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MisterL´s Mods


now in my fuel cap mod


No rush…but when? :wink:


when it is finished :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Der Bayer is currently running a BRC challenge around cars from the 60s with many of your mods featuring in it. But the 2,4m E3 body is currently banned from competition bc the body has odd aero properties.
Your other bodies don’t share this issue, so I assume it’s just a bug. Could you please have a quick look into this?



do you have a picture?


Here’s a link to the OP of the 1970 Nurburgring competition. Your body appears in the list of cars which are considered “not in the spirit of competition” or “Wonky aero”

Link to Der Bayer’s racing competition

Since a body based on an early 3 series could hardly be considered cheating of itself, this would only leave OP aero characteristics or the body looks too modern to suit the aesthetic of the race line-up Der Bayer is aiming for… Maybe PM him to determine his rationale for putting the car on the list?


To make it short: The lift coefficients are negative, that means it is generating downforce on its own, without any aero fixtures. The larger wheelbase version is fine with positive lift coefficients.


@MisterL, here’s the reason why the 2.4m body isn’t eligible!


ok i will see what i can do.


try if it fits now, the cw values ​​don’t like me


Thanks for the quick update, but I checked the new version (resubbed to make sure) and the lift coefficients are still negative.


Negative values do mean lift, it’s positives you need to worry about since that’s downforce.


For me, positive values generate lift ingame. Test track tab also says downforce, not lift. Thus, the body is still banned.


Negative lift = downforce.


the transit and the accessories are online in the workshop


I’m appreciated with the new van body, but I have some suggestions and there are some bugs (Part 1).
The 1958 2.65m Pickup has a wrong body style classification, it should be a Pickup instead of a Van.

The SWB Kombis (both tailgate, HK and rear doors, HT) should be classified as a Van, additionally, Kombi can also means crew van (as the 3.0m LWB Kombis) in addition to an estate car/station wagon.


Part 2 (because I have many images to show).

All the dropside trucks has an uneven box morph as I shown above, where I stretched and heightened the box to the limits, additionally, the LWB dropside trucks has a minor glitch at the bottom of the box when I narrowed it.


The new body is ready, based on the Simca 1100, as you can easily see, but i will only make it available online after the update :grinning:


added a couple of rims to my sets :smiley:


i am almost done with the accessories :smiley: