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Lavelle Studios - Avante Garde Designs


Lavelle Studios is a premiere design company based in Sacramento, California. Founded in 1930 by Thomas Lavelle, we take business inquiries from other companies who seek designs of all types. Whether it be a fresh face for a brand or a style which runs through the blood of your company, Lavelle promises to deliver innovative, avante-garde designs every time. Our designs are promised to polarize, and no company values design quality more than we do.

If you have a business inquiry for a car to be designed, please PM me for more information.

The Shromet Corporation
The Shromet Corporation
2017 New York International Auto Show
2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed
North American International Auto Show 2019

may i make a request for a design?


Message me for more info. It’s in the OP. :slight_smile:


Our latest collaboration with Zavir (@szafirowy01) can be found in this topic.

[spoiler]shamless double post is shameless.[/spoiler]

Luceat Studios presents a one-off concept sponsored by DeLorean Motor Company.

Named the DMC-17, the “new” DeLorean was in development for 8 months. Designed with the essence of the original DeLorean, the new DMC-17 has a rear-mounted V6 engine. However, unlike the DMC-12, this V6 is a VR38DETT from a Nissan GT-R R35 mated to a 6-speed DCT, producing 530 HP at 6400 RPM. Rear-engined and rear-wheel drive, the bespoke platform created by our engineers can handle normal everyday driving duties just like a regular car. The suspension components are made for docile manners, but at high speeds the drive becomes engaging and exciting.

The design, of course, was one of the most controversial parts of the new car’s development. Iconic gullwing doors and a long, low body help emphasize the DMC-17’s heritage. The upper rear valence, with it’s LED strip rear taillights and special Back To The Future-inspired “rocket vents” on top of the rear deck, showcases the iconic “DMC” logo whilst the bottom takes cues from the classic DMC-12 and modern super cars. A single center rear exhaust accentuates these small details. The low, blunt front hood is highly inspired by the very car which popularized DeLorean. The stark and straightforward body lines evoke those of the 80’s car yet are applied in a way which is fresh and modern. Split-beam headlights are also evocative of the original DeLorean. “Aerial” side vents provide extra cooling to the rear-mounted twin-turbocharged V6.

We hope you enjoyed our presentation of this limited-production DeLorean DMC-17. Remember, if you’re in the market to get a vehicle designed, we are still open to business inquiries.


Man alive is that slick. Did you create a custom DMC badge for it too?


I used Pyrlix’s chrome strips and Raz’s strip grille to make the front badge.


Damn! You’ve done a fine job with that


What a striking machine! I can’t wait to see the next design you will come up with.


Oh boy…you made me drop my jaw. Incredible job, and editing as well. I really like the concept and the design. Keep up the good work!