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Minimalist or Minimal Effort? - A Design Challenge


The ‘n’ fixture wonder has become a running joke throughout designing cars within the game. It’s typically associated with a lack of attention to detail or simply put, laziness. Given this, an idea popped in my head.

“How pretty can you make a car using as little fixtures as possible?”

That brings me to this challenge. The premise is simple:

Given only 4 fixtures per-side, make the most attractive car (sticking with the challenge’s theme) you can.


The theme for this round (given if i were to do this like CSR or CSC and pass hosting down to the next person, which likely may not happen…) is…

2014 Compact Sedan - Top Trim & Aggressive

(e.x. Honda Civic, Mazda 3, Volkswagen Jetta, Toyota Corolla)

The 2014 era roughly marks no-man’s land between the round, blobby style of the years before, as well as an emergence of the aggressive style we see today. This time around, you will be focusing on the more aggressive side, and creating the top trim of your vehicle. This means higher-end lights, trim pieces, etc. etc.


  1. YOU ARE ONLY ALLOWED 4 FIXTURES PER-SIDE (with the exception of wheels which drive the car, 1 license plate, 1 pair of exhausts, 1 pair of mirrors and at most, 2 pairs of door handles).

This means each plane of the car (top, left, right, front, rear) should all only have 4 fixtures. This is merely a hard limit, so you will not be awarded for having less fixtures-per side. You will however, be disqualified if any side of the car has more than 4 fixtures.


As per the current round, your vehicle must be classified as a sedan by the game. Surely, the game classifies a shooting brake as a sedan for some reason, but you will be binned anyways if it obviously isn’t a sedan.


Vehicles will be judged according to:

  • Originality
  • Design Consistency
  • Era Accuracy
  • Theme Accuracy
  • Attention to Detail

Any engineering decisions do not matter. This is purely a design challenge.

Further Hosting:

If general consensus wants the challenge to continue for another round, i will allow it to run on a CSR and CSC-based system where the winner hosts the next round. This is all up to the entrants.

Deadlines and Submission:

The current deadline I have set is Friday, March 15th at 8:00 PM EST.

I will be judging cars slowly but surely. I have no guarantee I will get results out in a weekend, hell, even a couple weeks, but I will do my best.

Submissions should follow this format:
Model: MoME - ‘username’
Trim: Whatever you want
Engine: MoME - ‘username’
Variant: I don’t really care

I will take submissions via. forums or on Discord :slight_smile:

please please please please please don’t resubmit unless it’s a serious problem. thanks

With that, make sure you take advantage of everything that isn’t a fixture. Finding these loopholes is everything in this challenge!

(p.s. don’t make the car in the cover picture. I know it only has 4 fixtures, but I will bin you regardless :'D)

Submissions will open tomorrow 12:00 AM EST!

Omission #1:

I will be allowing one license plate on the entire vehicle. :slight_smile:

Mirrored Fixture Clarification:

Mirrored fixtures count as one fixture, so a pair of headlights or vents will count as one ‘fixture’


Would the high stop bar be the rear? or the top?


Clarification about Sides

Because many questions have been raised about the sides of the car, I shall elaborate a bit.

Take this ugly stock image mockup as an example I guess.

The top left is the front of the car. Bottom left will be classified as the rear. The two middle pictures are classified as the sides while the very right is the top.

Front and Rear

The front and rear contain the bumpers as well as the back part of the trunk. In this case, the headlights and taillights will be considered to be on the front and rear of the car, respectively.


Any fixtures on the front and rear windows will be considered to be on the top of the car. The entire hood and top part of the trunk will be classified as part of the top.


Quarter panels, fenders, and doors will be classified as the side, as per the photo above suggests.

Lips and Any Other Relevant Fixture

In regards to lips, it depends on what the majority of its fixture surface touches. If most of its surface touches the bottom of the vehicle, then it will be a fixture on the bottom. If the majority however, is on the front, it will be considered as a front fixture.


Exhausts, mirrors, and door handles not included and this design should fit under the rules.


Beautifully Ugly. I love it. Also I don’t think it’s 12:00AM EST seeing how I’m on the eastern seaboard.


The Generica Exilscor LX: No Compromises

Except, ya know, the 4 fixture thing. also yes I know it looks like a ford focus/mondeo/whatever


This contest is an ideal antidote to the trend of putting lots of fixtures on each side, especially for cars made in or after 2010.


So wait do we just pm the car file?




2014 Nohda Assent Sedan

This is fine right?




it’s electric

much wow


2014 Zimpli Cti


I’m hoping it’s safe to assume that all mods are allowed.

Also, are windshield wipers needed at all?


2014 Bradford Kasama


Is your car broken?


nope, just trying to replicate glass windows and windscreen using chrome in grilles, which alter the roof line of the car.

It doesn’t really help when chrome doesn’t really reflect that well as real glass.


you know the cars in this game come with windows, right?


Tbh no. I’m not too picky with that since the in-game windshield wipers don’t look too good


Hang on a sec…

Is that for the whole car or each end?