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Looking for a new Art Director - Round 2 opened!


Hang on I’m finishing mine up.


my entry’s coming tomorrow if it’s still open, haven’t had time with such short notice

edit: what is this a flat plane V8 from 1954 doing in a 1975 american sedan



My entry:


Yeah, the engine doesn’t quite fit the bill…?


Cost-cutting. CMT won’t have flawless cars in the malaise era. But yes I missed the crankshaft, I noticed that after a Beam NG test drive where the car made a strange noise.

Aunt Edit(h): I will watch the entries on Sunday as you obviously need a few hours more time.
This means that I will run some Taxis first as that challenge is really flashing red in my schedule as it’s long overdue to calculate the stats.


Here’s my entry:



yesss that’s cubic inches and yess the engine’s not a 4 liter flatplane V8 anymore, sorry, I had to

still same years though and it’s much quicker to engineer


That engine has powered many successful CMT models. But well, why not using a licensed Fuji engine (wasn’t that your brand?)


Here’s our proposal:

Our designers consider that this is a compact and modern, yet elegant, design.



It’s a FREEDOOMMMM 520000000 as you’ll see in the engine variant and model

it’s also just your engine bored out with carbs vs injection and pushrods vs DAOHC, very little tuning on my part


Submissions closed - reviews soon as I need to switch my few spare time to the taxis where I havent done anything in the last two weeks.



C.M. Thandor stepped out and watched the cars parked in the court of the new CMT headquater.
“So… these are the candidates?”
“Yes, Mr. Thandor, handmade from my team after the drafts we got.”


Interessing. It looks like a Shysler. Those hidden headlights make it look exclusive, I like the idea. The wheel arches are also a a detail that lets it stand out. Definitely nothing for the conservative buyer but your neighbour would surely notice it.

Confirmity with year 1975: 4/5
Elegance 3/5
Sophistication 3/5
Sportiness 3/5
Fitting the CMT brand? 2/5


Yep, this is definitely a good conservative midsize, not a single experiment, although the rear looks nice a little rounded. The average office worker will accept it, the old Korea veteran will like it and your son will get some girls in it when borrowing it. But it lacks a little innovation compared to the first one. Nevertheless a car I would like to be seen in as it has no quirks and flaws.

Confirmity with year 1975 5/5
Elegance 3/5
Sophistication 2/5
Sportiness 2/5
Fitting the CMT brand? 3/5


Damn… do we still have 1975? scratches head
It has a lot Frunian influence in it’s design, although we could sell it as domestic in Gasmea. It shows sportiness but a senior citizen would not refuse to consider it. And that amount of detail work. Great! Maybe a little ahead of time, but the Excelsior worked well with this reciepe.

Confirmity with year 1975 3/5
Elegance 4/5
Sophistication 5/5
Sportiness 5/5
Fitting the CMT brand? 4/5


This looks like the second one in the front… The badge is not integrated as nice as in the other but that’s peanuts… overall it looks more harmonic anyway… the rear shows sportiness, the taillight arrangement looks like a Mitsuhita or Hokuto. Nice detailing.

Confirmity with year 1975: 5/5
Elegance: 2/5
Sophistication 3,5/5
Sportiness 3/5
Fitting the CMT brand? 3/5


Ok, so they thought a CMT should look eveything but uniform. Front and rear are different than most of the cars we see on the roads. But the three front headlights are maybe a bit over the top. Nevertheless a car to consider as our last Astrona isn’t really an usual design.

Confirmity with year 1975: 4/5
Elegance: 2/5
Sophistication 2/5
Sportiness: 3/5
Fitting the CMT brand?: 3,5/5


I must say I really hate this challenge as I need to throw away really good designs with a lot of effort.
But… after a long check in Automation and a comparison with contemporary real cars…
there is at least no loser. There are five good cars, but one is the best-looking:
THE WINNER IS @Mad_Cat with a car that is a classic US midsize with a slight and fitting Euro touch, a lot of detailing fixtures and a modern look but not too modern so that it has still some credibility for '75.

Thanks to all participants for the cool cars I could try out!