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Novo Rossi Automobili


Novo Rossi - 4900.car (33.5 KB)

My first Car it would be nice if could have some feedback.
More Cars coming soon!

Orora Automobiles

looks pretty good sir


A Sensational, little pickup that was made to quell the whole compact pickup market, but to be realistic, look good towing on and off the worksite.

Engine: 3499cc i5
BHP:90.5 hp
Torque:208.3 ft-lbs
Economy:26.2 mpg
Curb Weight:2830 lbs
Load Capacity:1211 lbs
Cost: $19415 in 1990


Rocco Autos - Stallion.car (29.6 KB)

The rowdy ruffians will be pleased to know that the king has returned! After almost 10 consecutive years of the podium for the SCCA, the Stallion has been updated to Current emissions and luxury standards to Dominate the sports coupe industry.

Engine: 4943cc V8
BHP: 224.6 hp
Torque: 279 ft-lbs
Economy: 15.2 mpg
Curb Weight: 3271.2 lbs
Cost: $21238


![HighresScreenshot00006|690x360](upload:// koFNTrplAiPdNsJd5vdoAMOW95R.jpg)

Novo Rossi - NR-30 SL.car (35.7 KB)

Puts the Supra to shame in Almost One Category.Price.

2399cc turbo’ed i6
276 hp
248 torque
22.1 mpg
3200 lbs
Aprox $32000


Novo Rossi - Gyra .car (30.3 KB)

Enjoy 171 horses of Gyrating Fury!


The Gyra is beautiful