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KATSURO Motor Company Ltd


It’s time Katsuro started developing high performance JDM cars!


The question is, did the TDF explode like in their 1982 review? :wink:

Funny enough, i actually decided to have abg7’s be the 1998 update. Who won?


1996 Raver

Following success of the Land Climber and Model X, Katsuro saw the need for more road friendly SUVs. The market for SUVs was opening quite rapidly, and Kasturo saw the opportunity. Katsuro’s current lineup was ok, but there was space for more road friendly, practical family vehicles. The Raver was designed to flll that gap, as well as the company’s intention to deliver more compact vehicles to the Sport Utility segment.


Generations II: The Full Line Challenge [LORE][RD 10 SUBMISSIONS]

Katsuro entered 1996 unveiling an all new line of premium commuter cars from different classes, as well the unleashing of an all new 200hp light weight sports car called the Adara R. The Adara was the first car from the katsuro lineup to feature an all new variable valve system known as Tech-V, which allowed the car to have dual personalities. Elements of this new valve system was also used in these new models but to a lesser degree, and the investment in racing and KRD was starting to show it’s presence in the Katsuro lineup.

ROMA- 1.8l NA with Tech-V, Premium, 31 mpg combined, 20k
PARENTE- 2.6l V6 NA with Tech-V, Premium, 29 mpg combined, 33K
ADARA R- 2.0l I4 NA with Tech-V, 190 hp, Sport, 25mpg combined, 34k
Raver- 2.6l I6 NA, 166 hp, 24mpg combined, 24.7k

Generations II: The Full Line Challenge [LORE][RD 10 SUBMISSIONS]