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MisterL´s Mods


You have great 3D skills and it seems you really like European classics from the era before plastic bumpers become common. :slight_smile: So I really love your work, nice selection and very well made. Keep it up!


I have to rework the body again, i screwed up the seams :tired_face:


@MisterL do you do JDM bodies? we REALLY need a SKYLINE body.


Love your mods, great to see some pre 1980s bodies for the classic car nuts among us!


Which version of the convertible would you prefer?

  • version 1
  • version 2

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There is a Poll feature. You might wanna use that. You can find it when you click the Gear Symbol in the Text editor


nearly done :grinning:


It´s done. The car is now downloadable :grinning:

It’s not perfect, but I’m learning


Looks brilliant. After installing via the workshop, it does not appear in my game. Also nowhere between 1950 and 1960. Anyone else with that problem?


I´ve made 1948 for release, so in the campain you have 4 years to develop the new design till 1952. so if you look a little bit bevor 1950 it should be there :wink:


Clearing the Cache helped. Thanks!


nearly done, 2,9m wheelbase, fit a 6l V12.

I have to work out some little meshissues, the morphs work fine and a little trouble with unreal.

Maybe by the end of the week it could go online, if the RL plays along… :roll_eyes:


It’s done, I’m happy with the result, I hope you like it too :smiley:
At this moment the new body goes online


I´m working on a few rims for the 40s to 60s what do you want,

  • a complete pack with all together
  • each rim individually in the workshop

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so, some rims for the early years :slightly_smiling_face:


I love your rims and cars, however, I think that both of 1950s ponton bodies needs a larger tire diameter (originally at 610 and 660 for compact and full-size respectively).


I reworked some of my first attempts with modding and now put it online.


Is there anything in the works, MisterL?
If there is would be kind to share some teaser shots about it? :slight_smile:


Of course I have something in work :wink:


This looks like a 60s or 70s four-door saloon - so what exactly is it based on?