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Low-Tech Sports (Let’s Play & Photo / Design Competition)


This is my Phobos

I uploaded a video on making the car it is on my youtube channel Kilgorio if anybody wants to see me build it.
I do showcase the rear in the video as well.



Ah yes, enslaved fixtures.

not final shots


Wedge sports car with low tech and bus taillights.


Why hasn’t anyone posted here in 5 days!?

Ah well, best I could do. I’m not a professional. Anything. :slight_smile:


here is the car in BeamNG

I uploaded another video on my channel testing it.


Killrob has fallen into the river in Automation city


I completely forgot I even starting making a car for this.


Build the rescue car




Deadline is tomorrow
Aight, time to start working on it


Late Sunday, time for a last ride before getting back to work…


Unclear: which of the '79 ('83) Deimos bodies are we actually meant to be doing? LS, LST, or LSCT?

The rules haven’t been updated.
Just wondering if there will be entries with a huge “TURBO” decal on the roof. :smile:


I’m pretty sure this covers it…?


OK. on the previous ones, he specified “LS” and “LSP.” With it up now, it says LS. I’ll go with the the base model.

Hmm… There exists only one '83 Corvette. I shall try to not copy it.



sorry I stole your angle


Looks like a Strawberry/Vanilla icecream !:rofl:


My colors! Oh, wait, that’s the Phobos.

I really wanted to do the louvers thing, but forced myself to leave it off. Waiting for the results of the Phobosgraphy, and the Deimos is due already! This felt as rushed as my first one.


When is the next judging video coming out if you don’t mind me asking, Rob?