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KATSURO Motor Company Ltd


Need some better photos. Can’t see much.


For comparison, here’s my take on it - the TDF SS38iS. I took inspiration from the Venturi 400GT for the front-end design. I also went for a set of more period-accurate wheels, widened the track, and lowered the tire profile and ride height to give it a meaner, ground-hugging stance, one more befitting a sports car or supercar of the era.

The engine’s displacement is unchanged, and although it’s less powerful, it’s also more efficient. I also lowered the redline to 6800 rpm to avoid excessive valve float.

In keeping with the original mission statement of this being the most analogue TDF yet, I swapped out the active suspension for standard steel springs, and tuned them for sportiness. As for the brakes, I installed the biggest discs the 16-inch wheels could accommodate, fitted 1-piston calipers and a set of more aggressive brake pads, and increased the brake cooling level. I chose to omit the ABS after realizing that doing so would not cost me too much drivability.

Now for the track test: its lap times around the ATT and Airfield Track are 2:16.53 and 1:22.13 respectively. So not as fast as the original (although still faster than the Vatina), but I reckon that, with less weight to throw around (1.24 metric tons), and no active suspension to dull the connection between man and machine, it may well be even more fun to drive.

As an added bonus, my version is now cheaper, and on top of that, more economical and reliable compared to the original design.

Last but not least, here’s the .car file:

TDF_SS_-_SS38iS.car (28.9 KB)


Looks great. I think that I will use this one. It might as well be the most analogue TDF Yet (though the M320i SR get’s a close second). Thanks.

(PS I know the max is 5.5L, that’s for the SR version).




I can concur. This variant I just made is definitely aimed at the purist who desires as little electronic intervention as possible.

Anyway, what about a photo or two depicting the Hawk, Vatina and SS38iS all together? Considering how good they are, it would be a great idea!




Definitely. I’m on the road now so when I get in


@Restomod @abg7


Well done. It actually reminds me of a comparison test conducted by Road & Track in their September 1993 issue, titled “Smoke and Mirrors”, featuring a Toyota Supra Turbo (A80), Ferrari 512 TR, and Porsche 911 Turbo (964). In that test, the Supra held its head high against its European rivals - and I am pleased to tell you that the Vatina has done the exact same thing.


It’s time Katsuro started developing high performance JDM cars!


The question is, did the TDF explode like in their 1982 review? :wink:

Funny enough, i actually decided to have abg7’s be the 1998 update. Who won?


1996 Raver

Following success of the Land Climber and Model X, Katsuro saw the need for more road friendly SUVs. The market for SUVs was opening quite rapidly, and Kasturo saw the opportunity. Katsuro’s current lineup was ok, but there was space for more road friendly, practical family vehicles. The Raver was designed to flll that gap, as well as the company’s intention to deliver more compact vehicles to the Sport Utility segment.


Generations II: The Full Line Challenge [LORE][FINAL SCORES]

Katsuro entered 1996 unveiling an all new line of premium commuter cars from different classes, as well the unleashing of an all new 200hp light weight sports car called the Adara R. The Adara was the first car from the katsuro lineup to feature an all new variable valve system known as Tech-V, which allowed the car to have dual personalities. Elements of this new valve system was also used in these new models but to a lesser degree, and the investment in racing and KRD was starting to show it’s presence in the Katsuro lineup.

ROMA- 1.8l NA with Tech-V, Premium, 31 mpg combined, 20k
PARENTE- 2.6l V6 NA with Tech-V, Premium, 29 mpg combined, 33K
ADARA R- 2.0l I4 NA with Tech-V, 190 hp, Sport, 25mpg combined, 34k
Raver- 2.6l I6 NA, 166 hp, 24mpg combined, 24.7k

Generations II: The Full Line Challenge [LORE][FINAL SCORES]

2002 Saw Katsuro adding some new models to its roster.

  1. Allura- Premium Midsize Straight 6 with roots to the discontinued L6 from the 80s.
  2. Parade- Small and agile, gets you from A to B.
  3. Road Cruiser- Sits between the Land Climber and Raver to strike a balance between on and off-road.


Adara R to be featured in 2003’s 2 Fast 2 Curious.
The feature car is rumoured to have been street tuned to 300hp with the addition of a turbo charger, and revvving all the way to 9000 rpm. The car was spotted at a gas station in the desert while suspected to be undergoing testing.


before was the fat and serious now its 2 fast 2 curious?


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: oh yea!


2007 Saw Katsuro Redesigning the King, Vatina and Adara. A new Crossover was also unveiled known as the CX-4.

The King was now fitted with a smaller V10 instead of a V12 like it’s predecessor, but now with 2 turbos. The results were profound after years of research and development of the induction system led to minimal turbo lag, huge amounts of torque and hp gains, and the company almost made it as smooth as the V12 it replaces.

The Adara R also received a total rework of it’s suspension, a revised engine now producing over 200 hp from it’s naturally aspirated inline 4, as well as a new facelift.

The Vatina was also overhauled to cater to the more premium compact sport segment, and was powerful enough to take on supercars.

The CX-4 was basically a jacked up Hatchback for the lower-middle income buyers who wanted a safe and practical family utility vehicle with some amount of off-road capability.


From Left to right:
CX-3- 2.0 SweetDreams engine, 39k.
X5- 5.7 V8, 50K
CX-1- 1.2 SweetDreams engine, 32k.


Can it lift?