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North American International Auto Show 2018


Automation Auto Shows Schedule 2018
Splendid Auto Monthly - A Motoring Man's Meanderings (Gavin Anderson's Blog)


822 HP




Nakamura would like to have a word with you for stealing the name from one of their cars…

Anyway, I have a car or two that deserves to be revealed here.


## Holts 770S


My avatar.


Yeah it is a Nakamura.


Gavin should be around to hop over to Detroit for a some coverage.


AL Autos

AL Autos will be in attendance.

In Motion, On Route


Not surprising I’m sure

But this will be


The King of The Mountain Returns.

The Adirondack by Shromet.

N A I A S 2018.


Contendiente will be attending the event.


Montes will be attending the event!


Zavir will sadly be not. Same for Hypera, Famal, Zeta, PZS (that one would be weird) or any other of my (non-)functioning brands. No time for serious Automation :frowning:


Soon, the restyled Montes Urban!

New design, equipment and engines!

Edit: extra:


I have a Bogliq I’ll be showing…

SPOILER ALERT: I entered it into CSR60!!!


Linden Automotive Products (LAP) presents the 2018 LE52, an analog driver’s car in the traditional sense. The base model is powered by a 5.2L cross-plane normally aspirated V8 developing 500 horsepower (metric), sent to the rear wheels exclusively via a six-speed manual gearbox. A premium interior and infotainment system, complete with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are both standard. And yes, you can toggle the stability and traction control off completely when you really want to cut loose.

For hardcore enthusiasts, the R trim uses a flat-crank version of the 5.2L V8, with a higher compression ratio and a revised cam profile for more grunt where it matters most - at the top end. This trim will initially be only available as a coupe and comes with a lightweight interior and forged wheels, saving additional weight. It also has a manually adjustable rear wing and suspension, which is handy for track days. However, if the demand exists, we will offer the R trim as a convertible as well.

A supercharged version of the LE52 is currently under development at the time of writing. It is likely that this range-topping version, suffixed S, could develop between 600 and 700 horsepower in production form.


The Zasteros Monte Vettore

The answer to the equation "Performance + Economy"

To be unveiled in NAIAS 2018




our new future

power is yours