Interest: Just a couple of Mopeds and a Go-Cart

How did you find us? No Clue actually, i thin i saw FailRace or LPN05 make a Video on Automation…

I Like Big US Trucks and Cars, but my Favorites are French Cars, mostly Central Hydraulic Cars.


Name: Stephen “Dildoplocus” Benedictus

Occupation: Music Producer & Sound Technician

Location: Bretagne, France

Interests: Creations of all types : Music, Movies, Scripts, Drawings (Cars especially)

Vehicles Currently Owned: …a rotting broken '98 Peugeot Expert…

Dream Garage Vehicles: Getting back a VW Golf II :smiley: maybe the Offroad version, '70 Dodge Charger R/T, a house-converted Mercedes Unimog, and a large luxury sedan, like the '81 Lincoln Continental/Town Car, or a '17 Mercedes S Class (not quite the same^^). And still looking for THE car from the future of the 80’s^^

Previous Vehicles of Interest: '69 Chevrolet Camaro SS, Lamborghini Diablo, Jaguar XJ220, and I once desired a basic Renault R5…

How did you find us? Via videos I was watching years ago about BeamNG Drive (that I discovered on videos too), so YouTube and your players !


Just found what I really wanted to do with my life, and that is music (recording, production, mixing, almost mastering…). But I’m really not a workaholic, so… Let’s say I have plenty of time to do many other things :slight_smile:

I created a car brand (Shyliann) on paper when I was a child (for my country, the Tibchini… Please don’t comment those names, I remember I was a child^^).
So, when I discovered Automation (maybe 2 years ago ?), I dove back to my childhood and ran into the sandbox to create many different cars… With Billet Steel cranks and all the quality sliders at +15…
I just had the time to do the challenges to get more and more accurate in what I was doing, and my graphic card just died. So I was enable to play anymore…

From that moment, I really got into the mechanics in real life (still in theory unfortunately, I don’t have a garage, and even no home most of the time), coupled with tons of videos watched about engines and everything…

So when I found another computer to run Automation, I began to make cars that are (too me) really good, and doable. Of course always tried in BeamNG. So now, I estimate I can come here and participate legitimally !

If you want to listen to a part of my work : Dildoplocus