Orora Automobiles

Orora automobiles is a french brand of luxury cars and supercars.

Ariel Reuff, the CEO of Orora A. inherited a lot of money when someone died in his family.
He did not know what he would do all that money, and one day he created his own brand in 2001.

He presented his first concept in 2013, the Orora Le Mans. (the first pic in the garage)

And it was successful because investors fought to buy shares.

Unfortunately, The Le Mans will be only produced on 2025.

Later, in 2015 Orora presented the Azteca, and it was succesful too !

the first ever rear view of the Azteca A63 N.R.A. (The most expensive version.)

Ariel wanted a very powerful engine for the Azteca A63 so he collaborate with the talented brand Novo Rossi Automobili.
It was loaded with a handmade chassis and a 6.2 V8.

  • Azteca A63 N.R.A.

    The Orora Azteca A63 is one of the most successful cars of its time. Mixing experience in the race of @micz244 Novo Rossi Automobili and luxury interiors of Orora cars. This car perfectly blends the simplicity and comfort of the Azteca and the power and safety of an N.R.A. car.
    Thanks to its chassis and its 6.2 liter V8* engine handmade by N.R.A. the Azteca can reach 100 km / h in less than 4.40 seconds.
    Also the bodywork has been reviewed by Orora engineers, it contains the pack “Carbone Profond” and the historical color of Orora “Bleu Neptune” and all the N.R.A. pack. This version will be available on June 12, 2020, already 220 chassis on the 500 were manufactured.
    Starting at 290.000$
    *622Hp / 650Nm 25.5L/100km

Specs :
Engine : Naturally Aspirated V8 6208CC 622Hp / 650Nm
Weight : 1790kg
Economy : 12 to 45.5L/100km
Price : 290.000$

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