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MotorNation Japan | Promote and compare your cars!


Yep, that’s typical Dynamite. “Oh, it’s a cheap V12! Never mind that it’ll be expensive to run.” Not surprised it rated fairly poorly overall.


Thanks Mr.Computah for another excellent round of reviews; when I saw some of the competing entries I just knew that my entrant was going to get panned for it’s lack of style. my car had a cohesive design but it didn’t look at all desirable compared to it’s competitors… Thankyou for being honest about my design language, I’ll take on board your comments and use them to try to improve my design language further. :sunglasses:


@HighOctaneLove It isn’t Kenji thinks that Bogliqs lack style. He’s just thinking that these cars are way too specific.

@Madrias That’s why it fails in Japan. What did you expect for a 7.6 TT V12 in a land of kei cars? :’)


Thanks, @Mr.Computah for a very comprehensive and appealing comparison of the different entries.

My only defence would be this is the track focused ‘performance package’ which has a harsher ride than the standard sLR800. But I have to admit the rear was the only part I was a still a little unsure of styling wise and your review has given me some food for thought.

Congrats for Leo, even before the correction I knew the sLR800 couldn’t match up to the unbeatable Chaucer. At least it put up a good fight. I was hoping better economy, drivability and slightly undercutting the price would be enough. Clearly, we’ve got a lot of work to do.


I can concur. That Chaucer is such a well-rounded machine that beating it in all categories would be a nightmare.


Excuse me?

I literally just beat it in all categories for $15000 less…

Granted my stat whore version looks nowhere near as good as any car here :stuck_out_tongue:


But you are a wizard, Harry.


What happened with MotorNation Japan? Are there plans to resuscitate him?