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Miller Automobile Co



Onero Commercial
Automation Detroit Auto Show 2017 [BEST IN SHOW REVEALED]

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That is a weird front end. I love it.


Until its a pontiac aztek


At that point, I just need said car to be the daily driver for the main protagonist in a hit TV show. :wink:


I’m not knocking it but… the Anaconda is a little bit of a [humanism]butterface [/humanism]car :upside_down:

It looks a little weird and you think you might pass on it, but then you see those stats :heart_eyes:


The goal was for it to stick out of the crowd, I’m glad to see that goals are met. :smiley:


Very Mustang. I like it :smiley:


the front end reminds me of the mustang II


Needs a 7.0 liter V8 edition now haha

Looks great.


First impression on PRT-01 - “oh, flattened Peugeot 308” :smile:
Nice ones, especially Anaconda’s front.


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I like the classified stats :smile:


Not trying to be mean , but Miller need some serious designer that are serious about designing their cars , the Proton doesn’t look like it suppose to be in 2017 but 2005


These look like good budget hatches. Any details on equipment levels?


The Sapphire looks a bit sad from the front, and ironically the examples shown aren’t finished in some sort of deep, rich blue, but it’s a promising start for the Emperor brand.


@DeusExMackia Equipment is a basic setup for the entry level and standard setup for the sport.

@abg7 As with all works of art, the Sapphire is still improving.


So that is the UE4. Looks really good.


It’s good to hear another user taking full advantage of the UE4 version when it’s running smoothly… Both of those new cars actually look right! I would also like some more comprehensive specs on these as soon as you have the time to show them.


That latest V10-powered Anaconda is an excellent example of a huge engine in a relatively small car… it’s like a miniaturized SRT Viper! And once that car goes out of production, the Anaconda will be the only front-engined, 10-cylinder production car left - or it would have been if it existed in real life (which it sadly doesn’t)…