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Ohm's Mods (on Hiatus)



Do you have any progress on the R32 or rebuilt it? :smiley:


I decided to rebuild it with some details improvement.


Good News: I’m now able to model the car to finish around 3-5 hours (still within a day or two days if I take a break or have another important thing(s), Note: it depending on car details as well).
I have modeled three late 40s/50s international-sized (at that time) mid-size cars to fill the gap some days ago, two of them with Detroit-influenced design and one with Studebaker-like, but more conservative design. Before I start to remodel the R32, I may model one or two more mid/late 50s mid-size car(s) (still with Detroit-influenced design) to fill the mid-late 50s gap.


2017 in Ohm’s Milestone Review

My modeling skills has been significantly improved that I’m able to model the early 40s cars within 3 hours (which features vestigial or fade-away fenders and more difficult to model), one of them is similar to 1940 Pininfarina Aprilia Cabriolet, where I had to use the images to model it.
First self-designed (60s) custom sports car body, it has Italian-influenced design.
First pickup truck modeled by me, similar to 1983-1988 Ford Ranger.
All body styles are modeled: sedan, coupe, hardtop, convertible, wagon, SUV, MPV, van and pickup truck.
40 cars modeled from November 2017 (including remodeled Skyline R32 and Eunos Cosmo), from early 1940s to present.


Wow, have fun skinning all of those at once :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m looking forward to seeing them at some point.


Well, all of my cars will not be released at once, as I have time constraints after new semester starts next week, so I allowed all modders (including you) to continue my cars from body boxes, morphing zones, skinning, UV unwrap, FBX/Unreal export, car/chassis data, bone limits, generate thumbnails (steps 3 to 15, except step 4 that I can apply by myself from Wiki) to share my mods, as my laptop is too slow to run the UE4 Editor.


9/1/2018 Status Update: Although new semester has started on 8th January, I’m still able to add some more variants (plus remodeling a planned Audi F103), as the classes are just an introduction on the first week.


5/2/2018 Status: I’m finally finished all of my exams and I went back home. Unfortunately, my laptop is no longer bootable due to hard drive fault two weeks ago, so technician offers me a 1TB replacement.
Anyway, I will travel to Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh, Mui Ne and Dalat) for 4 days and 3 nights, while my laptop undergoing repair.
3D Modeling Update: Unfortunately as I said above, all of my files I practiced on the laptop will lost, but luckily that car blueprints I have are still on my main desktop.


Let me guess. Stiction? If so, that sucks. bro. It happens when the air bearing that separates the platters on any HDD goes AWOL (as in missing), causing those to stick and scrape themselves, which in turn triggers all sorts of read\write errors and subsequent data losses, which mandates a suitable replacement ASAP. Now, if the tech that’s fixing your machine is offerng to upgrade said HDD to a larger one, GRAB IT because it will give your computer increased storage and performance. BTW, Check with your tech if those valued files can still be retrieved.
Bon voyage Bro!