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MisterL´s Mods


no, sorry. did not work out the way I wanted


there are still a few small diseases, but the new body is making progress


:weary: :weary:


is that a renault 5 esque body perchance?


I hope it has morphs that mimic the Renault 5 Turbo.
Mighty pushrod 1.4 Liter 80’s turbo action. :wink:


I made a couple of trunk handles here with matching push buttons.


Apologies if this is a really stupid question, but where can I download these mods?


steam worshop


Another old mod ready for the future

with a few novelties
make something of it :smiley:


some indicators i made for my classics, through the idea of ​​a friend who needed a trabbi indicator



a little gag on a sunday evening :joy:


My big E3/9 body goes online again


the smaller one is now online again


and some more exhaust on the workshop


The exhausts aren’t cutting holes in the bodywork so grills are visible through the pipes.

Nice to have some different shape exhause pipes though.



My headlights are online again. There are some new ones, some old ones I still have to revise and will follow at some point


I have an issue using these. One of them seems to want to be invisible. I think it’s the one in the bottom picture, it simply vanishes when i use it. I can change it back, but if i select another fixture, it completely disappears. No highlight, nothing.


I have no problem here so far. Please send me a screenshot with the selection bar so that I can see which headlight is the one with which you have a problem


If I choose the next one, it is slightly recessed, being only visible behind the grille.


I’m sorry, I don’t know how I can help you right now, here I have no problem as you can see. how is it when you bring the headlight forward?

which body is that exactly you work with?