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Light Campaign High Scores


Post your high scores.

Here’s my first successful attempt. Started in 1995 with $4.5B, ~30 tech points, 6 engineers, and competitiveness/markup at 1. Was making over $3B in profit per year at the end. I’m sure I could have done better by starting earlier, but I suck at making old cars.

Latest autosave I have:


That’s a great line in the sand to start us off with. How was it achieved?


I am guessing by actually playing the game, but I could be way off.


Awww yeah.

Started in 1946 with $200M, 5 tech points, 0 engineers, and competitiveness/markup at 1.

LCES Corp (short for Low Cash Early Start) was founded in 1946 in Gasmea. Starting out manufacturing premium GTs and SUVs, by 1965 it had expanded into the mainstream family market. With the success of the legendary Model 8 and Model 9 in the 80s, LCES became the leading manufacturer in Gasmea. But it was the Model 13 and Model 14 that led LCES to total automotive domination in the 2000s. By the 2010s, LCES made the best-selling car in nearly every market category and claimed over $5B in profits every year.


Wow, that’s awesome. Meanwhile, my company is slowly dying in 1959.


A smattering of key LCES cars through the years:

The Model 1, a successful premium GT. $320M profit
(Would have lost badly to @Killrob’s Model 1, though. What can I say, I suck at old cars :stuck_out_tongue: )

The Model 8, a legendary wagon that was in production for over 20 years, and a bestseller for 15. $20B profit

The Model 13, LCES’s most famous and ubiquitous car. This minivan could be seen in nearly every household in the 2000s. $57B profit

The Model 18, the successor to the Model 13. A comfortable and popular family sedan. $20B profit

Also, LCES Corp may or may not have avoided several disasters with the help of save scumming :wink:
(Big one was forgetting about the leaded fuel ban lol)

Low on OCTANE supercar

How come the later cars consume more fuel than would be considered acceptable for their respective eras? And why did you seem to forget about adding essential fixtures (head and tail lights, handles, etc.)?


If you are as hardcore as phale obviously is, you don’t put any other fixtures on (apart from aero fixtures) because non of the other fixtures have any gameplay effect at all, that gives you more time to put into your actual technical designs, or more time to do more playthroughs :wink:


I kinda like to add fixtures. :stuck_out_tongue: Campaign feels really fun. Made some really bad decisions few times, been on edge with few milions only with production switch happening. :stuck_out_tongue: Sadly, cant play more as of 100% cpu usage problem starts to make strange smell comming from my pc :frowning: Probably straight few hours of 100% cpu usage isnt good idea, but oh well, was worth it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have almost completed a campaign from 1946 starting in fruinia and its been brutal. Fixtures at this stage do sweet f.a.

So with fixtures do they affect costings at all, and/or will it at any stage in the future


Fixtures will never be gameplay influencing, no. Search the forum for discussion on that, it has been laid out in detail several times.


might aswell give my high score


yep, went bankrupt before even putting a car into production, and then ragequit, i guess i’ll have to improve :confused: damn you killrob making it look so easy


If anyone has questions for how to succeed in the campaign, post them here and I’ll try to answer. With some judicious save scumming I didn’t find it too difficult to figure out all the production stuff, which seems like what most people are struggling with.

Also, don’t feel bad about giving easy settings for yourself. I certainly made things as easy as possible for me until I was more comfortable with the game.


I managed to complete a play-through (start 1946 in Archana, +5 FS, +2/2/2 on interior tab, 600 mil (?), 1.0, 1.0)

Gives quite a bank-account explosion in the late-game!

Also I was pretty lazy and didn’t branch out more than three model line-ups.

Hope you guys have fun with the latest patch :slight_smile: Cheers!


My record (I started at 1979), and here the results (note: the brand it isn’t Montes Cars, it is Sitroën xD).

The key from the success: start buying the big factory.


One thing I’m curious but I think isn’t worth opening a thread:
Do you actually need to assign factorys (-> not produce anything there?) while researching a new car? Otherwise the game doesn’t let me do that.


Assign factories? Do you mean to the car being engineered, or just having a factory with noting currently assigned to it? To engineer a car, I don’t think you can begin engineering until you have one assigned for both engine and chassis. You can have empty factories though, if you cancel production on one and don’t replace it with something new.


What I mean is, let’s assume you have a car that takes 2 years to engineer. So you actually need to free a factory for those 2 years where no cars will be produced.

But thanks for the answer … that means I NEED to wait for some money to build another factory before making another car. (Instead of keeping the 1st car in production until the 2nd one is fully engineered).


Well, yes and no. You will lose production on an assigned facility for a short time,but not the full time to engineer the car. Only the time for retooling. When you assign a factory to a new model production for engineering, it will continue production until you cancel it or retooling has begun. If you slightly undersell your cars to build a stock of cars, you will continue to sell those while production is stopped for retooling, so no need to continue building older models. Expect 6-12 months of no production, at least in my limited experience in Light Campaign, while the retooling takes place. I have started LC 4 times, but have yet to finish one. Having this slight overstock available will maintain revenue while the factory is retooled, so it is a good thing in small doses.

My most recent foray into LC has me being the market monopolizer of Muscle Cars in Gasmea and Fruinia, overselling them by 10 or so a month in both regions with 2 separate models and 4 trims between them, and having no overstock, so I am going to have to raise my price for the next model to avoid complete losses for the downtime. Oh,and 1946-1957 sucked for me in this current campaign…


It turns out, 9 liter V12 twin turbo, 1020hp monster isnt really the best selling thing in 1994. :< rip my company 1946-1995.