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Monarch Motor Company (1955 -


Initial Company Logo from 1955 to 1965:

New Company Logo from 1965 to Present:

Monarch Motor Company (MMC) was founded in 1955 by current CEO, Carl Montag in Port La Plata, Gloria Province, Frunia. The company began as a boutique internal combustion engine (ICE) engineering company. The Causton Sport SuperCoupe concept heralded the company’s entry into the world automotive market. That introduction, at the Salon international de l’automobile in Geneva, led to the announcement of a full life-cycle motor vehicle company in 1965 formally introducting the Monarch Marvel compact-size line of sedans and wagons, in Custom and Premiere trim levels.

MMC is known for its blend of innovative solutions focused on economy, performance, luxury and utility, with an instinctive ability to expand and/or contract vehicle lines according to industry standards and statistics. MMC plans to cover all buyer demographics with an eye on exports of ICEs and motor vehicles.

Currently, MMC’s volume vehicle is the Marvel line. The Marvel Sedan, Wagon and upcoming Coupe, respectively, have led sales in Frunia, with an eye toward exports starting in 1970, since 1966. The Mystery line of sedans and wagons, launched in 1967, follows.

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The car looks awesome, very well done design :smile::clap:

Planning on other designs in the future?


Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Thank you for the kind words and yes, I will be rolling out the 1965 Monarch Marvel in just a few days. Please feel free to check back, have a look and let me know what your think.


Announcing…Engines Magazine (May 1959 ed.) runs a story about our Mystery Sedan. Awesome job, team!


Oh god that front end. No matter the design origin, to me it screams SOEEEEEEW… BRYEEETEEESH. SEEEEW FAUNCEWWWW :smiley:
if you get the reference, you may go treat yourself to a cookie :wink:


Hey there…I’m a little confused. Does this mean you no like? I guess no cookie for me, this time…:joy:


@MONARCH hint: headlights go up, headlights go…

On a side note , I really want to see some proper pictures of this new car. I’m seeing a lot of Vanden Plas here and I like it.


Thank you. Will post later today. Stay tuned…


Okay, make that tomorrow…


Premiere is great. As should be with THE MIGHY MONARCH.


Actually that thing is so british that it makes me feel like a super rich and a bit snobby landlord having his own county and employing a crapton of gardeners to keep his place clean :confused:

But the car is very good! :smiley:


The Mystery line looks period-accurate throughout, with styling touches reminiscent of contemporary British brands’ offerings - except that it’s actually Fruinian. And there are very few, if any, other company threads about Fruinian companies in UE4, so this is a good sign.


Hey all…I’ve deleted my initial photo posts (excluding the Causton) due to the loss of my initial creations made in Automation, recently. I’ve made some historical adjustments to the line up and will be reposting soon. Thank you for your support!


Okay, these are the 1967 Mystery Custom and Premier Sedans. Please enjoy and comment.







Ooooouuuurrrrhg…Soooo British. I love these designs, they’re clasy



I love how conservatively british are they


Big, smooth and underpowered OHV engine please :grin:


2020 Gariche M-GT Concept to premiere at the North American International Auto Show…


1966 Marvel Line from the Archives…


Marvelous design - reminds me of a BMW 1600, 2002tii or - whisper it - a Ford Cortina.