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Kasai Motor Co


We allocate a lot more time and resources on the performance fine-tuning aspects rather than body styling. :laughing:

On a related news, we are also open for collaboration opportunities with other manufacturers!


Monarch Motor Company would appreciate the opportunity to collaborate. Miguel


That’s great news! We’re looking forward to work together later this week after the UE4 version addresses the broken import/export feature.


Which is a reply that does not work in real life companies. While the car is being engineered the designers have more than 30 minutes to design a car, so they spend it well (usually). In Automation terms it just means “I was not bothered by the design”, which is strange, because the looks of the car are the main course on these forums, and the technical part is secondary, or in other words - you’re trying to share things that are on their own barely registering on the “interest-o-meter” on these forums.

So far the best piece of design you’ve done is the Sekken, and that is the car I’m most interested in, since if I am not impressed by the looks of your sports cars, I’m not really interested in how they perform… and from the other side, the fact that your kei kar looks so nice makes me interested in a car segment I’d never even bother with (Kei cars). The looks are everything. Unless you’re going all out on your engineering skills and are going to run a sub 6:20 on the ring in lore. That bunch of hypercars - everybody knows and shows interest in… it also helps that they are all very individual and interesting to look at.


The Kasai-tuned 1970 Monarch Mystery, featuring a brand new engine and completely rebuilt interior.