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MisterL´s Mods


the grand sport font is online again :smiley:




a new mod, some door handles for the classics


the A112 for 4.24 is online too


A simple fuel cab


The R5/7 convertible is ready


The new body is out now


I love your new car body, however, there are some bugs I shown below.

This should be the 1967 People Mover instead
while this should be the 1967 Van instead.

Additionally, the passenger van seams are transparent (visible from the door, front bumper and bonnet/hood)

unlike the cargo version as a comparison.


thank you, i will take care of it


bug fixed, but somehow I can’t update the first mod, unfortunately you have to subscribe to the new one


A small teaser about my current body project :wink:


Notransit? :wink:


Not Colorrable material 9 on this headlamp


now eliminate a few little things and then the transit with two wheelbases is ready.


here are a few decorative gimmicks to match the new body

and a toolbox

let’s see what else I can think of


and some other accessories for the platform version


now in my fuel cap mod


No rush…but when? :wink:


when it is finished :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Der Bayer is currently running a BRC challenge around cars from the 60s with many of your mods featuring in it. But the 2,4m E3 body is currently banned from competition bc the body has odd aero properties.
Your other bodies don’t share this issue, so I assume it’s just a bug. Could you please have a quick look into this?