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Low-Tech Sports (Let’s Play & Photo / Design Competition)


It works! The side trim is nice :stuck_out_tongue:


first draft, I’mma try not to get dq’d this time


My first try on the Mercury body


I think that one can be improved with more exposure, and a bit more zoom so you get more of each car angle in frame. It’s also very blue, which kind of mutes the details of everything. It needs more :flashlight:.

Just my 2 cents though.


Thanks :wink:

This photo is kind of a teaser, I still remember the light issues Killrob pointed out on my previous attempt.

It shows some ideas I have, I don’t want to show everything :laughing:

The blue and the night, I wanted it to be in its own element! A city car the day, a sports car by night!

It’s a bit of a werewolf!

All feedbacks are good to hear!


So I already submitted but I thought I’d do a different take afterwords with slightly modified fixtures. You’ll see the OG in the competition video. I think this take is a lot better than what I submitted :stuck_out_tongue:


I REALLLLY wanted to dress this up as a '69 Mustang, given the year, the name (Mercury = Ford) and how much KillRob loves those cars. That was my first attempt, and it didn’t work out at all. Mostly it was the lights in the grille I didn’t like, but it was just too small.

My second attempt was mysteriously transformed into a van when I deleted that first one while setting up the photo scene, and I hadn’t thought to export it, being new at the game.

So with no time left, I’ve done this third one, more for practice than with any hope of scoring the 16 points or so that seems to be needed. I can’t take time to Gimp it out, so the unaltered image is my entry.



I love your bumperless look!!

This is my rally-spec model


There are a total of 28 entries for round 3 of the competition! Having a super busy week with work so I can’t get the content out as easily, but Ep09 is coming tonight and I’ll see if I have a clear enough mind to record some judging this week. :slight_smile:


I see quite a few very good entries already!

I love how Killrob’s playthrough made us design a hothatch before they were a thing in real life. And so that’s my take at making one:


I am so dissapointed with how I presented my car, when I just sent in the pictures i did a double take on the colour of the wheels, thinking that maybe I should change them, they are clearly blue and the background is orange/yellow. Shame that I didn’t.


Ah. I have a feeling I should of gone for the golf treatment. Looking at other designs mine isn’t exactly realistic.


I didn’t see my car


there’s still a next video

I just hope I didn’t get a dq again


I’ve done things too much AGAIN!

It’s going to be a meme now :rofl:

S31? Too much! -> Below average -> NEXT! :rofl:


Correct, there will be the second half of the judging coming soon, it is recorded and uploaded.

I don’t think you have been DQ:d, not sure where that is coming from. Looking through my list I see you didn’t get a rating for the Jupiter, looking further I see that I never received an email from you with the Jupiter. … Ok, it was in the spam folder!

Design: Pretty solid! Some odd shapes here and there, but good overall: 6 (good)
Photo: Looks very calm, not dynamic, decent lighting though but a little dark: 5 (solid)



I guess the blinkers I used sort of belong there d:


I forgot to attach the score overview to the last video at the end, so here are all the scores so far. :slight_smile:

Not sure when I can get the next video out in the series, has been super busy last week and still lots on the table this week (working-on-the-weekend kind of busy).


Imma let y’all in on something

This here’s the rear as the pic was taken. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have done stuff to it since then, though it does still need some working on lmao

Now On The Matter of the Prize
I’d like to take a bit to say what’s gonna happen to the second V16 pack I received through winning this round. Obviously I don’t have much to gain from it just hanging around in my inventory, and Killrob says once you get it you can pretty much do whatever you like with it. So I’m giving it away to whom I think is most worthy, in this case being; the second place winner.

Congratulations Endfinity!
Ah crap, they ain’t in the forums are they? Time to dig up their discord DM then.

Now, I’m not giving it to you just because you’re second place, though that does make this more valid. It’s because your entry does impress me as a whole. I really do think that picture was completely hilarious in a good way XD. It’s a fun evolution from the last one, and I didn’t expect you to literally be like, “Here’s ya feedback Deadbob!” and made it work in the process. Finding out that’s exactly what you did was a bit of a good laugh.

The design, while yes isn’t era appropriate, is quite unique and striking in my opinion. Bold of you to go asymmetric, as it isn’t easy, but much like the picture I think you made it work. In whole, the entire package certainly impresses me enough to award you the prize.

Congrats again!